Norwegian Election - Game Over

The RAPO Game reveals that the alter-Egos of Arbeiderpartiet (AP) still exist in the depths of its murky ID. The alter-Egos play hardcore Games that harms the AP Ego as well as the Nation – just like manifested. Consequently, AP disqualifies for any LEJD power - as it did before, during and after the World War 2. This grave conclusion is made by psychosocial-analysis, based on classic psycho-analysis. In general, the diagnosis includes dysfunctionality, mass-psychosis, mass -neurosis, sociopathy and mass-psychopathy - as well as schizophrenia and paranoia. Basically, that is the obsessive bondage to the arch-typical Superior-Egos based the 3rd International’s 21 Conditions – the 100 years old ‘Moscow thesis’. The ethics of this blog, on the other hand, is based on the anti-thesis P5GO (the 5th Pyramid Game Over). (UU 2016.juli.08 to UU 2016.sept.23.)

The theories of Organizational Insanity are talked through in UU 2015.nov.06. The whole blog should be read to get an overall idea of the theories, - even though the main theme is the Dexit (the Dane anti-Europol referendum). The following clips relate to the very same kind of dysfunctionality as the AP RAPO Game.

The collective Jante obsession, (the Moscow thesis, - the 3rd International’s 21 Conditions), is a dominant Superior-Ego to Arbeiderpartiet – the manifest that manipulates the collective Superior-ID to do maniac Moves in the 3rd Pyramid Game. Some further clippings elaborate on that.

The above clips might appear too fragmented to grasp. However, there should be no doubt that the theory of psychosocial-analysis is as applicable to organisations as the psycho-analysis is to individual persons. All-in-all, the organisational cultures are based on matriarchs’ and patriarchs’ personalities. Furthermore, the theories of dysfunctionalities apply to any kind of organisations, - not merely core families.

A thoroughly psychosocial analysis of Arbeiderpartiet, is not possible in a few blogs. Still, the following offers some indications that support the psychosocial theories and the AP dysfunctionality.

The organisational insanity of Arbeiderpartiet has developed through the 100 years to become the major damage for the party, its related and the whole Nation. The 2011 double-attack at AP, the Government bombing and the AUF massacre, was a schizophrenic suicide attempt by AP’s complex of alter-Egos. The self-destructive executions caused an internal CdE in AP in 2013, - similar to the Kings Bay explosions in 1963 (UU 2017.april.21). This indicates that the same kind of insane Game as the Tsar Bomba diplomatic threats still hunts AP, its related and the Nation – as then - as today. That organisational S-I/S-E dominates most parts of the LEJD powers, - including the police, the military and the court, due to AP/LO public employments as dictated by the Moscow thesis. The S-I/S-E insanity continues due to mass-psychosis of denials. (“There are different kinds of denials too, like; denials of responsibility; denials of impact; denials of cycle; denials of awareness; and denial of denial.” UU 2017.sept.22). Some public servants are also ‘untouchable’ agents, like agents of the so-called ‘Red Mafia’ (UU 2017.aug.25). One grave indicator is that some public servants seem to be placed above Penalty law since they are never face the courts despite the massive organised scandals and related crimes within public sector. These violations include terror and high treasonous activities and passitivities (UU 2017.sept.01). In brief, AP still acts as if the Moscow thesis overrules national law – as dictated before, during and after WW2.

Other methods for LEJD healing must be considered, since the past decade has proved that the corrupted civil servants of the LEJD powers still can overrule the lawful ones. Still, Arbeiderpartiet is also legally incompetent due to AP’s organisational insanity. Wikipedia explains the term. “The word (legally) incompetent is used to describe persons who should not undergo certain judicial processes, and also for those who lack mental capacity to make contracts, handle their financial and other personal matters such as consenting to medical treatment, etc. and need a legal guardian to handle their affairs.” This means that a psychotic is not subject to the civil Penalty law, but must be transferred to psychosocial health care. Yet, psychotic organisations require other means of treatments than individual persons. Still, as deemed legally incompetent, the means of powers can be done unavailable for organisations too, like it is done for potential terror organisations.

