Functional organisations

The quest to discover ‘what is the king of Denmark’ has reached the 2nd dimension. 3^2 or 3*3 is 9. That symbol is not as mysterious as 81 and 27 anymore, since the decay of Egyptian mythology. Still ancient memes of cats, enneagrams and pyramids do influence the Will by Drive and Belief. However, the framework for the quest is the 3^3 model psychosocial analysis of organisations. The 2D is called Will and related to the Conscience self, by means of science, reason and logic. Therefore, these talks are about the Will of organisations - the Executing powers of Throne, State and Temple. Still, a main objective is to uncover dysfunctionalities of the Executive powers of the parliamentary LEJ system. The main cause to such qualitative deviations are the parallel constitutional apparatuses that occasionally overrules the true Legislative, Executive, Judicial and Democratic powers. It is therefore crucial that the Work of the true Constitutional is not allured by such Games anymore.

The theories of organizational sanity are talked through in blogs like UU 2015.nov.06 and the 3^3 model is summarized in UU 2018.feb.16. Once again, there is a chance to modify and clarify the related terms to the 2nd dimension Will for both persons and organisations. The Will relates to the 2 other dimensions, Drive and Belief. At an individual level, these have properties like; Ego-Drive (the willpower to maintain and enhance oneself); Self-realization (the ambition to fulfillment of one self’s personality); and Egoism (the Belief that one's self-interest is a superior moral). The terms are also applicable to any organisation at a collective level, including the Constitutional superior-powers; Throne, State and Temple. Such properties are at work in their Executive powers. In ‘the west’, they are called Courts (of the Thrones), Ministries (of the States) and Churches (of the Temples). Certainly, there are different names in different civilizations for these 3 Executive powers. Yet, the Governments are of Parliaments and Etats are subdivisions of Ministries. The term Etats are of the original French state hierarchy related to Napoleon’s Game CdE (Coup d’ Etat).

The category of activities ‘Work’, not ‘Games’, is the focus of this quest. A summary from the previous blog might be helpful to focus. (UU 2018.mars.09) “Games categories, that are not included in the 3^3 model due to their ulterior properties, are related as; KoC (King of the Castle) to S-Drive; GdE (Games d’ Etat) to S-Will; and GoT (Games of Temples) to S-Belief. (UU 2015.mars.13) One should also notice that these models are still under development and have not yet been directly used to analyze a nation’s constitutional dysfunctionalities. Therefore, these blogs should be rather considered advisable than conclusive.”

‘Rule by Law’ is the very fundament for the existence, functionality and sanity of any civilization. The Danish Constitutional law (Grundloven) is the Superior rule for the Throne, State and Temple, as well as the LEJ powers. The Danish Kingdom is still the primary power, as the following translation of the Constitutional Law shows: “§ 1; This constitutional law applies to all regions of the nation Denmark. § 2; The Governance is limited monarchic. The king’s power is inherited to men and women according to the law (Tronfølgeloven). § 3; The Legislative power is shared by the King and the Parliament. The Executive power is the King’s. The Judicial power is the Courts’. § 4; The evangelic-Lutheran Church is the Danish folks church and is supported by the State. § 5; the King can not Govern without the Parliament’s acceptance. § 6; The king shall be in the evangelic-Lutheran Church. § 7; The king is legally competent when 18 years of age. The same applies for the successor to the Throne.” This last revision of the Constitutional law is inconsistent and the reason for Constitutional dysfunctionalities. The equality of Kings and Queens in §2 is not consistent in the following paragraphs about their Constitutional powers. Furthermore, the Parliament denied the Queen’s spouse the title King. Consequently, there is literary no Constitutional head to the Executive power and the Legislative power is merely partly functional. Nevertheless, the state of the Church is a main reason for this complex of constitutional dysfunctionalities.

The weakest Superior power is the Church (Temple). It was as powerful as the Throne until the reformation wars, when all the catholic properties and privileges were expropriated and replaced with the evangelic-Lutheran Church. (Intriguingly, Martin Luther was unquestionably an anti-Catholic monk. However, his organisational relations are unknown. He might as well have been an Russian orthodox agent, like the monk Philotheus (Filofey) that declared Moscow as the 3rd Roma about 1500 – and the monk Rasputin that caused the collapse of the Imperial Throne about 1900. In fact, democratic religious movements failed in Russia prior to the European reformation.) Anyways, the present Danish Temple is called the Folkchurch (Folkekirken). The powers were diverted by ‘folks’ democracy, which is not democratic in ‘Western’ terms. (The term volkkirche is German and not like the ‘national Church’, as the Dane patriarch Grundtvig’s proposed.)

