Norwegian Election - POA LO

Once again, the dominant political party AP enter their periodic Ritual of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) with its symbiotic alter-ego, LO. Their reoccurring psychosocial Games are of the category Underworld, yet this time cloaked as the Sexual Games RAPO and LYAHF. This time, the Global (#)MeToo campaign was abused as a (#)HeToo campaign to remove one of two deputy leaders. Now, the RAPO Games are projected on political rivals - even as a (#)SheToo Game. Such hard-core Games of a dysfunctionalized party can be extremely violent and traumatic to organisations, people and the national Constitution. Therefore, the Games will be introduced in this blog, analyzed in the next and concluded with a final remedy in the third.

The basics of Games, and the 3x3 model, are explained in blogs like UU 2014.dec.19, UU 2014.sept.12 and UU 2014.aug.15. Some main points are; “Dr. Erik Berne developed the T.A. (Transaction Analysis) further in the book ‘Games People Play’. Psychological Games are dishonest and ulterior per definition and occur amazingly often in real life. Berne explained about 60 general Games and how to eventually reduce the negative consequences by disclosing the hidden motives and the moves. Players use ulterior and false moves (Transactions) to get the gains/spoils. Berne also mentions classifications of Games based on the number of players, means, methods, instincts (ID), ‘clinical level’ (Ego) and psychodynamics. The Games can also be classified according to flexibility, endurance and intensity.” (UU 2014.aug.29) However, most of the time is spent on other activities like Pasttimes, Rituals, Work, Withdrawal & Intimacy.” (UU 2013.mars.15 and UU 2015.feb.27) The 3x3 psychosocial model was further developed to the 3^3 model and others. which is summarized in UU 2017.march.17.

Furthermore; “Criminal Games are mainly of the category Underworld, but can include categories like Life Games, Marital Games, Party Games, Sexual Games, Consulting Room Games and even Good Games’. These are often mentioned in these blogs and summarized in UU 2015.mars.06. “Some classic Games are. YDYB (Why Don't You, Yes But), IFWY (If It Weren't For You), WAHM (Why does this Always Happen to Me?), SWYMD (See What You Made Me Do), UGMIT (You Got Me Into This), LHIT (Look How Hard I've Tried), ITHY (I'm Only Trying to Help You), LPAFJ (Let's Pull A Fast one on Joey), NIGYSOB (Now I've Got You, You Son of a Bitch), LYAHF (Let's You and Him Fight), RAPO ‘Psychiatry’ and ‘Courtroom’. A complete list of Berne’s classic Games is talked through in his book ‘Games People Play’ that is now free on the internet. “Some (self-defined in these blogs) new Games are: DAC&UAC (Devide&Conquer & Unite&Conquer), ISR (It Started with the Retribution), ABD (Attack is the Best Defense), Jante/TUD (The Ugly Duckling), TLM (Two Little Maids), BGGG (Bad Guy, Good Guy), RPPP (Robbing Pete to Pay Paul), ODAB (One's Death – Another’s Bread) and the Russian BOOFY (Beat your Own and Others will Fear You). Psychosocial Games are in general described in UU 2014.sept.12.” (UU 2015.aug.28)

The Game RAPO is explained by Berne in details, which is summarized in the following: “RAPO is a Sexual Game played between a man and a woman that may be played with varying degrees of intensity. 1. First-Degree ‘Rapo’, or ‘Kiss Off’, is popular at social gatherings and consists essentially of mild flirtation. 2. In Second-Degree ‘Rapo’, or ‘Indignation’, (one) gets only secondary satisfaction from (the other’s) advances. 3. Third-Degree ‘Rapo’ is a vicious game which ends in murder, suicide or the courtroom. Sometimes two actors plays the game LYAHF (Let’s You and Him Fight) on an unwilling 3rd person by putting her/him in such a position that crying rape seems necessary to save the reputation. This can cause blackmail situation and even develop to complex set of Games with more actors involved. The male versions of ‘Rapo’ are notoriously found in commercial situations: ‘Casting Couch’ (and then she didn’t get the part) and ‘Cuddle Up’ (and then she got fired).” The antithesis is mainly to distinguish genuine expressions of feeling from moves in the Game. However, it is difficult to conceive of a safe antithesis from hard-core RAPO players. Games can last for century at the highest powers. Outcomes happens to be divorce, ruin, exile and even suicide. (See link hereunder.)

