Constitutional Drive

The quest for discovering ‘what is the king of Denmark’ has reached the 1st dimension. It is not the final one though. 1D often represents a single line to differ between to opposites, a point of direction or simplification of more complex realities of 2D, 3D and 4D. In that relation, it is the basis number 3 that is often associated to something holistic, like Trinity. Still, the framework for the quest is the 3^3 model psychosocial analysis of organisations. The 1D is called Drive and relates to the UnderConcience of biology, instincts and intuitions. Hence, these talks are about the Drive powers of organisations, including - the Throne, State and Temple. Still, a main objective is to uncover dysfunctionalities caused by the Drive Powers of the parliamentary LEJD system. The main cause to such qualitative deviations can be organized OverConcient abuses of the collective UnderConcient that occasionally undermines the true Legislative, Executive, Judicial and Democratic powers. Therefore, it is crucial that the Work of the true Constitution is not allured by such Games anymore.

The Drive dimension of Humanity is far too comprehensive and complex for a thoroughly analysis in any aspect. Even focusing on Dane kings’ history of 1000 years is far too much. Also, focusing on only Kings, and not queens or the other casts, is too diverse. Besides, the quality of history writings is not completely trustworthy as objective and truth, since that privilege is also a spoil of war for kings. Moreover, Denmark is by no means any fixed geographical area, but was rather a shifting nation and culture. Consequently, so is the Constitution of Denmark. Still, some personifications, events and circumstances are important leads to focus on Drive related properties. Therefore, this blog will rather point out some aspects of the model in Drive relation, than investigate certain persons and events.

Still, the aim for this blog series is to promote the constitutional balance for sanity of the Superior Powers of the Throne, the State and the Temple. The theories of organizational sanity are talked through in blogs like UU 2015.nov.06. The 3^3 model is summarized in UU 2018.feb.16. Once again, now is a chance to modify and clarify the related terms to the 1st dimension Drive for both persons and organisations. The Drive relates to the Will and Belief and itself, which makes 3 subcategories. Details are explained in UU 2015.feb.27. “Dr. Eric Berne split the traditional ID into 2 kinds of ‘Child’ to relate to two kinds of Parents, namely Mother & Father. In an earlier UU 2014.aug.15, the ID was split into 3 to include Adult/Ego. The 3 IDs were named Sulk, Jerk and Nerd. These 3 ID relate to other individuals via their OverConcience in Game relations like; Sulk/Drive/WL, Jerk/Belief/RF and Nerd/Will/AF. (UU 2015.Jan.23) The Drive Game categories will relate to the conscious dimensions of UnderConcience (U), Conscience (C) and OverConcience (O) - like RF/UD, AF/CD and WL/OD. There are now 3 new socialpsychological Drive-related Game categories; AF (AnnimalFarm), RF (RainForest) and WL (WildLife). “However, Games are mainly related to the Will dimension that can use the nature of the Drive state, as for Belief state. The powers might relate to terms of Autocracy (Jerk), Bureaucracy (Nerd) and Pedocracy (Sulk) and ethically to isms, when elevated from nature and persons to the organisation level.

The Drive dimension is also the related to the 4th Constitutional power, - namely Democracy. In the 3^3 model, it is not quite placed yet, but rather related to the less perceptive 4th Dimension. This has been discussed in several blogs. The term ‘Hyper-democracy’, as a 4th Dimension, was introduced in UU 2016.sept.23. Still, Democracy is an under-estimated Superior Power in less advanced LEJ systems of dominating arrogant ignorance. This dysfunctionality also manifests in anti-western movements of manipulated collective synchronizations. Thus, a brief presentation of the theories of LifeQuality, might be useful.

LifeQuality is directly related to term of Democracy, which is described in UU 2017.juli.21. “LifeQuality is defined as: A person’s totality of properties and potentials to satisfy the stated and implied needs.” “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs shows 5 main categories; Physical, Safety, Social, Respect and Self-realization. ”The ‘stated needs’ are similar to the ‘Human Rights’. “The 193 UN member-states are obligated to secure their citizens’ rights concerning; private properties, self-determination, security, privacy, family, work, education, in addition to freedoms of thought, conscience, religion, expression and more.” Unfortunately, and evidently, anti-democratic nations oppose the Human Rights and Needs, sometimes aggressively with conning Underworld Games. Their need for self-defense in obvious, - even though opponents denies such existence, motives and actions.” (UU 2014.okt.17) Additionally, the nations of the UN have agreed on a new program for this century - called the 17 Sustainability Development Goals. The SDG17 do not merely concern individual humans’ needs and right, not merely in the ‘developing’ nations - but the whole humanity. The nature, cities, fabrics, governments, enterprises are included too. “The SDGs cover a broad range of social and economic development issues, that include the traditional Human Rights as poverty, hunger, health, education, climate, gender equality, water, sanitation, energy, environment and social justice. the SDG framework does not distinguish between ‘developed’ and ‘developing’ nations, but to all countries.”

