Norwegian Election - Sex Crimes

The grassroots of the present RAPO Game in AP stem from a 100 years old bondage culture for workers and peasants. The democratic (#)MeToo campaign was abused for leadership cleansing in a ‘light arbiter coup’, executed with sexual Games like RAPO and LYAHF. In doing so, the Gamers have stirred up some 100 years of accumulated cold cases of Underworld Games by the schizophrenic AP/LO symbiosis. One of these Pandora ghosts are globally recognized as ‘1984’. Originally, the novel by George Orwell was titled ‘The last European’, which is parallel to the Jante/Kafka process towards true social-democrats too. Still, in Europe, the dystopian 1984 scenario was not realized as a coldwar dystopia, assumingly since the Game was exposed in novels, movies and music. Yet, the very anti-thesis to this ongoing AP RAPO Game is to expose such 1984 Gamers, the motives and the means. This blog is therefore a likewise attempt to hinder AP’s dysfunctionality to become such a dystopian autocracy. This also relates to the blog theme called P5GO (the 5th Pyramid Game Over).

The dystopic global order of ‘1984’ is described in Wikipedia: ”The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism by Emmanuel Goldstein, reveal that after the Second World War, the United Kingdom fell to civil war and then was absorbed into Oceania. Simultaneously, the USSR conquered mainland Europe and established the second superstate of Eurasia. The third superstate, Eastasia, comprises the regions of Eastern/Southeastern Asia. The three superstates wage continuous war for the remaining unconquered lands of the world, forming and breaking alliances as is convenient. Winston remembers the Atomic Wars fought in Europe, western Russia and North America. It is unclear to him what occurred first: The Party's victory in the civil war, the US annexation of the British Empire or the war in which Colchester was bombed.” (The 1984 was also a mini-theme in the UU20101029 to UU20101112.)

Apropos, this week’s selected song, ‘Sex Crime’, refers to the most terrifying ministry of all - ‘The Minister of Love’. It was presented in the blog UU20160923 ‘David Bowie - We Are the Dead’. It is actually a RAPO Game, when ‘the last European’ gets the fatal ‘I Love You’ -note from an agent, - and much to late realize that their ‘sex crime’ will finally be abused for his fall. Intriguingly, the first computer pandemic was by a virus named ‘iloveyou’. The theme of 1984 is mentioned several times in blogs - and this song was previous presented in UU20101029. Furthermore, the novels ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’ are the inspiration to the Drive Game category AF (Animal Farm). It is described in UU20150227. They are also the inspiration to the dystopian term ‘Trelletopia’, where the ‘people’ in bondage Believe their dystopia is a utopia. (UU20140801, UU20141114 and UU20150703)”

“Still, the major blog-theme is P5GO (the 5th Pyramid Game Over) is briefly summarized in UU20170901 and described in UU20160513. “The Pyramid Games are based on the illegal ‘Pyramid scheme’, ‘Eight-ball’ and ‘Gifting circles’. 8 people are lured by one to ‘invest’ in illusions of repayments in a distant future, - not realizing that the Game is built to collapse and rather cause their ruin. The ethics to such Game masters are ‘honesty is for suckers’. The 5 Pyramid Games in this UU theme are related to the 5 Internationals. Those ‘suckers’ are lured to contribute to domestic CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) that weakens their prey nation enough to enable the main gains of CdE (Coup d’ Etat). Related sub-Games played by potential PROSA agents (Pro-Russian Oligarchs, Separatists and Anarchists) are of all categories, - especially Underworld Games and Sexual Games like; NIGYSOB (Now I've Got You, You Son of a Bitch) and Schlemiel, SWYMD (See What You Made Me Do), ITHY (I'm Only Trying to Help You), LPAFJ (Let's Pull A Fast one on Joey), LYAHF (Let's You and Him Fight), DAC&UAC (Devide&Conquer & Unite&Conquer), ISR (It Started with the Retribution), ABD (Attack is the Best Defense), Jante/TUD (The Ugly Duckling), TLM (Two Little Maids), BGGG (Bad Guy, Good Guy), RPPP (Robbing Pete to Pay Paul), ODAB (One's Death – Another’s Bread) and the Russian BOOFY (Beat your Own and Others will Fear You). (UU20140912.)” (UU20160715) Still crucial to keep in mind, - dysfunctional organisations are not about persons, but organisations. Blame Games at scapegoats are symptoms of organisational dysfunctionality. Therefore, the focus is not set on the convicted persons but their organisations.” (UU20170929)

