Sane Organisations

The quest for discovering ‘what is the king of Denmark’, has reached the 3rd dimension. 3^3, or 3*3*3, makes the number 27, which can be a perfect cube, based on the trinity number. It is scientific, tangible and purely logical. It is also a significant symbol for rationality that rather focus on numbers than values. Some propagate that 27 symbolizes evil, like in the movie ‘It’ and myths of ‘the 27 Club’. However, in this blog, 3^3 refers to the model of the 3 superior political powers; Throne, State & Temple, - as well as the 3 Constitutional LEJ powers; Legal, Executive & Juridical. Thus, the main framework is the 3^3 psychosocial model and the Belief dimension of the 3 modified ‘Super-Egos’; - Superior-Drive, Superior-Will and Superior-Belief.

The theories of organizational sanity are talked through in blogs like UU 2015.nov.06. The whole blog should be read to get a comprehensive idea of the theories, - even though it relates a to certain event. These models, and related theories, were elevated from personal to organisational levels, motivated by the trust that a balance of the 3 superior powers is as vital for organisational sanity as the balance of the 3 ego-states is for individuals. Thus, the main aim for such psychosocial-analysis is to reduce the risk for organisational dysfunctionalities that might be caused by; mass-psychosis, mass -neurosis, sociopathy and mass-psychopathy - as well as schizophrenia and paranoia. Ultimately, complexes of such dysfunctionalities might end in CCD (Colonial Collapse Disorder). As always, the cure for such dysfunctionality is to take the first, and hardest, step from Denials to Realization. Anyways, with the aims in focus, this analysis of ‘what is the king of Denmark’ - starts with some investigations based on the 3rd dimension of the 3^3 model.

Still, the psychosocial models might need some clarifications first. Here is even a minor revision of terms in this blog. Still, the 3^3 model is summarized in UU 2018.feb.16. This modification concerns the terms of the Superior dimension. The original terms of Freud & Jung were elevated from individual to organisational level, i.e. from ID to Drive, from Ego to Will and from Super-Ego to Belief. The 3D level makes 3 Superior categories of Belief, though. These are now called S-Drive, S-Will and S-Belief (rather than S-Id, S-Ego and S-Devine). Moreover, the 2nd dimension of Drive, Will and Belief are still; UnderConcience, Conscience and OverConcience. However, Games categories, that are not included in the 3^3 model due to their ulterior properties, are related as; KoC (King of the Castle) to S-Drive; GdE (Games d’ Etat) to S-Will; and GoT (Games of Temples) to S-Belief. (UU 2015.mars.13) It is also important to notice that these models are still under development and have not yet been directly used to analyze a nation’s constitutional dysfunctionalities. Therefore, these blogs should be rather considered advisable than conclusive.

The Belief dimension functions as overruling superiorities to society’s organisations as well as any person. Such are expressed by ethics, laws and dogmas. Thus, categorially, the S-Belief is based on religious scripts, S-Will on laws and S-Drive on norms. The superior religious scripts in the Dane culture are the Christian New Testament and also the Jewish Old Testament, but not the Koran. Intriguingly, those thousands of years old testaments are single-sided declarations of spoils of war from the Arabian/Egyptian Game of Temples (GoT) on who’s god is greatest and who should be king of king. The scripts are less about true religious Beliefs. The superior Laws are the Constitutional law and the related laws and regulations, - but also international laws like the Treaty of the EU and the UN Human Rights declarations. The superior ethics and norms are now based on social democracy, but are still occasionally overruled by cultural legacies of thralldom. Anyways, these stereotypes do certainly over-simplify the categories of superior Believes and Powers. Moreover, organisations are exposed to conflicting overruling that in themselves can cause dysfunctionalities – like when an organisation cannot act according to one rule without violating another. Such are ‘Catch 22’ contradictions, causing irrational Believes, Will and Drive. Moreover, superior powers’ rivalries in the past have caused grave mismatches between the written and the actually Constitutions – for instance, having no king even though the Constitutional law requires one.

The 3 superior powers; the Throne; the State; and the Temple; can be valued in a scale from -10 to +10 and then placed in a 3d axis system. A basis to evaluate their real powers can be done by comparing their ideals with imperial experiences. However, the actual superior power is a totality of several organizations’ powers that differ in sizes, influences and motivations. On the other hand, there are negative organisations that are determined anti-Throne, anti-State and anti-Temple. Also, these anti-powers are cloaked and likely to play Games to achieve ulterior Goals by conning moves. For example, Islamism and Judaism are rather political than religious and can act like State-related and anti-Temple. Intriguingly, a term like Christianism is not even defined – yet real as well. Moreover, international constitutional legalities, related to the EU and the HR, seem seriously dysfunctionalized by anti-legal dilutions and mass-psychoses. Yet unfortunately, democratic ethics in Denmark are still undermined by cultural Jante bondage from its centuries as a vassal state.