The Church’s power and finances are decided by the Legislative Parliament and the Stat’s Ministries. It has no decision-making body and its powers are divided to regions and bishops. There is no law dedicated the Church’ powers. The Legislative assembly (Folketinget) acts as a superior assembly for the Church’s vital issues. There is not even any christian party left in the Parliament. Proposals to improve the legislation has been rejected by the Parliament 4 times. The Danish Church do not crown the Kings and Queens anymore, - the Prime minister does. The parliament rejected the crowning of the Queen’s spouse, so there is has not been any Danish king since 1972. Conclusively, the Dane Temple is made legally incompetent and subordinated the State. Yet, the Kings and Queens are the only persons in Denmark that have no religious freedom, since the Constitutional law states that they are bond to the evangelic-Lutheran church.

Obviously, the Danish Church is made legally incompetent by the Parliament. It is simply a Stat Church, even though denied by some political actors. There are also reasons to ask if the Danish Folkchurch actually is atheistic. A main reason for such a controversial question is described in the Mitrokhin archives. “The book describes the establishment of the "Moscow Patriarchate" on order from Stalin in 1943 as a front organization for the NKVD, and later, for the KGB (and assumingly today’s FSB). All key positions in the Church, including bishops, were approved by the Ideological Department of CPSU and by the KGB.” (UU 2014.nov.21). If so, the State religion is ‘make believe’ and has truly become a paralyzing ‘opium to the people’, - while the Folkchurch is a remote controlled ‘Parallel Organisational Apparatus’ as described in the 3rd International’s 21 Conditions.

The King’s Court was the Thrones’ Executive power. It dominated between 1200 and 1900. Originally, there was a symbiotic existence of the Ukrainian orthodox church and the royalties of Belarus. Somehow, there was a conversion of the Temple to Roman Catholic during the plague wars, around 1300, where the Throne and Church expropriated the southern Sweden as well as Danish/German soil. The catholic church got 1/3 of the land areas. Facing the anti-Catholic wars about 1500, the King appropriated all the Temples properties and privileges, before he could be abdicated by the Pope due to anti-Catholic sympathies. In 1660 the Throne’s powers were secured with autocracy and successions. Yet, the powers of the noble casts (stender) were reduced, while the Throne engaged some of them as governmental officials. The Thrones totalism was abolished with a CdE Game between the two German houses of Oldenburg and Glücksburg in 1863. In the aftermath, 6000 royalists of the deceased king were executed in an unconstitutional and futile invasion of the German border. This might be one of the most interesting CdE Games in Denmark.

The young princess Dagmar became even more influential than the Danish Kings. She was the last influential Tsarina when the Russian Imperial Throne collapsed. This issue is frequent in these blogs, like UU 2011.jan.28, UU 2013.mai.17 and UU 2014.mai.30. With hinter sight, and use of the 3x3 political model, it is easy to see that she was played in a greater CdE Game, where the Russian Throne and the Russian orthodox Temple lost all its Constitutional powers to the imperial State of Moscow. The 1st International of 1863 was succeeded by the 2nd International of 1913. However, the fake ‘3rd International’ by Lenin and its ‘21 conditions’ are simply a war declaration towards the Russian bourgeois royalists as well as all the European nations and American States. The sociopathic insanity of Lenin’s ‘Moscow thesis’ was executed by the mass-psychopathic gangster, nick-named Stalin (UU 2016.juni.03). Anyways, the Danish Throne was once again under double pressure and let German national-socialists pave the way for a socialistic bureaucratic annexation in the Parliament, as well as the rest of the Constitutional powers.

The Executive powers of both Denmark and Norway are thoroughly talked through during parliamentary elections and other referendums. These can be read in blogs like UU 2014.juni.27 and UU 2016.aug.05. The state of the nations are questionable, as indicated by; reports from OECD and both nations ‘productivity-commissions (UU 2016.aug.26); the permanent state of major corrupted projects in the public sectors; the reoccurring scandals of the Dane Tax authority; the infiltration by Pirate Bay in most Danish public computer systems, like tax, police, health etc. (UU 2015.nov.06); the double CdE attack in Norway 2011 (UU 2014.juni.20); the relation to the para-police trail (UU 2017.sept.29); and the continuous public crimes despite the massive critics from ‘22. juli-kommisjonen’ (UU 2014.juni.27). It all sums down to that the Executive Powers of both nations are critically dysfunctional with no significant sign of being able or willing to improve.