Furthermore, the related theories of the 3^3 Game Categories are summarized in UU20160923 and talked through in detailed, related to the psychosocial dimensions; Drive (UU20150227), Will (UU20150306) and Belief (UU20150313). Most relevant to 1984 is AF: “The social Game category AnimalFarm (AF) was first mentioned in UU20141219 in a critique about public schools (the Gulag for Kids). “10 years in a class-room cell with a dominant matriarch, or patriarch, takes Games to an organizational level of S-I/S-E (Superior-ID/Superior-Ego), - in collective versions of the Games of TLM (Two Little Maidens) and national variations like ‘Jante’, TUD (The Ugly Duckling) and other ‘Animal Farm’ related Games of S-I.” However, the term stems from dystopian novella ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell. He was a social democrat the warned about the expanding Stalinism by writing in fable form. In social 3x3 sense, there are some structures and dominations by biological conscience within species’ tribes. There are hierarchal organizations where older mammals dominant younger and where a single male might rule. Contrariwise, insects might have hives where queens dominate workers, drones, warriors and nurses. There are even highly inter-species relations that indicate dependencies and bondage. Besides, flocks of birds and fishes have synchronized collectives where single individuals rarely dominate. Nevertheless, birds and mammals might have fierce rivalries between male during mating. 1st degrees of ‘Sexual’ Games like LYAHF stems from such animal rivalries. Actually, most Games are of 1st degree are Drive related. Humanoid primates can even play 1st degree of sophisticated Party Games and Underworld Games. In addition, as indicated, classrooms might have pecking orders like hen houses. Nevertheless, natures’ non-verbal communication is rather advanced with odors, colors, behaviors, rituals etc.”

The very S-E Belief for the schizophrenic AP/LO symbiosis are: “Moskvatesene (the Moscow thesis), the Norwegian term for the 21 Conditions of the 3rd International (i.e. Leninism, Stalinism and Maoism). These are talked through several times and are the basis for the UU Theme ‘The 5th Pyramid Game Over’. The anti-thesis P5GO (the 5th Pyramid Game Over) is discussed in blogs like UU20140912, UU20160701 and UU20170811. The following is basically translated from Norwegian in Wikipedia.

Such sociopathic ‘parallel organizational apparatus’ (POA) were particularly in WW2 when LO converted to Nazism for 3 years. Similar tendencies are also obvious in the Kings Bay Crisis (UU20170421), the Utøya Massacre (UU20170224), the Governmental bombing (UU20171006) and the Jensen vs Cappelen case (UU20170929).

What should AP do, then, - now that the RAPO Game for leadership cleansing is exposed. Obviously, AP should not let itself be abused as in 1928 to be a collective of ‘suckers’ for high treasonous Games of CdE. AP needs to cut its bondage to LO and related cultures of the 3rd Pyramid Game in particular. Its grave psychosocial condition will be focused in the next UU blog.


“Eurythmics were a British music duo consisting of members Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart. The duo achieved global success with their second album Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) in 1983. The title track was a worldwide hit. The duo went on to release a string of hit singles and albums before they split up in 1990. By this time Stewart was a sought-after record producer, while Lennox began a solo recording career in 1992 with her debut album Diva. After almost a decade apart, Eurythmics reunited to record their ninth album. They reunited again in 2005 to release the single ‘I've Got a Life’.” In 1984 RCA released in 1984 was Eurythmics' soundtrack album 1984 (For the Love of Big Brother). Virgin Films had contracted the band to provide a soundtrack for Michael Radford's modern film adaptation of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four., the record was presented as ‘music derived from the original score of Eurythmics for the Michael Radford film version of Orwell's 1984’. Eurythmics charged that they had been misled by the film's producers as well, and the album was withdrawn from the market for a period while matters were litigated. The album's first single, ‘Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)’, was a top 5 hit in the UK, Australia and across Europe, and a major dance success in the United States. The duo won an MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist in 1984, the Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal in 1987, the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music in 1999, and in 2005 were inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame. Eurythmics have sold an estimated 75 million records worldwide. In 2017, the group was nominated for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The association here is not merely the RAPO Games of the female agent in 1984, but also the cold cases of AP RAPO Games to remove political rivals from the party – like dictated in the Moscow thesis.

Eurythmics - Sex Crime + Lyrics

Extra UU - Eurythmics LIVE – 1987

Eurythmics Live is a live concert video by the British pop/rock duo Eurythmics, filmed during their Revenge Tour in Sydney, Australia, on 14 February 1987. Eurythmics' live video album and concept from 1987. https://youtu.be/tkya2wUEaUY?t=400