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‘The Exile Stand’ is the focus in this 4th blog of ‘Citizen Deuce’. Globally, the theories of stands, casts and classes are basically the same. Still, the propagated mass-psychosis about one single stand, the worker, was just another Gimmick of Games to degrade and enslave the bourgeois (citizens) during an imperial powershift. However, in this thesis, the 1000 years old cast system is still intact. Yet, the exiled noncitizens have status below any new citizens or workers. They are ‘blanks’ in the system. However, that seems to change during this 4th industrial and social reformation. Anecdotally, the two songs are selected to associate to this month’s issue of ‘Citizen Deuce’.

‘A Stand’ is a term for the Nordic social status that stems from the European mid-eval class systems. The 4 Nordic staender applies to the civil and social rights of any inhabitants. The Nordic staender are; clergy, nobility, statesmen and peasants. These can relate to the 3D political model as; Temple, Throne and State, - but also the evolving Democracy. Yet, the classifications are global and comparable to for example the 4 Indian casts (varna); brahminerne (priests/scholars), kshatriyaerne (rulers/administrators), vaishyaerne (traders/craftsmen) and sudraerne (laborers/workers). Nevertheless, the class system of upper- middle- and lower-class, is a hierarchy of power to any of the four staender. Thereby, in this thesis, they relate to the 3 ‘ego-states’, of Drive, Will and Belief. This latter modification is derived from the Freudian ego-states; Id, Ego, Superior-Ego - and adapted to Jung’s theories of mass-movements and mass-believes. The 3x3 and 3D models are further described in blogs like UU20150313.

In contrast, the isms and ideologies of the past century, of a classless civilization, was merely a propagated mass-psychosis for the anarchy phase of the powershift within the Russian empire. The propagated illusion, that all humanity is merely a homogeneous worker cast, was simply a method used in a psychosocial Game of the fourth degree. Still, Marx propagated to promote the workers’ status to the citizens’ level, whilst Lenin propagated to demote the citizens (bourgeois) to the peasants’ level. Consequently, the politics of Marxist-Leninist is a contradiction in itself that obviously was made to confuse the citizens – a DaC/UaC Game. Surely, none of those elites truly planed for their own demotion to such enslavement as the Worker class. Conclusively, the Staender system still stands, despite the remains of the propagated mass-psychosis from the previous century.

Clearly, such superiorpower Games by the elites are driven by motivations of Gains. However, the masses are rather driven by Gimmicks, like in the Jungian mass-synchronized Belief and Drive. The new stand, the bourgeois (citizens, borger) was permitted to think rationally by their own Will - and became a threat to the staender system of lower-classes. Yet, the mass-assimilation was as effective as brutal by the Gulag systems. The enslaved citizens were divided in the so-called the ‘bitch wars’ (see video link). Even today, the colonialization program of Gulag is maintained in the Nordic countries by the Confederation of Trade Unions. This real name of LO proves that it is a nationwide oligarchic union – mainly concerned with international trade dominance. Still, the 100 years of mass-psychosis, that the trade union have humanitarian concerns, still dominates the suppressed workers’ mass-belief. Actually, the workers are aggressively convinced to protect their own suppression from any liberating thoughts. It is a selfsustained Jante/TUD Game.

Reminding that the term ‘Citizen Deuce’ is made to focus on the challenges of any multinational citizen, this focus on ‘staender’, and the linked UU theories, are made to be a foundation for closer focuses and conclusions on the escalating civil issues – that are caused by the technological and social reforms of Industry 4.0. It is said that the previous reform changed how we work, whilst this reform will change how are. No one knows the outcomes, - just like we didn’t know in the eve of the previous phase. One thing is certain though – we are acceleratingly on the move - globally – physically, mentally and virtually.

Finally, several ways of democracy are evolving with such powers that the 3D model of the superiorpowers has to be extended from 3D to 4D. However, the dimensions need to be rearranged to; 1D Democracy, 2D State, 3D Throne, 4D Temple. The intangible 4th dimension will be the main focus in the next blog, especially because a western atheistic belief in ignorance is still that no religious politics has any considerable influence. (More about the models and dimensions in blogs like UU20140912.)

Links Á Music
Video about the Gulag Bitch War (The Russian Mafia Documentary 2015)
https://youtu.be/bblH4Dv0Xv0?t=548 One of the Nordic Trade Unions (A LO faction)
Wikipedia about ‘Staender’:
https://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaste https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Varna_(Hinduism)

Royals - Lorde - cover ft. Puddles Pity Party "Royals"
is the debut single by the New Zealand singer Lorde. It is an art-and electropop song with elements of grime music. The lyrics gives a detailed disapproval of the luxurious lifestyle of modern artists. The song is widespread acclaimed and praised for its musical style, lyrics and vocal. It reached number one for nine weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 and broke several records. ‘Royals’ sold 10 million units worldwide and makes it one of the best-selling singles of all-time.
The singer Michael Geier is most critically acclaimed as his alter ego ‘Puddles Pity Party’. It has a depressed persona and do not speak on stage or gives interviews. Now, Geier considers himself and Puddles to be separate persons. He recorded this cover of Lorde's ’Royals’ with PMJB and has over 26 million views. Lorde herself declared this to be her favorite cover of her song.
The association in this blog is about comprehending the perception of social stand. However, the stand of the modern citizen is not enslaved as the peasants, soldiers and workers were, but might be the freest of them all.
Royals - Lorde Cover ft. Puddles Pity Party + original + lyrics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBmCJEehYtU

Extra UU – Queen - Radio Ga Ga

The song Radio Ga Ga by the Queen was introduced in the previous blog. It is said to be the inspiration to the artist Lady Ga Ga. Anyways, they both stem from the classic movie about the dysfunctional city state ’Metropolis’ (UU20110211).
In brief, the movie describes a city-state’s fall, led by a possessed female robot. Even though the acting in 1927 seems theatrical, it was very influential at the eve of ww2 and could be made in a present setting. In fact, it has influenced most modern dystopian movies. Although the apparent plot is about worker vs capitalist, it is also about matriarch vs patriarch – and even a technologist vs a theologist.
The association to this song is that the radio ga ga represents an ID state pretending to be a papa state and a mama state. This might hint on the further development of these ‘citizen deuce’ blogs.
Queen - Radio Ga Ga (Official Video) + Lyrics

Full video film: Metropolis (1927) Colorized & Dubbed