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This second blog about the dysfunctionalized AP (Arbeiderpartiet), sets focus on the roots of the Games that are played with its alter-ego, LO (the Trade Federation). Their schizophrenic symbiosis was constructed a century ago in order to trigger a CdE (Coup d’ Etat) and handing over the powers to Moscow. Now, AP cannot end their failed Underworld Games with re-occuring Rituals of self-destructive dysfunctionality. The current complex of internal rivalries is as implied in the latest book about the Games, ‘Basketak’ (the Tussle). This time, they were staged as a RAPO Game, a perverted version of the global (#)MeToo campaign. However, such sexual Games are based on their joint ‘grassroot’ culture of both AP and LO. Their cultural basis stems from the upgrade from bondaged peasants to bondaged workers as dictated in the 21 Conditions of the 3rd International. Therefore the focus should not be on the distracting RAPO Game, but the workers’ bondage in general in a larger feudal Game for territorial dominance.

The abusive 'HeToo' campaign, disguised as a 'MeToo' campaign, was uncovered as a combined RAPO and LYAHF Sexual Game in the previous UU20180119. The Motive and Gain of the Game is to remove one of two deputy leaders - Illegitimately. He is the head of the largest and most traditional faction in AP and thereby the main rival to the dominating Capital’s faction. The Game was initiated, escalated and projected by mass-production of mass-psychosis from a Game playing faction of the Press. However, neither the leader nor the second deputy leader are in power to un-elect the organization’s legitimate election. The chosen method was as a mass-psychotic and mass-neurotic Blame-Game without factual discussions, process or legality. This anti-constitutional process is forced on this largest parliamentary party, which has the ambition to replace the current Government. However, this (#)HeToo Game is not played by AP itself, – but AP are played - like workers sometimes are. Clearly, AP itself is overruled and remote controlled in this process, by some un-democratic autocracy. This can be done since the political party AP is not truly ‘social democratic’ by origin, - like other ‘Western’ parties. AP is a workers’ party promoting workers’ collective bondage. LO, the alter ego, is a Republican Trade Federation that do not concern about people, but trade.

The inherited thralldom (trelldom) of workers in AP and LO stems from the Russian feudal empire that dominated Norway via Denmark 400-200 year ago. The Dane peasants were called ‘fæstebonde / fæster’ and were bound to slavish contracts. They had practically the same status as the slaves of African and the Caribbean. Factually, there were 4 classes in Denmark at that time; the priests, the nobility, the bourgeois (borger) and the peasants. Peasant included slaves, serfs (treller), and workers. Friller, i.e. female treller, were properties and means, like slaves, and had no rights against sexual abuse either. The caste was freed in 1919 by law after European political pressures. However, that was merely on paper, since the illegal trelldom continued in 300 such farms (fæstegårder). Surely, the current RAPO Games in AP and LO indicates that these sexual abusive cultures have not improved much the last 100 years, - during the period of the 3rd International – the 3rd Pyramid Game of mass-psychosis. (UU20160624)

In a capital-less society, the penny-less peasant, thrall or worker of any sort, are forced to provide any service as demanded, immoral, unethical or illegal, in order to provide their own and their related basic needs. Like the female workers in need are bound to provide such sexual services on demanded with discretion – not with global (#)MeToo apps. The previous Valla Game in LO did reveal some surfaces of the massive sexual thrall in LO. (UU20120629)

The bondaged peasants and workers are trapped in a collective self-serfdom by the infamous ‘Jante Law’. The collective obsession is a well-known Nordic Gimmick that degrades all the individuals by ten unwritten rules like ‘you shall not believe you are (worth) something’. An additional eleventh rule is judicial and goes like ‘you should not believe that we don’t have something on you’. Such paranoid bondage is a Gimmick for Underworld Games – and clearly in the AP RAPO Game as well as the any other Kompromat (20170901). Such collectively autocratic self-serfdom is the very foundation for the AP and LO cultures even today. It has spread with the remote-controlled AP/LO regimes throughout the public sector. Now, those generations are obviously not able to free themselves due to the inherited denials of their psychosocial Games. (UU20110805)