‘Folkekirken’ is the dominant super-power ‘Temple’ in Denmark. However, the Cristian Temple became superior 1000 years ago. The prior dominant Temple was based on the ethnic Norse religion, which is still influential by myths, memes and rituals. Nevertheless, Temple and Throne became symbiotically superior when Valdemar besieged the ethnic Dane kings. The name is a Nordic version of Vladimir, which came from his mother, Ingeborg of Kiev, the daughter of Mstislav I, Grand Prince of Kiev and Christina Ingesdotter of Sweden. Conclusively, Denmark was christened Kievan/Russian orthodox and not as Catholics. However, Roman Catholics became the superior Temple in all Europe in the centuries around 1300 during the plague wars. The Catholic Temple had a strong symbiosis with the Throne and owned 1/3 of Dane land. Around 1500, the Dane king expropriated all Temple’s properties after the Reform wars towards the Catholics, including the land. The transformation to the Nordic Folkekirken has practically been a gradual decrease of powers and legal competency, - first by the rivalling Temples themselves, then by the Throne and finally by the State. The present Folkekirken is practically without any real power and is hardly any more influential than the original ethnic Norse religion Asatru – yet more exposed by symbols and rituals. (Religious Issues are found in blog themes like UU 2016.mars.18, UU 2016.mars.25 and UU 2016.april.01.)

The first written Dane law is probably Jyske Lov (Jutland Law) from 1241. In 1665, the Throne’s superior power was constitutionalized by Kongeloven (King law) that provided Enevælden (despotism). In 1849, ’Danmarks Riges Grundlov’ (Denmark’s rike Constitutional Law) was constitutionalized and changed the Throne’s despotism, but kept the King’s heritage right. The division of power made a powerful administrative oligarchy of nobilities that grew into superior cold-war’s bureaucracy. Dane Constitutional law was revised in 1855, 1866, 1915, 1920 and 1953. A revision in 1939, at the eve of WW2, was rejected, - even though the King was forced to hand over the Parliamentary powers. The international agreements in the previous century and the globalization in this century, includes several superior international treaties that overrules contradicting national laws. There are the Human Rights Treaties of the UN, the Treaties of EU and other regulations to several international organisations. However, the ‘Moscow Thesis’ of the previous century is not merely illegal according to most paragraphs in the Penalty law, but is also high treasonous. Still, there seems to be a vast gap between Constitutional law and practices in the public sectors. Furthermore, Hovedaftalen by LO (Lands Organisationen - the Nordic cluster of Trade Federations), regulates 80% of Dane employees all the Dane public servants. It was directly related to the Moscow Thesis (the 3rd International and its 21 conditions) that dictates ‘centralized democracy’ from Moscow – which is really totalitarian Stalinism and subordination to a superior nova Russia. (UU 2017.aug.25 and UU 2018.feb.23.)

The Throne was superior, in symbiosis with Temple, from the Christening until the previous century. Most laws were made for the king’s superiority over the stænder (casts); the (Temple’s) clergy, the (Throne’s) lords, the civilians (plebs) and the peasants (thralls). Thralldom included slaves, convicts, prostitutes, but also farmers, workers and soldiers. The thralldom has always dominated Dane cultures, either legalized or merely legitimated. That is documented by the slave trade, which included Europeans as well as Africans. The criminalization of slavery was delayed and domestically held in practice till last century. The collectively self-servitude continues, by collectivized self-servitudes of unwritten norms like the ‘Jante law’, - even though the present Constitutional laws prohibits thralldom. Still, the Dane S-Throne is very fragmented and complex – and rather mysterious - due to its Kievan heritage (UU 2017.april.07), its French intrigues (UU 2017.mai.05) and its Russian last acting Tsarina (UU 2014.mai.30).

The Juridical power is the 3rd dimension in the LEJ Parliamentary system. Its objective is to quality ensure the Executional powers according to the laws issued Legislative power. This is a highly controversial topic in Denmark where critical dysfunctions seem to be comprehensive, permanent and incurable. One symptom is that hardly any public servant is sentenced, like some ‘untouchables’, even though the criminal rate in public affairs seem to exceed non-public crimes by far. (UU 2016.aug.26) The cooperation with the Europol, Eurojust and Cepol was terminated, concealed as a democratic referendum. That Dexit project is in align with the cascades of post-Brexit sub-projects of anti-European Constitutional frauds. (UU 2015.okt.16). The LEJ powers appears to still be infiltrated, manipulated and remote controlled. This happened as a process during the whole previous century. Some milestones in that process was; ‘Hovedaftalen’ that regulates workers from 1899; the Moscow Thesis transferring all powers to Moscow in 1920, the Nazi/nashi annexation in 1940, the submission of all LEJ powers and the massive infiltration throughout the WW2, the Moscow takeover after the war, the lack of normalizing by national powers thereafter and the continuous remote control of Dane LEJ powers during the Cold War.

The Dane king was threatened by massive bombing of the capital if not signing a non-aggression pact. The slow process of annexation, infiltration, and manipulation started in 1900 and could not be reversed with rejected pan-European cooperation. However, the Throne is a single point of failure, when the Constitutional law says that the King is in power for both the Legislative and Executive powers. Still, the massive infiltration of the Judicial power by anti-constitutional judging could not be prevented or reversed when once in position.

All in all - the superior power Temple is as important as the Throne and State for the psychosocial balance and consequently the civilizations’ sanity. Dane history, including its ‘black holes’, indicates periods of critical unbalances between the 3. If any comfort, though, - that seems to be rather normal for most cultures. Still, with this century’s elevated insight and capabilities, - psychosocial diagnosing of the ‘state of the nation’ should be prioritized to figure out, in time, - what to do and not to do, in order to avoid serious future crises. In general, it starts with taking the biggest and hardest step - from Denials to Recognitions.


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