The number 81 is a symbol for entering or leaving life on Earth. 81 canon-shots marked such a ritualistic transcendence last week for a royalty in Denmark. It is not ‘just another number’, since 81 equals 3^4, - a 4th and intangible Dimension to a physical ‘trinity’ cube. Metaphysically, 81 has become a symbol for life before and after death. Thus, this mini blog-series sets the focus on questions like: ‘What is the King of Denmark - really’? This first blog is therefore focused on the 4th Dimension and the Believes in royal relations to spiritual existences. The blog series will also refer to the previously blogs about related theories. Still, this first blog, challenging ideas of 81, is somewhat extraordinary.

Symbols and rituals are fundamental to Beliefs in metaphysical existence beyond mundane life. Scientific facts have been used as foundations for philosophies and Beliefs beyond ordinary and physical existence. The number 81 equals 3*3*3*3, which is interpreted as a symbol for a 4th dimension to a 3D cube based on a ‘trinity’ – the holy number 3. However, 4D is not the factor ‘time’ as propagated since the WW1. Previously, the 4D, as well as 3D, 2D, 1D, 0D and 5D, is talked through in blogs like UU 2016.sept.16 and UU 2016.juli.01. Yet, ideas of true 4-dimensional space are hard to grasp, since it is invisible, controversial and hardly detectible. Therefore, watching the video ‘Carl Sagan - The 4th dimension explained’ will be helpful to understand the philosophies of a physical 4D. (See the link below.)

4D represents the metaphysical existences that might be - even though they cannot be proved or argued logical. Still, religion is said to be ‘the first philosophy’, which makes Belief rather about the unanswered questions. Religions are, as science, concerned about finding truths, but philosophies concern on issues yet undiscovered. The blog UU 2017.aug.04 summaries on some psychosocial themes about Belief. “The 3^3 psychosocial model is comprehensive. Here are some theoretical writings about the model. The quotes are mainly taken from UU 2017.april.14 and UU 2016.sept.16.

The 500 years symbiosis of Thrones and Temples was broken by an extraordinary event in 1908 of marvelous proportions. Eye-witnesses in Siberia described the event as if the sky cracked open, like a miraculous revelation. The Temples had no explanation to this unpredictable global blitz even though they claimed themselves to be in direct contact with God. Thus, the Belief in the established Temples faded and consequently there were disbelief in their crowning of royalties as devine representatives. Thus, the 2nd International of 1913 started with the execution of the Austrian emperor’s heirs and the termination of the Prussian empire. The Russian Royalties, and millions of royalists, were executed in the following ‘Fatherland War’. An extraordinary 3rd International was issued, even though the Austrian and Russian emperors abdicated with the outbreak of the plague called ‘The Spanish Flue’. Its Moscow thesis was a global and absolute subordination to a Throne-less and Temple-less State. The argument might have been that; if the Tunguska revelation was not Devine, like a ‘second coming’, - it might as well have been the counterparts’ deed.

Symbols of 4D, like devine revelations, are also abused to gain dominance. For example, the MC club Hell's Angels is associated to the number 81 since H is the 8th letter in the alphabet and A is the 1st. Still, they are definitely no fallen angels from Heaven. Neither are any ‘Bat Out of Hell’. Yet, the Tunguska event disturbed the well-established theologies. “In 1908, Hermann Minkowski presented a paper consolidating the role of time as the fourth dimension of spacetime, the basis for Einstein's theories of special and general relativity.” (UU 2016.sept.16) Furthermore: «The Tunguska event was an explosion over Siberia with powers of 1000 Hiroshima bombs and 1/3 of the Tsar Bomba. The flash was like seeing the Sun in the night sky over Asia and Europe (and even America) for several days. Such events are also considered crucial religious omens for great changes to come. At that time, most Thrones were related to Temples. The emperors probably searched for advices and answers to what that ‘omen’ could mean for their destiny, although the established theologies could not predict or explain that epic event. However, less reliable religious groups probably took the opportunity to alter the theocratic rivalries, found alternative explanations and made plans for all. Unfortunately, even occult apocalyptic insanity was allowed to replace sane reason and decisions.” (UU 2013.juni.21 and UU 2016.mai.27)

