Norwegian Election - 3x3 analysis

A larger Game complex towards the Norwegian Constitution was exposed during the RAPO Game in Arbeiderpartiet. Thus, this last blog sets focus on how the Parliament, Stortinget, must react to end that 100 years’ war towards the ‘western’ nations. For as concluded in the previous blogs, the party’s indirect submission to the Moscow Thesis have caused infiltrations and manipulation of all the LEJD powers. That Pyramid Game can only be unharmed when the party minimize the destructive relations. Still, AP has proved, during the 100 years, that it cannot free itself from the corrupted bondage to the Moscow thesis’ 21 Conditions. Therefore, the aims for this blog to find a final solution to this Norwegian Labor Party – which definitely is no (social) democratic party. A main solution is associated with a ‘new’ political color - Purple, i.e. harmonizing of parliament factions, like the so-called Red and Blue ones.

Psycho-social analysis on an organisation is as applicable as psycho analysis is on a person. Arbeiderpartiet (AP) was thoroughly analyzed in the previous blog UU 2018.feb.16. A summary indicates that Arbeiderpartiet has tendencies of organisational mass-psychosis, mass-neurosis, sociopathy and mass-psychopathy - as well as schizophrenia and paranoia. The main reason for the dysfunctionality is the obsessive bondage to an arch-typical Superior-Egos based the 3rd International’s 21 Conditions – the 100 years old ‘Moscow thesis’.

The alter-Egos of AP play hardcore Games that harms the AP Ego as well as the Nation – just like manifested by the Moscow thesis. Consequently, AP disqualifies for any LEJD power - as it did before, during and after the World War 2. Also note that the 3rd International was an interrupting fake manifest that was designed for a CdE towards the Russian Throne in order to return the power to the State/Moscow. Thus, the Moscow thesis is made for destructive purposes - not constructive. Some main agents’ Drives of Throne, State &Temple were the femme fatale Dagmar, Lenin’s blood-feud and the occult monk Rasputin. (UU 2014.mai.30) In contrast, the ethics of this blog is based on the anti-thesis P5GO (the 5th Pyramid Game Over). (UU 2016.juli.08 to UU 2016.sept.23.) Anyways, the present so-called 5th International is really the 4th, related to the 4th Industrial and Social revolution, since the fake International, the 3rd, was merely a war-Game tactic to execute the Russian Coup d’ Etat during WW1.

The 3x3 political analysis model is previously presented for analyzing the Constitutional powers - like the present LEJ powers (Legal, Executive & Juridical) and for the powers as Throne, State & Temple. The model is explained and demonstrated in the blog UU 2017.sept.08, regarding the so-called ‘NoExit’ parliamentary election, - that turned out to be yet another failed Brexit manipulation. As demonstrated in that blog, there have been anti-parliamentary factions that dominate political parties in the Parliament during the 100 years. Even though massively denied, the anti-Constitution has been hidden in plain sight in the Parliament (Stortinget) since the declaration of the 21 Conditions to the 3rd International. This Moscow thesis is a dictation as an anti-thesis towards the national ‘Rule by Law’ – i.e. the Constitutional law and the Penalty law as well as the Constitutional powers, the Legal, the Executive, the Judicial and the Democratic powers.

Another most revealing anti-western event in the Norwegian Parliamentary was the EU referendum in 1994. There was a clear majority in the Parliament (Stortinget) to move along with most of the EFTA nations to the European Union. Therefore, the Norwegian Constitutional law did not require an additional people’s referendum like the Danish Constitutional law requires. Despite that legal fact, a referendum was forced through, as if Norway still was submitted to Danish Constitutional law. Like dictated in the Moscow thesis, certain parties and the press abused fake-news, half-truths, mass-psychosis and mass-neurosis about the European Internal Market to scare the voters from their neighboring nations. However, there was silence and denials when asked what the alternatives could be, because mentioning Nova-Russia would certainly scare the voters even more. Even parties like Senterpartiet (SP/peasants) and Kristelig Folkeparty (KrF/Christians) were parroting the propaganda, - just like AP/LO (workers) and Socialistisk Venstreparti (SV/ former NKP). Still, the greatest Constitutional fraud is that all those Parliamentary parties had to know that the very same Parliamentary majority, including themselves, would join the very same European Internal Market by signing the EEA Treaty between EFTA and EU. This anti-Western political fraud in the Parliament is immensely silenced – as dictated in the Moscow thesis first Condition.

