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Issues of Exile is the focus in this 2nd blog of ‘Citizen Deuce’. The term appears like taboo for statesmen, since it concerns illegal moves in political Games. For instance, half a century ago, most united nations signed the human rights conventions, where exile and thralldom are legally banned as crimes. Still, such democratic advances are hindered although knowing that any public servants involved are executers of crime. Such ‘stateless’ citizens of Exile are virtually unleashed in urban jungles - practically without legal rights. Such issues are the inspiration to this month’s PMJB song.

Exile is described in Wikipedia as; “forcing a citizen from the home due to threats or forcing conditions, like imprisonment, confiscations and deportation. Deportation is a forced exile with lifelong loss of citizenship and properties, whilst delegation is an exile where citizenship and properties are kept. However, article 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that "No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile." Still, there are related hardcore psychosocial Games that will be talked through in later blogs.

Law is described in Wikipedia as a system of rules to enforced and regulate behavior. Civil law jurisdictions, means that a central body organizes the laws. Common law system means that a judge-made example is accepted as binding law. Civil law deals with the dispute between individuals and organizations, whilst Criminal law deals with behavior that is considered harmful to the social order. Still, law can be perceived and practiced rather divergent. ‘Unwritten tribal rules’ can be more powerful than the civil laws. Therefore, the ‘Rule of law’ is an ambiguous and relative concept that dependent on the many contradicting laws, the sovereign court systems and the autonomy of legal actors.

Still, the oldest continuously functioning legal system is the Canon Law that governs the Churches and its associates. However, the Great Schism of the united churches in 1054 triggered a millennium war towards itself with mutual excommunication and exiling each other’s citizens of both the orthodox east and catholic west. (See UU20190531) In contrast, the struggle for decent civil rights are stated in the Magna Carta of 1215 as well as the European protestant reform. However, this east vs west theocratic war had a peak in the previous century and has not ended yet. Quite on the contrary, the Islamic Sharia law draw on both civil and common law. Such parallel law systems need to be legally balanced to sustain and develop anyone’s LifeQuality.

Unfortunately, international Rule of Law is seriously dysfunctional. If it was well-functional, all the UN nations would have fully ratified and implemented the UN legislations decades ago. It is very easy to execute, though, like the ratification into the ‘The Human Right Law’ (Menneskerettsloven) proves. Yet, some executive powers still misdirect issues of HR away from the civil penalty court system to the Common law system - or other parallel court systems as for the military, the psychiatry, the police, the priests and the labor unions. In general, all the European signing nations are obliged to fully ratify, implement, execute and judge by the legal regulations of the ECHR as well as the TEU. The simple how-to is described in the Facebook page GHRL and blogs like UU 20170721.

Because Exile is of legal issues, it also provides a source for investigating sciences like history, philosophy, economy and sociology. Such HR laws also raise important and complex issues of equality, fairness and justice. This will be addressed in later blogs, since Law is applicable as one dimension in the 3D political model. Therefore, this blog theme of Citizen Deuce will eventually relate to the previous blog themes about the models of 3D politics, the LEJD powers (Legal, Executive, Juridical & Democratic), some 5D scenarios, some 3^3 psychosocial diagnosis, the LifeQuality definition, and some complex Game analysis like the P5GO (the 5th Pyramid Game over). There is a summary of the theories in blogs like UU20160513.

All things considered, most systems of LEJD quality appears severely dysfunctional, when considering the HR related LifeQuality and dual citizenship. That is thoroughly denied by some constitutional powers, which proves the state of dysfunctionality. Yet, there is a simple preventative and constructive for significant improvements. This can be done by virtualized cyber bureaucracy. Start by correcting the executive powers’ redirecting of organized crime from the common legal systems and direct them to proper the civil penalty legal systems. This will reduce the organized crimes in the public sectors dramatically.



Guns N' Roses is a famous hard rock band. In their early years, the band's hedonism and rebelliousness drew comparisons to the early Rolling Stones and earned them the nickname ‘the most dangerous band in the world.’ They have sold more than 100 million records. Though, the production of the 6th album ‘Chinese Democracy’ had major setbacks and became the most expensive rock album in history. The sales started well, but undersold despite mostly positive critical receptions. This month’s song ‘Welcome To The Jungle‘ is a description of Hollywood seem through their L.A. glasses. Yet, the title stems from a homeless shouting to them in N.Y.

Welcome To The Jungle - Vintage Orchestral Guns 'n' Roses Cover + lyrics + original

Extra UU Joe Jackson – Crime Don't Pay

Joe Jackson – ‘Crime Don't Pay’ is previously presented in blogs like UU20151023. The title is certainly sarcastic. The song starts with some instrumental dramatic mafia introduction, followed by a quick dialog between a robber and a robbed. One is left in wonder on how much is true in the saying. The second part of the song is merely instrumental, - but descriptive as well. An amateur has obviously found an organ and tries to harmonize with the band. The organist has apparently everything left to learn, but is learning, - well guided and supported by rhythms and tunes from the band. The pianist whirls around the organist and pulls him in more harmonic directions. It is a pity though, that the producer faded them out before they completed the masterpiece.
Isn’t it a bit like improving any organizational quality?
Joe Jackson - Crime Don't Pay + Lyrics + Live