The current ‘HeToo’ Games in AP do certainly involve some LO factions. In addition, there is probably an ulterior 3rd actor that initiated the RAPO Game as LYAHF. The AP RAPO Game seems to be initiated in the LO faction FAFO, which is parallel to the Dane DIIS (UU 2017.nov.03). Next, the RAPO rumors were processed as mass-psychotic cascades by sub-culture in the press media. These organisations relate to the 3rd International’s Condition 1 of 21, which is a 100 years old war-declaration towards ‘the west’ (UU 2017.sept.08).

However, analyzing dysfunctional organizations do not focus on persons and such Blame Games and Scape Goats. Yet, some organizational factions are personalized with peer actors that might be over-focused by dysfunctional press media. The process to remove the AP’s second deputy leader involve the leader himself as well as the other deputy leader. Still, that 100 years old AP Game syndrome, does clearly involve several other peer actors too. Most are mentioned in the book ‘Basketak’ (The Tussle), which will be focused in the next blog. Yet the ulterior Game Masters are as good as never mentioned, even though some camouflaged puppets sometimes get exposed. In this AP RAPO Game, there are is certainly the FAFO’s candidate of so-called Red-Green collaboration.

Having said all these controversies related to (#)MeToo, it is also important to know that the critique in these blogs are in no way are critics towards the true intentions and use of the (#)MeToo campaign. Actually, it is considered a 4D hyper-democratic phenomena, as mentioned in UU 2016.sept.23. In these blogs, the stand is that it is a global human right not to suffer from any gender or sexuality abuse.

Conclusively, the AP RAPO Game abuses the hyper-democratic (#)MeToo campaign by some hard-core cold-war Game players. They are now 3rd degree RAPO and LYAHF Games of mass-psychosis and mass-neurosis - fueled up with ‘fake news’ to hit rival political parties, the Government and consequently the national Constitution. Although the next phase of this organisational warfare is executed behind closed doors in AP/LO, there are still LYAHF wildfires that can torch the civilization, - that must be ended properly. However, this is not a single national incident by a single dysfunctional party, but a demonstration on how anti-democratic warfare towards the democratic ‘west’ will undermine other ‘western’ constitutions too. Therefore, these RAPO and LYAHF Games are of concern for other constitutions in any ‘western’ nations and unions, especially the European Common Security and Defence Policy.

“The Cardigans are a Swedish rock band from 1992, with the line-up remaining unchanged to this day. Their debut album Emmerdale gave them a solid base in their home country and enjoyed some success abroad and their second album secured their international reputation. Their popularity rose with the songs ‘Lovefool’ ‘Erase/Rewind’ and ‘My Favourite Game’. After a two-year break the band returned recording and releasing their fifth album. Their last album is a continuation of the country music infused by pop sensibility and further maturing in the band's sound. After a 2006 tour, the band embarked on a long five-year break from musical activities, before reuniting in 2012 to play several concerts. Overall the band sold over 15 million albums worldwide. The association to the song ‘Favourit Game’ is certainly to all the RAPO Game player making suckers of MeToo preys.
The Cardigans - My Favourite Game (Lyrics - Letra)
Hardcore video version


Extra UU – The Cranberries - Beneath the Skin Live in Paris 1999

“Beneath the Skin – Live in Paris is a concert video by Irish rock band The Cranberries from their ‘Bury the Hatchet’ tour. Recorded on December 9, 1999 at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy on the band's stop in Paris, France. The DVD includes documentaries of the band and technicians, promotional videos for the singles and live performances.” (Wikipedia) The Cranberries are an Irish rock band. Although widely associated with alternative rock, the band's sound also incorporates indie pop, post-punk, Irish folk, and pop rock elements. They rose to international fame in the 1990s with their debut album and sold over 40 million records worldwide. The band achieved four top 20 albums on the Billboard 200 chart. after a six-year break, the Cranberries reunited and began touring. The lead singer Dolores O'Riordan died unexpectedly this week.
The Cranberries - Beneath the Skin Live in Paris