SP, KrF and FrP, as well as SV, Rødt and MPDG, seem to be hosting POA (Parallel Organisational Apparatus) as dictated in the 3rd International Conditions. SP states they are the party for peasant, but promotes cooperated farming and trading industry, like COOP, similar to the CCCP concept. KrF is far more political and anti-European than most Christians are. KrF is probably hosting POA related Russian (orthodox) agents (monks), like the KGB agent Mitrokhin revealed: “The book (about the Mitrokhin Archive) describes establishing the "Moscow Patriarchate" on order from Stalin in 1943 as a front organization for the NKVD, and later, for the KGB and assumingly today’s FSB.” (See links hereunder about the Mitrokhin Archive revelations of other POA and sabotages.) FrP is oligarchic and did not dare to express its anti-European duality until very recently. FrP officially supports EFTA, but not EU. The roots of SV are NKP, which is founded on the Moscow thesis. SV is definitely a POA and a main Drive for CdE Games in the Parliament (Stortinget). Rødt (Red) is simply AKP and NKP in the concept ‘same xxxx – new wrapping’. MPDG, like most green extremes, fights EU too, but wants to use EFTA as an apparatus to alter EU politics. (UU 2017.aug.25 and UU 2015.juni.12)

Still, LO is AP’s symbiotic alter-Ego and is really a Trade Federation for oligarchs that bound workers, peasants and other thralls. LO’s international trade concept is nova Russian. LO is basically anti-European, for geo-political market shares - like the imperial Moscow thesis dictates. LO is not that anti-EFTA, though, although factions within LO occasionally expresses anti-EFTA arguments to let out the internal pressure. The reason is talked through in the blog UU 2017.aug.18 that focused on abuse of EFTA for anti-western organized crimes. Consequently, the focus shifts to the ‘parallel executive power’ - LO. This is elaborated in UU 2016.juli.22. “However, LO is an Oligarchic Trade Mafia that is built for violations of national laws of trade. The 21 conditions of the 3rd International contradicts the post-war trade laws of the European Internal Market. The LO crimes were exposed in the NRK documentary ‘LO sitt store comeback’ and uncloaked the massive corruption of the PROSA Union and Party (Norwegian LO and AP) during the parliamentary electoral campaigns. LO bought illegal trade favors, law-violating regulations, and minister posts in the government – all for millions in cash (UU 2013.aug.23). Moreover, Dane LO shows that they do not pay any tax, have just a few underpaid employees and profits greatly on their members (UU 2015.okt.23).”

The AP ‘Basketak’ scenarios, A and B, failed. LO initiated plan C with the RAPO Game to alter AP’s Ego even more. “As mention in UU 2014.juni.13, the AP/LO dominated development in the public sectors for a century is obviously the main reason for the grave state of the nation. Just as oblivious, the AP/LO conspiracy is not fit to Execute the required changes that the 22/7 commission points out. As described in the theme ‘LifeQuality and Election Nor2013’ in UU 2013.sept.20: “The AP’s alter-ego, LO, has started Plan C ‘Basketak’ (The Tussle). Stoltenberg (AP PM) was massively deleted from AP’s election lists and is exposed for harsh interviews by the mass-media. LO do not have time for his Plan B ‘I still sitting here’. With a simple T.A. (psychosocial transaction analysis) and seen from the LO/AP regime’s side, - the 5D model indicates 3 alternatives for future scenarios. A; AP do not lose the democratic election after all (in 2013). B; AP takes over the Government after its collapse. C; LO dominates the Government after a collapse in the Legislative power (the Parliament/Stortinget). (The political 5D scenario model is described in UU 2013.april.26)”

Now, with the RAPO Game, it is apparent that LO make moves to start the 3rd Basketak scenario by manipulating the AP in confusing crisis. LO gathers the political parties AP, KrF, SP, SV and Rødt, with the one main goal, - a CdE towards the European friendly bourgeois government. The methods are seen before and are described in all the 21 conditions of Lenin/Stalin’s 3rd International. Also, such Pyramid Games are talked through for one and a half year in the blog theme ’The 5th Pyramid’ from UU 2016.juli.08 to UU 2016.sept.23.

The present Arbeiderparti leader is not of traditional AP culture, but rather like a nova Russian oligarch with relations to the Middle East. The internal reformation of AP from worker’s dictatorship to oligarch’s dictatorship has failed and is about to ruin the party. Other alter-Egos are forcing Games on AP to substitute the traditional heads, like the deputy leader was degraded and disgraced in the RAPO Game. The remaining leadership relates rather to oligarchy and Muslimism. However, by using T-A (Transaction Analysis), it seems that the leader express Moves of the Game ‘Want Out’, while the remaining deputy express ‘Want In’. If so, the path is being paved for the Capital’s leader, which has turned the domestic AP politics towards extreme Green and related political factions. Furthermore, the AP leader clearly express that the dismissed deputy leader is very much needed in the Parliament for the new phases of AP ambitions. Now, with the RAPO Kompromat in addition to decades of political scandals in hard-core Games, there should be expected 3rd degree Games of DAC towards the bourgeois Government.

