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‘Games of Exile’ is the focus in this 3rd ‘Citizen Deuce’ blog. Such psychosocial Games are described in the book ‘Games People Play’ and further developed and elaborated in previous UU blogs. Such noncitizens, that are not included in the civil rule by law, will soon be dragged into some ‘Underworld Games’ and stay trapped. Such civil dysfunctionality will backfire sooner or later – intentional or not.

Several psychosocial Games include bondage situations like exile. Three classic Underworld Games are listed in the book with this introduction: “With the infiltration of the ‘helping’ professions into the courts, probation departments and correctional facilities, and with the increasing sophistication of criminologists and law enforcement officers, those concerned should be aware of the more common games prevalent in the underworld, both in prison and out of it. These include C&R (Cops and Robbers), HDYGOH (How Do You Get Out of Here / Want Out) and LPAFJ (Let's Pull a Fast One on Joey).” With this caution, Games should be taken far more seriously when considering the quality of ‘Rule by Law’ – including the staff in the Judicial Power itself.

Psychosocial Games are described and analyzed in blogs like UU20140912. Exile relates mostly to the category Underworld where the player uses ulterior moves to get unjust gains - or simply follow outlaw gimmicks. Such gamers’ ethics are typically like “honesty is for suckers”. Still, Games of crime can include Life Games, Marital Games, Party Games, Sexual Games, Consulting Room Games and even Good Games. Some of these classic Games are named: YDYB (Why Don't You, Yes But), IFWY (If It Weren't For You), WAHM (Why does this Always Happen to Me?), SWYMD (See What You Made Me Do), UGMIT (You Got Me Into This), LHIT (Look How Hard I've Tried), ITHY (I'm Only Trying to Help You), NIGYSOB (Now I've Got You, You Son of a Bitch), LYAHF (Let's You and Him Fight), RAPO, ‘Psychiatry’ and ‘Courtroom’. Some ‘UU additional’ Games are: ISR (It Started with the Retribution), ABD (Attack is the Best Defense), Jante/TUD (The Ugly Duckling), TLM (Two Little Maids), BGGG (Bad Guy, Good Guy), RPPP (Robbing Pete to Pay Paul), ODAB (One's Death – Another’s Bread) and the Russian BOOFY (Beat your Own and Others will Fear You). However, civil real life is far more complex than these simple models indicate. Civil Games can be integrated and involve thousands of people in never-ending cascades. Such overwhelming perspectives can be manageable, though, by focusing on the core gains, games and transactions.

Such exiled noncitizens are likely to end up as the BG in BGGG Games. These easy preys are framed into thralldom and led into Games like WAHM, ITHY, NIGYSOB, LYAHF, TUD, RPPP and BOOFY. The complex embraces even more Games because of the gamers’ project the blames and costs. The collective of preys will try to join forces for self-protection and form parallel societies of outlaws. The reasoning can be; “why not take advantage of being the BG if the GG role is impossible?” This is how the Jante cultures are constructed and maintained, - where the collective project its ko-ko attitude to the new recruit’s ok-ok attitude. Eventually, the pressures, the isolation and the longings will alter the recruit’s attitude from ok-ok to ko-ko. Then the moral and ethics are radicalized from the positive GCR (Good, Constructive, Right) to the negative BDW (Bad, Destructive, Wrong). Such processes could be called Game22, as in ‘Catch 22’, or called DYD-DYD (Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t). An example for such dilemma is the concept of Cardinal Sin that includes the three ego-states Drive, Will and Belief. (See UU 20150313) A new Underworld Game is hereby identified.

A well functional LEJ system is quality-secured with proper cyber processes. Parallel Organisational Apparatuses of Underworld properties can only exist in dysfunctional societies. As mentioned, ‘Unwritten tribal rules’ (i.e. gimmicks) can be more powerful than the civil laws (UU20190801). For example, any mafia has an internal court system. The only ones denying that are probably bonded to the mafia themselves. Assumingly, prior to a public execution of a rival, there have been considerable internal judicial procedures with a final sentence. Obviously and likewise, the civil Legislative power can be corrupted during parliamentary elections in order to make dysfunctional law and misdirect resources. Surely the public servants of the Executive law enforcement can be corrupted in service by Underworld apparatuses. Certainly, the Judicial powers are corrupted as well – even though, and probably because, the shielding taboos and ulterior properties of the legal systems. Some underworld cultures have an ultimate gain in corrupting the civil judicial power, and have surely succeeded in such Games. Quite frankly, the previous century left a messy Judicial system, which makes it utterly important in this century to scrutinize for quality security of ‘Rule by Law’, - for who judge the criminal judges - and how?

Finally, at individual level, the obvious remedy is to issue dual citizenship, including close relatives like spouses and children, - not merely on paper, but in practice. So, what can the reasons be for illegal delays, mismanagements and misjudgments? The obvious reason is of cause the Games of Exile, played by international organisations in Underworlds of both public and non-public sector. Such organized thralldom will be the main focus in the next UU blog.

Links and Music

Games People Play; Website, Wikipedia, download the book, see the video. http://www.ericberne.com/games-people-play/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Games_People_Play_(book) http://rrt2.neostrada.pl/mioduszewska/course_2643_reading_3.pdf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLQS0IxLYMg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDOGhI2OKd8

Poker Face - 1946 Big Band Style Lady Gaga Cover
There are 2 chosen songs to associate such underworld Games of Exile. This first song is Poker Face by Lady Gaga. There are disputes on the origin of the artistic name of this multimillionaire. It is somehow though, related to the song Radio Gaga by The Queen, which took that name from the legendary vintage sci-fi Metropolis, where a ‘female’ robot is abused to lead the workers to destroy her creator and city-state. Yet, in an interview, the artist said about this song that: "It's about a lot of different things. I gamble but I've also dated a lot of guys who are really into sex and booze and gambling.” A Pokerface is not anything like ‘bluffing with my muffin’, though. A Poker Face (i.e. ‘stone face’) is a blank facial expression caused by a lack of emotion, depression, boredom or slight confusion, - or a deliberately induced blank expression to conceal one's true ego-states of Drive, Will and Belief. The association to this song is that a pokerface is the main means of ulterior transactions in Games.

Poker Face - 1946 Big Band Style Lady Gaga Cover ft. Kelley Jakle

Extra UU – Walk On The Wild Side (Lou Reed cover)
‘Walk on the Wild Side’, by Lou Reed in 1972, was produced by the legendary David Bowie and Mick Ronson. The song received a wide radio coverage despite its touching on taboo topics of drugs and sex. The lyric is describing a series of individuals related to Andy Warhol's studio, The Factory. In an interview, Reed stated, with his pokerface, that: "I know my obituary has already been written - and it starts out; "doot, di-doot, di-doot...". There are many cover versions of this evergreen. This one, though, is probably the most honest one. David Allan Stewart is best known for Eurythmics as a musician, songwriter and producer with Annie Lennox. Vanessa Paradis was a child star with the worldwide success ‘Joe le taxi’. She was in a relationship with Johnny Depp and they have two children together.

Dave Stewart + Vanessa Paradis - Walk On The Wild Side (Lou Reed cover) + lyrics + original https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLaq5usTJrg https://genius.com/Lou-reed-walk-on-the-wild-side-lyrics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6MGzrzCmqI Other cover versions https://www.youtube.com/resultssearch_query=walk+on+the+wild+side+cover