Citizen Deuce - Halloween

‘Theocratic Exile’ is in focus in this 5th blog about ‘Citizen Deuce’. The timing is due to this weekend’s Halloween. Still, this is the season for several traditional rituals to confront the fear of the dead. Most are related to the church’s millennium war towards itself – The Great Schism of 1054. However, that Game is not truly religious, but rather a theocratic BGGG Game of the GoT category. (Bad Guy, Good Guy – Games of Temples). This blog will elaborate on the previous conclusion, that the psychosocial model must extend from 3D to 4D – including both Democracy and Belief. This seems to be the direction the rest of the blogs take. Anecdotally, the songs are selected to associate to this month’s issue of ‘Citizen Deuce’.

This is a continuum of blog UU20190628 that pointed out: “‘The ‘Great Schism’ in 1054 altered most historical perceptions of our Western world. The Trinity Church was split into the Orthodox East and the Catholic West. Some Eastern orthodox priest claimed that spirits had become superior to humans. Mutual accusations of heresy escalated into mass-excommunication and -exiling. Our world is still split into East vs West and that is probably a reason to most East-West conflicts. That is theocratic ‘self-harming’. The Trinity Church had the healthy OK-OK mentality that degraded, via mutual OK-KO mentality, to KO-KO Games like Jante/TUD. This never-ending GoT has been its deadlock for 1000 years - and escalates like a Pyramid Game.” Finally, in that blog, the theocratic Game players of GoT were challenged to regain their senses, dare take responsibility and end their war towards themselves and others.

Hallows' Evening (Halloween) is a 3 days Western Christian feast in memorial to the dead, like saints (hallows), martyrs and the faithful departed. Some traditions originated from ancient Celtic harvest festivals and was Christianized. The mass transatlantic migrators to the newfound Western continent popularized Halloween in the Northern half of America. In the southern half, it is called ‘the Day of the dead’ to honor their deceased relatives, like in the Pixar movie Coco. Nowadays, the Halloween ritual is rather exposed as a ritual of fear. Horror serves plutocracy more than honor do, - like the Sankt Nikolaus’ counterpart, Krampus, with the Naughty List. Nevertheless, a similar adaptation happened to the Norse cultures, like; Christmas is still named ‘Jul’ and ‘Aasgaardsreia’, ‘The Wild Hunt’, is still the mythological annual struggle to drive the dead back to Loki’s daughter, Hel.

There are several reasons for the Christian schism, though. The eastern Rome did not replace the roman theology completely. The present title of the Pope, Pontifex Maximus, is an undisputable fact of the roman theocratic legacy. The new Rome also expelled spiritual Turks and Greeks who had to migrated to the Caucasian and Ural regions in the east. They formed the Tengri spiritual theocracy that the ‘Djengis Kahn’ later was submitted to. Also, the Muslims from the south radicalized cultures mercilessly and paved way for mythologies of pre-Islamic spirits, called Djinns. It is the same origin as in Jewish spiritisms. Moreover, there were influences from the Vikings’ Asatru from the north-west. Mutual merging eradicated certain spiritual beliefs on both sides, which several Nordic versions of Christian rituals indicate. The Vikings adopted the White Christ’ spirit into their family of Gods. None expected as ‘Black Christ’, - like some trickster god or polar jester or out of the appendix ‘the Book of Revelations’.

Still, the radicalization of the Eastern orthodox church came from the East, not the West. Wikipedia says: “Black shamanism is practiced in Mongolia and Siberia. Black Shamans are usually perceived as working with evil spirits and White Shamans work with spirits of the upper world. The highest group in the pantheon consisted of 99 Tengri, 55 whites and 44 terrifying blacks. The whites were of the nobles of the clan and the blacks of the commoners. A third category consisted of ‘the evil spirits of the slaves and non-human goblins’. White shamans could only worship white spirits. If they called upon black spirits, they lost their relation to the whites. Black shamans were too terrified to call to white spirits since the black spirits would punish them. Male and female shamans (böö and udgan) were the intercessors between the human world and the spirit world.” The psychosocial dysfunctionality of such GoT is founded on the taboos of denials, forced by terror, which degrade workers to ‘inhuman goblins ‘. Similar imaginations are reflected in movies like ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Fantastic beasts’ and ‘His Dark Materials' (The Golden Compass).

In our real world, the Mongol Empire is most evident of such mass-psychotic sociopathy. The eastern Christians were overrun by black shamanism, personalized in Temüjin, alias the Genghis Khan. That title refers to a Tengri emperor, not that the possessed human son of a black smith. That empire of ‘tax and terror’ expanded to most of Eurasia by massacring and enslaving communities in all of modern-day China, Korea, Caucasus, Central Asia, - and much of Eastern Europe and Southwest Asia. It was genocidal, followed with mass-breeding. Similar mass-suicide assassins appear in several occult theocracies, like the Japanese kamikaze soldiers and the ISIS suicide bombers. The latter are totally cloaked in black, -indicating a psychotic Belief in being more spiritual than human. Cults in Japan related to the Tengri Belief and allied with Adolf Schicklgruber alias the Hister of the occult Nostradamus’ scripts. That Nazi empire adapted the the black shamanism symbol, the swastika. Even Ioseb Besarionis je J̌uḡašvili, from a Caucasian region was nicknamed ‘steelman/stalin’, an association with Temüjin’s original labor. No matter the mass psychotic associations of these puppet dictators, the Western world war cost 100 million Christians lives, degrading the ‘bourgeois’ citizens to workers, organized Gulag execution camps and violations of most human rights. All in all, the world map of 1969 and 1369 look rather similar. (The Games of WW are analyzed in blogs like UU201603.)