How to heal Arbeiderpartiet – is the most urgent question for the dysfunctional organisation. Still, the diagnosis concluded with organisational schizophrenia, and related conditions, due to its symbiosis with LO and relations other organisations that are still bondaged by the Moscow thesis. The organisation has proven incapable to evolve from the phase of Denials to Recognition in its 100 years history. Thus, AP has proven itself to exist merely as a puppet party and tool for violation of most paragraphs in the Penalty law – including high treason. After all, the organisation has proven itself as Legally Incompetent and cannot be trusted any powers in the LEJD powers anymore. Still, like mafia organisations are of great danger to other organisations, persons and itself, - the removal of their powers has to be done carefully to minimize the by reactive sociopathic injuries to society. In addition, the Jante cultures in the public sector, that stems from 100 years of Jante Games, will take some decades and generations to minimize. Such psychosocial dysfunctionalities are also a casualty of the previous century’s wars. That indicates that the psycho-social diagnosis on Arbeiderpartiet applies to sub-cultures in most of the public sector too, which includes mass-psychosis, mass -neurosis, sociopathy and mass-psychopathy - as well as schizophrenia and paranoia.

In practice, there are some to do in order to restore LEJ power’s ‘rule by law’ – instead of ‘rule by Moscow thesis’. 1) AP cannot participate in any governmental anymore be under surveillance in the parliament (Stortinget). 2) All public servants and related needs to read the Penalty law and sing a declaration for ‘rule by law’ (and not rule by Moscow thesis). 3) This 4th industrial revolution includes technocratically efficiency of the public bureaucracy, some major reorganizations and massive probably unemployment of employees – like the previous industrial revolutions caused in farming and industry. Public servants that are disloyal, or will not declare loyalty to ‘the rule of law’, cannot be trusted renewed employments.

A solution is to establish a true Social Democratic (SD) party in Norway. The new SD party should focus on the realities of this century, - not the previous. True democratic people in AP should organize and work for a new Norwegian SD. The SD party’s foundation must be as other ‘western’ democratic parties. First and foremost, its constitution has to refer to the principle of ‘rule by law’, which includes Constitutional law, and the Human Right law, the EEA law, the Penalty law etc.

When free from the Arbeiderparti’s obsessions of favoring oligarchs and their submitted workers, at the cost of the other citizen (bourgeois), there is a brand-new list of political issues to address – concerning democratic citizens in the European nation Norway in this century. The 4th Industrial and Social Revolutions (IR4 & SR4) was a main issue in the blogs from UU 2017.mai.19 to UU 2017.juli.21.

Some of main issues for any ‘western’ political party to addressed in this eve of IR4 are; Basic income, tax on robot workers, and imported robot products; XaaS, where products and services are offered by highly effective apps; Free resources like internet, transport, education and participation; artificial intelligence, automation, internets and big data; Designed pharmacy, organs and health; Basic human rights for basic human needs like, food, housing, education etc.; Mass deployment of civil servants due to automation of bureaucracy; and much more. Additionally, all political parties in the parliaments should be very concerned and engaged in the new UN initiative for this century - called the 17 Sustainability Development Goals. The SDG17 do not merely concern individual humans’ needs and right, not merely in the ‘developing’ nations - but the whole humanity. The nature, cities, fabrics, governments, enterprises are included too. Therefore, the SDG17 is also the very anti-thesis to the 5th Pyramid Game. The theme started in UU 2016.mai.13 and continues. (UU 2017.dec.15)

Finally, concerning the ‘new’ political color – Purple. The anti-constitutional Moscow thesis does concern all political parties in the Parliament (Stortinget). It has for too long been a battleground for Games of DAC (Divide and Conquer), while the obvious intention for any Parliament is not to be Destructive, but to be Constructive. All those 1-Dimensional dilutions of politics, red vs blue, right vs left, socialist vs bourgeois, are made to dysfunctionalized the Legal Power, as well as the Executive, Judicial and Democratic powers. The parliamentary condition is a major evidence of the 100 years of Moscow thesis in Stortinget. Now that it cannot be Denied, - true healing of the LEJD powers can overcome that obsessive sociopathy.

The Russian Mafia Documentary 2015

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Prince - Purple Rain (original video) + Lyrics
The association to the song ‘Purple Rain’ is the need for ‘red’ and ‘blue’ and other factions of parliaments to harmonize in construction. The Drive force for the destructive DAC Games in ‘western’ parliaments are based on the high Treasonous Moscow Thesis’ 21 conditions – and should be treated as such – even in the Parliaments.

Extra UU - Prince And The Revolution: The Makings Of Rain

“On the 3rd of August 1983, Prince played a benefit concert for the Minnesota Dance Theatre Company at First Avenue, Minneapolis. The concert was instigated by Loyce Houlton, artistic director of the long-time modern dance troupe. She had met Prince during the band's dance classes and asked him to play a benefit show. Prince's concert raise $23,000 for the financially beleaguered MDT dance company. The concert is generally regarded as one of the most excited shows he has ever played. The basic tracks of three songs from the concert were used on Purple Rain”. “This was a benefit concert for the Minnestoa Dance Theatre, Minneapolis and is one of the best Prince concerts. Just before Purple Rain launched him in to worldwide stardom, there is still a rawness to this performance which is what makes it special. The basic tracks of Computer Blue, I Would Die 4 U, Baby I'm A Star and Purple Rain from this concert were used for the album version.”
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