Arbeiderpartiet (Workers’ Party / Labor) and LO (the Trade Federation) were made to gain control of the converted peasants due to the 1st industrial revolution by the 1st International. This 1st Pyramid Game lead to the 2nd International that triggered the 1st World War. The extra-ordinary 3rd International dictates the second phase of that WW of total submission of all ‘Western’ peoples to the Russian Empire. The 21 conditions factually dictate executions by illegal means for high treasonous actions to terminate own constitution and hand its autocratic quasi-democracy. It might be hard to realize that 5th degree wargames towards the humanity were unconditionally and openly supported by so-called Leninists, Stalinists, Maoists etc. (UU20140613)

However, this complex of Underworld Games will not succeed when the 21 conditions are revealed and properly responded to by the Constitutional powers. These crimes of the past century are often focused in these UU blogs. The most recent theme is called ‘The 5th Pyramid’. it started in UU20160513 and ended with a roundup in UU20171201.

The predicted Basketak complex was talked through in UU20130830 and UU20130920. That was at the end of the 4th Pyramid Game. The conditions to this 5th Pyramid Game are different though. Yet, some fundamental conditions cannot be changed, like the historical events and consequences. However, the history writings of the cold war are highly questionable and other sides of the truths are revealed daily on the internet.

The related Norwegian politics are commented to most Norwegian and Danish elections. Most recent was the sub-theme, the NoExit Game in blogs UU20170818 to UU20170908. The parliamentary election was a massive failure for the symbiotic AP/LO. Investigations with hard-core LYAHF Games were initiated that would have removed the current party leader, if not interrupted by this RAPO Game. The head of the Trondhjem faction was unconstitutionally removed and paves the way for an internal CdE by the AP Capital faction at the next Party election. That Oslo faction has demonstrated hard-core Game playing in the Capital by a Red-Green conspiracy. However, it has proved itself as a major fraud and failure.

Some current media observations are summarized and translated like: “It is outrageous that the AP leader has concluded the removal of the deputy without waiting for his responses to the accusations. It is violations fundamental legal principles if the decision is based on merely the accusations. There can be no trust in such a judgment. Such a process merely harms the party.” Most outsiders, free from the AP/LO bondage, will also conclude that such Game players cannot be allowed Governmental power ever.

All-in-all, this recurring CdE Game on in AP is totally out of their own control – and it is of the ultimate concern for the national constitution. Thus, such CdE Games start in political parties, before escalating into national parliaments and the rest of the LEJD (Legal, Executive, Juridical and Democratic powers). Wikipedia categorizes CdE: “A coup d'état, literally ‘hit of state’, putsch or overthrow, is the illegal and open annexation of a state by elites within the state apparatus. It is considered successful when power is held for at least seven days. A 2016 study categorizes coups into four possible outcomes; 1) Failed coup; 2) No regime change; 3) Dictatorship swap; and 4) Democratization. Three types of CdE are identified as: 1) Breakthrough coups, 2) Arbiter coups; and Veto coups.” UU20170324).

The AP RAPO Game is an attempted arbiter coup that should be stopped by the LEJD powers.

Yello was presented with their virtual concert in UU20171124. The whole text can be read there. Here is some clipping: “Yello's sound is mainly characterised by unusual music samples, a heavy reliance on rhythm and Dieter Meier's dark crooning voice. Yello has been instrumental in spreading and developing the use of sampling, along with Art of Noise, Paul Hardcastle and Depeche Mode, especially in the construction of rhythm tracks, such as one of their signature tunes The Race from 1988.” “Boris Blank has taken a couple of vocal turns; on ‘Swing’ (from You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess) and ‘Blazing Saddles’ (from Flag), and guest vocalists have included Rush Winters (the first female diva to be featured on a Yello recording), Billy MacKenzie, Stina Nordenstam, Jade Davies, Shirley Bassey, Heidi Happy and FiFi Rong. The group has shared writing credit with MacKenzie, Winters and Happy.” “1985's Stella proved to be Yello's commercial breakthrough: while the singles and videos ‘Desire’ and ‘Vicious Games’ found success upon their initial release, the duo enjoyed a delayed hit with the album track ‘Oh Yeah,’ which reached the U.S. singles chart after being prominently featured in the films Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Secret of My Success. After the remix project 1980-1985: The New Mix in Go, Yello recruited diva Shirley Bassey and ex-Associate Billy McKenzie for 1987's One Second.”
The associations here is the continuous complex of Vicious Games in AP/LO.

Yello - Vicious Games + Lyrics + 12 inch Version 1985


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