The history of the Dane Throne mostly focuses on individual Kings, though the achievements and events are basically organisational, national and multinational. Still, history writing is mostly focused on such personal obsessions, and consequently will the following. For Denmark, this was mostly due to the dominant powers of bishop Absolon about 1150. A secretary Saxo manifested the future Dane history with the book ‘Gesta Danorum’. It was based on libraries in Sweden, where the Dane kings were linked to roman emperors rather than Nordic people. Hence, these following paragraphs points out some other points of view based on the present information from the internet.

An introduction in Wikipedia says: “The history of Denmark as a unified kingdom began in the 8th century, but historic documents describe the geographic area and the people living there—the Danes—as early as 500 AD. With the Christianization of the Danes c. 960 AD, it is clear that there existed a kingship speaking. The area now known as Denmark has a rich prehistory, having been populated by several prehistoric cultures and people for about 12,000 years, since the end of the last ice age.” There were probably figureheads like chiefs and kings 10000 ago, which makes the history writing insufficient for psychosocial analysis. Moreover, the history writing was for example dominated by gynophobic Temples that mainly excluded mentioning Queens. It might seem that the ‘Gesta Danorum’ was made for legitimation of the annexation of Norden by the Game Categories GoT (Game of Temples) and KoC (King of the Castle).

Still, Kings and Queens, or any other patriarch and matriarchs, are the main argument to elevate the personal psychosocial models to organisational level, - like the 3^3 model. Their organisations are called Throne, House, Castle, Kingdom etc. Therefore, the projections and perceptions of the persons are mostly far from adequate. The iconizing is rather like producing some living archetypes. Now, such Icons are not Believed to have personal superior powers for warfare, healing and wonders any more. However, a large organisation can have superior and dominating powers over individuals, or being propagate so, as a figurehead of Thrones, States and Temples.

The Houses behind the Kings of Denmark are not as fragmented, when relating them to the Throne. The history of Dane Kings and Queens is rather diverse and dramatic, as the links to lists of Dane Kings and monarchs shows. The unification of a Dane kingdom was realized when the chiefs’ men were killed by royalties and priests from Ukraine and Belarus. Since then, a few Houses have dominated the struggles and naming of kings of the Kingdom. In brief, the main Houses were Gorm/Dane (950-1050 ad), Estridsen/English (1050-1350), various (1350-1450), Oldenburg/German (1450-1850) and Glücksburg/German (1850->).

Nations are related and bond to unions and empires. Such bondage started for Denmark with the annexation by Ukraine/Belarus Thrones/Temples. Here are some remarkable milestones. Somehow, there was a change from Russian orthodoxy to Roman Catholics that got 1/3 of Dane land after the plague wars about 1300 ad. The Estridsen/English union was expansive until wars broke loose. Shakespeare’s Hamlet about Kronborg is about that period. Moscow was declared the 3rd Roma about 1500 and the expansionistic Tsars annexed most land in the North. The legend of the Dane flag, Dannebrog is Believed is to fall from the sky to king Valdemar II in war to submit Estonia. The flag is said to be the cause of a miraculously victory. (UU 2017.mai.05) Magnus of Holstein, the brother to King Frederik II, was appointed by Tsar Ivan as king of Linovia (Estonia) and got a Russian army of 20.000 to conquer Swede colonies. (UU 2014.okt.31) The resisting Nordic ‘Kalmar’ Union was split after 100 years. The Dane king ordered the execution of all noblemen in Stockholm while the Swedes insisted on defending their allied on the mainland. With no legal ground, the weakened Norway by the plague wars, including Iceland, Greenland and Faroe Islands were submitted to Denmark until 1813. Tsar Pyotr (Peter the Great) declared Russia an empire about 1700, which seem to degrade Demark a remote-controlled vassal state. (UU 2016.jan.08 to UU 2016.mars.11) Dan-Nor colonies in Africa and America declined rapidly. There were also considerable relations with Germany/Austria/Prussia empire that ended with WW1 in 1913. In modern times, there were strong relations to the Soviet Union, however weakened by the Treaties with United Nations, NATO and the European Union. All these historical relations are still, more or less, part of Denmark’s collectively Belief and Will dimension.