At that time, the Russian Throne was in conflicts in Asia, including Siberia, Mongolia, Korea, Japan, China and Indochina. Wikipedia writes, “The defeats of the Russian Army and Navy shook up Russian confidence. Throughout 1905, the Imperial Russian government was rocked by revolution. The population was against escalation of the war. Tsar Nicholas II elected to negotiate peace so he could concentrate on internal matters after the disaster of Bloody Sunday on 9 January 1905.” “Russia recognized Korea as part of the Japanese sphere of influence and agreed to evacuate Manchuria. Japan would annex Korea in 1910.” Global powers disagreed with the Russian Throne’s influences in Asia and would certainly welcome any opportunity to alter that, not merely Asian Thrones, but also rivaling Temples to the Christian Russian Orthodoxy.

The Dane kingdom has a very complex history that highly involves the aftermaths to the Tunguska event in Russian Siberia. This will be talked through in the next blogs. However, in relation to religion, and without elaborate on Games of Thrones, States and Temples, - some circumstances should be mentioned. The first king that united Denmark, in 1146, was Vladimir of Minsk/Belarus. He was probably a Russian orthodox, not a Catholic. In the 13th century’s Isambour (the Dane princess Ingeborg Valdemardatter) was Queen for a single day in France and then held captive for 20 years whilst the French king tried to divorce her, - possibly due to disputes about Russian/Orthodox – French/Catholic. The Dane kings supported the anti-Catholic Reform wars and converted to Protestantism in order to expropriate their 1/3 of Dane soil in 1536. Princess Dagmar of Denmark, became a dominating ex-tsarina during the Tunguska event and WW1. She was highly influential via her son and the Throne’s court.

What is the King of Denmark, then? This question applies for any king or queen in any kingdom though. Still, on a metaphysical dimension, or religiously, the king is to be chosen by God to guide mankind. The transcendence between the 4th and 3rd dimension is birth and death. Therefore, the ritual proclamation, ‘the king is dead – long live the king’ does not relate to any mundane person, but a blessed spirit, geist, ghost that transcendence from king to king of the Thrones, - via priests of the Temples. For example, the catholic pope’s refusal to crown Napoleon as an emperor was a doom to fail stated by the Temple. Likewise, when the protestant Temple in Denmark refuse to crown the queen’s spouse as king, there seems to be a theocratic controversy or dysfunctionality, since no public reason is stated. Conclusively, the transcendence of the uncrowned king of Denmark exposes a most serious Constitutional dysfunctionality between the Dane Temple, Throne and State. Yet, the Constitutional Law clearly states that the King is a superior power to the Legislative and Executional powers in Denmark. Therefore, it is not merely a question of ‘what is the king of Denmark’, but what substituted the King of Denmark in the previous century? Even more relevant are questions like: ‘Is the Dane ‘Folkekirken’ (Statskirken) really a true Church capable to exercise its Constitutional powers anymore? The following blogs will talk this through.

Video: Carl Sagan - The 4th dimension explained.

“Joanna Caroline Newsom (born January 18, 1982) is an American multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and actress. She was classically trained on the harp in her youth, and began her musical career as a keyboardist in the San Francisco-based indie band The Pleased. Her debut album, The Milk-Eyed Mender, was released to critical acclaim, and garnered Newsom an underground following. She would receive wider exposure with the release of Ys, which charted at number 134 on the Billboard 200, and was nominated for a Shortlist Music Prize. She released two further albums. Newsom has been noted by critics for her unique musical style, sometimes characterized as psychedelic folk, and her prominent use of harp instrumentation. She has also appeared as an actress, with roles in the television series Portlandia, and Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice.” (Wikipedia) The song ’81 seems to relate her mundane life to her pre-life existence with her mother in that year.

Joanna Newsom performs '81 live on Jimmy Kimmel + Lyrics