The Executive powers are in a permanent dilutive state of denials. Yet, the Executive powers do truly master all kinds of denial at such degree that most people and authorities still believes the mass-psychotic deceptions. Once again, here is an attempt to remind that CPI (Corruption Perception Index) is a measure of the perceived, not the real, level of corruption in the public sector. (UU 2015.okt.23) The propagated delusion that the low score indicates low corruption is simply just another proof of the masterly mass-psychosis of the mass-media – as dictated in the 1st condition to the Moscow thesis. It still works – because of a parallel Constitution and Parallel organisational apparatus (POA). (UU 2017.aug.25 and UU 2015.juni.12)

The General agreement (Hovedaftalen) was made by the Trade Federation (LO) and the Danish employers as a ‘non-aggressive pact’ in 1899/9. There are sub-ordinated agreements called ‘overenskomst’ (settlements) for LO’s organisational sub-units. LO is an international Trade organisation that dominates most of the Nordic nations. There was practically a civil war by strikes and lockouts with workers as means in 99/9. The General agreement sets the framework of truce, while the 3rd International and its 21 conditions sat the conditions for civil war during the general strikes. The General agreement is also called worker’s ‘Constitutional law’, which indicates the collective Ego’s perception of realities as well as disrespect for ‘Rule by Law’. Prior to the WW1, a parallel court to the civil Court was established with judges independent of the Constitutional Judicial power. LO has therefore been legitimated to overrule the Constitutional Civil Court of civil crimes during strikes, - which LO itself orders. The results can be seen in such civil war toward ‘Western’ nations and states throughout the previous century.

‘Hovedaftalen’ is simply a ‘none aggression agreement’ in the concept of the ‘Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact’ in 1939-1941 between Stalin and Hitler (UU 2014.nov.21). The same concept was used in the non-aggression pact between Germany and Denmark the same years. Hovedaftalen is simply a parallel constitutional apparatus. In fact, related proposal to revision of the Danish Constitution was rejected by the Parliament in 1939. Hovedaftalen should be rejected as well, with its parallel court, and where LO acts like a remote-controlled Government. The 2nd international was replaced with the fake 3rd international and its 21 conditions that Lenin called ‘the Moscow Thesis’. That is simply a war declaration towards all European nations and American states. The extreme violence was executed by Lenin, Stalin and Mao, in the same concept of the cleansing of the ‘old’ Throne in Denmark in 1864. History shows that there has never been such a level of insane cruelty towards humanity and civil societies. Still, in this century, the Hovedaftalen violations of the Danish Constitutional is in conflict with all paragraphs in the Danish and Norwegian Penalty laws – even the paragraphs concerning high treason.

Now, 100% of the public servants (80% of all the Danish workers) are bond to the General Agreement and thereby indirectly to most of the 21 conditions of the 3rd International. It also applies for workers like policemen, peasants (farmers) and soldiers. Such conditional bonding requires extreme doctorial discipline. Now there is a modernization in ‘Nova Russia’ and its Oligarchs. Still, Hovedaftalen also violates the fundamental Human Rights of the United Nation and European Court of Human Rights. These nova Oligarch do attempt to regain the dominance over their Worker, Peasants and Soldiers. It is called PROSA (Pro-Russian Oligarch, Separatists and Anarchists) in a blog theme called P5GO (The 5th Pyramid Game Over) with 12 blogs (UU 2016.sept.23 to UU 2016.juli.08) of suggesting how to meet such aggressions towards the ‘western’ civilization. More about that in the next blog.

Still, it contradicts and violates most Legislative obligation Denmark has with the European nations of the Internal Market. This is thoroughly elaborated in blogs like UU 2015.nov.06, concerning the Dexit rejection of Europol, Eurojust and Cepol.

The only solution to this Constitutional schizophrenia is that the Civil court overrules LO’s para-court for violations of the Constitutional Penalty laws. That POA is, and has been for half a century, directly in conflict with the Danish Constitutional law’s § 3: ”The Legislative power is shared by the King and the Parliament. The Executive power is by the King. The Judicial power is by the Courts.”

Yet, the first and hardest challenge to any dysfunctional organisation is to take the major step from Denials to Realizations of its own realities. Therefore, the over-subsidized mass-media has to end – in order to end the source of the organized mass-psychosis. Actually, the Constitution, including the international Treaties, is enough to quality-ensure the LEJD powers in itself. However, the ongoing power-struggles between Constitutional and anti-constitutional organisations, at the Drive dimension, is the main focus for the next blog.


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Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio Cover ft. Robyn Adele Anderson 1920's Al Capone Style + lyrics + original

The association here is that the public sector in Denmark and Norway has been a Gangsta's Paradise throughout the pervious century due to Imperial Mafia Bur acracies in the public sectors – and still is on overtime.