The Danish superior influences from Russia, as a strategic vassal state in the Baltic Sea, is a most relevant, however suppressed during the cold war censorship. The TV documentary ‘Empire of the Tsars’ present a rather different and vivid perspective of the Throne of the Russian empire. (See the link below.) Remarkable points are that Pyotr (Peter the Great) had to flew for his life from Moscow, and that he was became a young rebellious and grandiose tsar. Catharine (the great) from Holstein, was widowed just after the marriage and became a grandiose tsarina as well. Princess Dagmar of Denmark/Holstein became tsarina under similar circumstances and indirectly ruled via her inexperienced husband and her submissive son, - the very last Tsar. Lenin, with the fake 3rd international was smuggled through Denmark to Russia via a sealed train. The sarcophagi of Tsarina Maria of Russia (alias Dagmar) was newly returned to Russia in silence from the royal in Roskilde.

“Behind a great man is a great woman”. That is a recognized saying of truth. Any family is an organisation. There are divisions of work for organisational functionality. It is even hard to tell who’s Drive, Will and Belief caused the decisions although the man is presented as the head to the public. That goes for any kind of decision, good as bad, functional as dysfunctional. There are remarkable women in Thrones, even though silenced by the Temples. Despite the poor quality of history writings, some examples are: Ingeborg Valdemardatter of Novgorod, the daughter of Valdemar I of Denmark and Sofia of Minsk, that was the queen in France, just for a day, and then locked away for 20 years. (UU 2017.mai.05). Margrete I that had a 5-year-old son as king and indirectly established the Nordic (Kalmar) Union (UU 2014.mai.02). The mother of Christian IV must have been influential since he was crowned the king at merely 15 years old. Demark started its most expansive period when C4 was too young for such enterprises, but most collapsed in wars when he grew up. Catarina (the Great) from Holstein, widowed soon after the marriage to the tsar. She was extremely expansionist tsarina. Princess Dagmar of Denmark/Holstein was the mother of the last tsar and most influential on the Winter Palace. Louise, the princess of Glücksburg/Holstein, continued the royal bloodline since the King, Christian 9, was not of any royal line. The queen to Christian 7, that proposed the building a Baltic/Atlantic canal, as an alternative route between the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Sea, was forced to stop when he was declared schizophrenic. His wife got pregnant with and adviser who was later sentenced to death by being torn apart in public. (That is no Dane death Ritual, though.)

Related to the 3^3 psychosocial model, the Dane population was subordinated in stænder (casts), in order for the King and the Tempe to rule the population. There were 4 casts; the (Temple’s) Clergy, the (Throne’s) Lords, the Civilians (plebs) and the Peasants (thralls). The thralldom included slaves, convicts and maids, - but also Peasants, Workers and Soldiers, - as referred to in the 5 Internationals. Related to the 3^3 psychosocial Drive dimension. «What Jung called ‘Collective synchronicity’, is more commonly called ‘herd mentality’. Jung gave it a deeper understanding and described it as ‘an independent (social) connection principle’, ‘a meaningful coincident’ and ‘an independent parallelism’. Jung claimed that the principle gave conclusive proof for his concept about archetypes and collective subconscious, because it described the controlling dynamics that substantiated the complete human experiences and history - socially, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. In relation to Berne, Jung focused on interpersonal communications (Transaction Analysis – TA) that is most relevant to OverConcience. However, the source is at UnderConcience and Conscience levels. It includes communications directly from Drive and Belief by body-language and rituals.” (UU 2014.aug.22 and UU 2016.sept.16) Moreover: “Identifying and profiling the true nature of the imperial secret organization is like doing Vaticanology and Kremlinology. Previously, it has been identified and described as the Praetor of Roma1 (Rome), the Praetors (network) of Roma2 (Constantinople) and the Oprichnina of Roma3 (Moscow) (UU 2014.mai.02 and UU 2013.Mai.24). Furthermore, Superior-Ego and Superior-ID (S-E & S-I) were described in UU 2014.jan.10. This theory is merged together in a joint Freudian and Jungian 3x3 egostate model. S-E and S-I are like the OverConcience of Belief and Drive (OB and OD), which means they can both influence collective synchronization, - like some ‘peoples’ movements’.” (UU 2016.juni.17)

This summary of Games can give insight of the structure and variety. “There are categories of Games, like Life Games, Marital Games, Party Games, Sexual Games, Consulting Room Games, Underworld Games and even Good Games’. These are often mentioned in UU and summarized in UU 2015.mars.06. “Some classic Games are. YDYB (Why Don't You, Yes But), IFWY (If It Weren't For You), WAHM (Why does this Always Happen to Me?), SWYMD (See What You Made Me Do), UGMIT (You Got Me Into This), LHIT (Look How Hard I've Tried), ITHY (I'm Only Trying to Help You), LPAFJ (Let's Pull A Fast one on Joey), NIGYSOB (Now I've Got You, You Son of a Bitch), LYAHF (Let's You and Him Fight), RAPO ‘Psychiatry’ and ‘Courtroom’. A complete list of Berne’s classic Games is talked through in his book ‘Games People Play’ that is now free on the internet. “Some (self-defined) new Games are: DAC&UAC (Devide&Conquer & Unite&Conquer), ISR (It Started with the Retribution), ABD (Attack is the Best Defense), Jante/TUD (The Ugly Duckling), TLM (Two Little Maids), BGGG (Bad Guy, Good Guy), RPPP (Robbing Pete to Pay Paul), ODAB (One's Death – Another’s Bread) and the Russian BOOFY (Beat your Own and Others will Fear You). Psychosocial Games are in general described in UU 2014.sept.12.” (UU 2015.okt.16 and UU 2015.aug.28)