Ultimately, Arbeiderpartiet disqualifies as a Parliamentary party since its present characteristics and relations is as a POA (Parallel Organisational Apparatus) with high treasonous agenda that legitimates civil warfare in order to demote western nations to be Russian vassal states. Consequently, AP cannot ever be handed governmental power again by the Parliament, the Throne or the Court.

What to do then, when Arbeiderpartiet is legally incompetent and cannot be trusted the powers of LEJD? That will be talked through in the next and final UU blog in this mini-theme. However, in brief, the solution is to establish a true Social Democratic party, - that dedicates itself to true democracy, true human rights and to real rule of law. Yet, AP has proved itself to be incapable of true democracy. Therefor a new party has to be formed, while AP also fades like its extreme ancestors and their related POAs.


About the Basketak Game

The band Cardigans introduced this mini blog theme in UU 2018.jan.19 like this: “The Cardigans are a Swedish rock band from 1992, with the line-up remaining unchanged to this day. Their debut album Emmerdale gave them a solid base in their home country and enjoyed some success abroad and their second album secured their international reputation. Their popularity rose with the songs ‘Lovefool’ ‘Erase/Rewind’ and ‘My Favourite Game’. After a two-year break the band returned recording and releasing their fifth album. Their last album is a continuation of the country music infused by pop sensibility and further maturing in the band's sound. After a 2006 tour, the band embarked on a long five-year break from musical activities, before reuniting in 2012 to play several concerts. Overall the band sold over 15 million albums worldwide.”

The association to the song is when realizing it would be preferable to ‘Erase & Rewind’ - when a Game has gone too wrong and the damages ricochets. Though, neither RAPO Games nor any Underworld Games can be restarted - like nothing really happened. Sometimes reality is simply ‘Game Over’ – period.
The Cardigans - Erase & Rewind (Lyrics)

Extra UU1 – Cardigans live

The Cardigans Tivoli Copenhagen Denmark 13 aug 1999 Full Show Made from the Video8/Hi8-master tape https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVlPkG0prX8

Extra UU2 – Pink Floyd - The (AP RAPO) Trial + lyrics

https://ap.mnocdn.no/drfront/images/fb11da465da11fa919706f3414b215b7.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpmWfirPIpY The collectively accused deputy leader of Arbeiderpartiet got his chance to plea for forgiveness in the home community. That assembly looks very much like some home-town version of Pink Floyd ‘The Trial’ - with hammers, matriarchs, wives, pedagogues and arbitrators. The local AP/LO community is known for anti-EU agitation and public corruption.

Pink Floyd is previously presented in blogs like UU 2017.juli.28, UU 2016.aug.12, UU 2015.sept.04 and UU 2012.Juli.20. “The song ‘The Trial’ centers on the main character, Pink, who having lived a life filled with emotional trauma and substance abuse has reached a critical psychological break. The very different arrangement of the song is because Bob Ezrin was strongly involved in the production, orchestral arrangement and music. It is the fulcrum on which Pink's mental state balances. In the song, Pink is charged with ‘showing feelings of an almost human nature.’ This means that Pink has committed a crime against himself by actually attempting to interact with his fellow human beings, defying the mission towards self-isolation that defined much of his life. Through the course of the song, he is confronted by the primary influences of his life, - and a new character – the Judge. In Pink Floyd -- The Wall and the concert animations, the Judge is a giant worm for most of the song until his verse, at which point he transforms into a giant anthropomorphic body from the waist-down (bigger than the marching hammers in ‘Waiting for the Worms’), his face constructed from various elements of the buttocks and genitals. A prosecutor conducts the early portions, which consist of the antagonists explaining their actions, intercut with Pink's refrains, ‘Crazy/Toys in the attic, I am crazy,/Truly gone fishing’ and ‘Crazy/Over the rainbow, I am crazy,/Bars in the window.’ The culmination of the trial is the judge's sentence for Pink ‘to be exposed before your peers’ whereupon he orders Pink to ‘Tear down the wall!’ “