Such classic Games have been occasionally related to the 3^3 model. The sub-categories of the Drive dimension are thoroughly talk through in UU 2015.feb.27. However, a summary is in UU 2016.juni.10 says: “The psychosocial dimension Drive (Superior-ID) and its three sub-categories; RainForest (RF), AnimalFarm (AF) and WildLife (WL). The inspiration to describe the nature of human ID is based on nature itself. (The subcategories were at that time called Game categories.)

Most events of the Dane history can be related to Game analysis. That might uncover rather different point of views to the Believes of what the Will actually did and why, - despite the ulteriority. The events in this blog will not be detailed analyzed here. Still, here are some previous Drive relative blogs that might give some hints of the potentials:

‘Rule by Law’ seems to be a collective delusion when the Workers Court and the forensic Psychiatric Court can both overrule the Constitutional Civil Court. It seems rather to still be - rule by Moscow law than Danish Law – as during the Cold War.

Even though the Parliament represents the first dimension in the LEJD system, it is truly a tragic dysfunctionality how the mass-psychotic mass-media propagates - that the political reality is merely 1 dimensional – as if the Dane Culture are merely two opposites - made for frequent clashes. “In such a 1D model, all parties are placed on a straight line between the two points Left and Right. It gives an impression that Throne and State are absolute opposites that all other parties have to relate to one of them, and that extremists always are beyond one of these two points (extreme Left and extreme Right). However, this 1D can be viewed in another way. If the two ends of the line are attached, you will see that the two extremist’s groups are not opposites at all, but at the same area at the circumference of a 2D circle. Left and Right extremists basically represent the same destructive anti-powers despite any 1D political relation. Nonetheless, a comprehensive model is not made by simply relating Right and Left to a single point. To build a 3D model, the next step is to let State and Throne represent their own axis in a 2D area. Besides, the two axises do have negative scales, where extremists consequently will place themselves as anti-parties on their rivals’ negative scale.” (UU 2014.sept.12)

A main conclusion in the previous blog (UU 2018.mars.16) concerning the 2D was that the Hovedaftalen and the Moscow thesis are still interrelated after a century of coexistence. Those Manifests are the main mean for subordinating Danes into the ancient cast system. Another main mean abused to cause the collective self-herding, is the Jante obsessions - that flocks most citizens into a cast. Unfit individual will eventually be squeezed in despite their resistance – or simply go down by public services. That is simply ‘Animal Farm’.

An Animal farm, - a revolutionized democratic assembly into a 1D Folks Parliament, might in fact be the sorry truth about the state of the Legislative Power. Here is an association about the Throne’s real state in Danish Constitutional Law: The royalties had to escape their castle ‘Christiansborg’ (Borgen) several times. They were offered residence in Amalienborg, which eventually became permanent. Folketinget, the Folks Parliament, moved in and took permanent resident in the Castle. Today, the political parties and PMs mainly represents the casts of Peasants and Workers. Dane Christians and Lords (Højre) are not represented in the Dane parliament anymore. However, - nova Oligarchs are very much so – cloaked as something else. Even Venstre and Radikale Venstre are of the Peasant cast – just slightly modernized.

---- Afterword: During this writing this blog, another sexual Game was discovered. It can be called FUMU (Fuck Up to Make Up) – or at the social level, MUMU (Mess Up to Make Up). The Gimmick is that it is expected to have a crisis in order to have make-up sex. The dysfunctionality is that there is no compensation for all the Mess-Ups. There might even not be any Make-Up, which can have the Game going in several rounds in a negative spiral. In generations, the reason for the Mess-Ups might be forgotten and turned into Rituals like burning dolls, beating barrels and watching football. Such Games can like other sexual Games be of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and even 4th degree. That means it can span from a couple’s intrigues to inter-national war triggered by some teenagers in a Winter Palace. The psychosocial anti-thesis for Drive related MUMU Games is simply to talk about defunctionalizing rituals, like some family therapy. The themes to discuss could start with burning dolls on Midsummer and continue with other Jante rituals.

Video documentary Empire of the Tsars by Lucy Worsley (2016)

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The association to this blog, though, is the Superior Drive power, which also includes ‘grey zone’ drug abuse towards minors in Danish child psychiatry. (UU 2016.spt.02)

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