Theocratically, it seems that the Great Schism of 1054 was a CdT (Coup d’ Temple) in the ROC (Russian Orthodox Church). The trigger is mentioned in the blog UU20190531 and summarized here: “Great astronomical events have been interpreted as miracles. Orion’s head went supernova and became the new brightest star in 1054. Scripts of the event was kept in the East, but erased in the West. The calendar of the star constellations Orion, Sirius and the Southern Cross determines the timing for the new Christian Era/Age. Therefore, it must have been impossible to explain this unpredictable ‘miracle’ of a new star in the Heavens, - as well as the myriads of altered theological consequences. It probably caused unanswerable theological disputes that escalated into the Great Schism.” Curiously, the remains of ‘the new and brightest star’ is called the ‘Crab Nebula’, which associates to the Zodiac constellation Cancer, numbered 69. Anyways, a backdoor opened for the exiled spiritualists, even the occult ones. Later in history, similar ‘heavenly miracles’ might have caused theocratic alterations, like: The Tunguska explosion in 1908 that let the Siberian black shaman Rasputin to manipulate the tsardom to its doom. The nuclear bomb over Hiroshima ended the occult phase of the Japanese empire. The detonation of the ‘Tsar Bomba’, north of Ural halted the powers of polar shamanism and started the East vs West cold war.

That Game of theocratic dysfunctionality can be healed by sound social psychology, though. The first and hardest stage is to stop all the Games of denials, the theocratic taboos, and enter the next phase of realizing the realities. All in all, any Belief include the recognition that Belief is far from 100% divine truth, but includes ignorance, untruths and even lies. Belief is a fundamental philosophy that constantly needs adaptions to the discovered realities. The positive way to end Games is to decide not to play GoT anymore. The concept of P5GO might be helpful, as described in blogs like (UU20160513).

Being a human, in the ruins of the millennium of KO-KO Games, it seems vital to uncloak the Great Schism GoT. There have been countless expelled and excommunicated ‘citizen deuce’ of this millennium war of human vs humans. Just to be as perfectly clear as the UN, no human is degraded to goblin-like slaves or workers. All humans, including priests of any kind, are submitted and protected by the UN Human rights. The true 3rd International is the UN Human Rights – not the fake Moscow Thesis and its 21 conditions, that dictates inhumanity like black shamanism. That was formally adopted by the second congress of the Comintern in 1920. On its 100-year anniversary, it should be globally exposed in order to a final annulment in 2020. Soon there is the 1000 years anniversary of the Great Schism too. It might end the mass-psychotic world of parallel organizational apparatuses in Moscow.


The catacomb of podcasts cannot die. In memorial of Radio21Syv, the free radio, that was the terminated by the statesmen on Halloween. Here is an interesting interview about Siberian shamanism and Denmark. Radio24Syv: Sibirien, shamanisme, forbandelser og paralleluniverser. https://www.24syv.dk/programmer/fedeabes-fyraften/37189351/verden-er-et-skuffedarium

‘Thriller’ is the best-selling album of all time. The songwriter Rod Temperton wanted to make a theatrical song to suit Michael Jackson's love for horror films and music. It was produced by Quincy Jones and the horror actor Vincent Price contributed – like in the earlier video Black Widow by Alice Cooper (ref extra UU2). In the original video, Jackson becomes a zombie and performs a dance routine with a horde of the undead. The PMJB video starts out with some Carrabin voodoo hymn.
The association here is the personal spiritual struggle of MJ with the Christian sect he was borne into. They literally believe and promotes the Book of Revelations, a script of a second coming of a furious spirit that will destroy most humans in the most inhuman ways. These are symbolized with the 4 horsemen; a white slayer and conqueror, a red that make men slay each other, a black that cause inflation and thereby famine, and a pale of Death leading Hades (or Pluto or Hel). Similar symbolism is used in Mongol shamanism and the Djengis Kahn and mountains.
Thriller - Michael Jackson (1930s Jazz Cover) ft. Wayne Brady
Michael Jackson - Thriller (Official Music Video)

Extra UU - Nena ‎- 99 Luftballons

‘99 Luftballons’ is a song by the German band Nena from 1983. An English version ‘99 Red Balloons’, was released after widespread success in Europe and Japan. It has lyrics with somewhat different meanings. Nena sold over 25 million records, making her one of Germany's most successful music artists. The reason for selecting this song is the associations that the number 99 gives. The original lyrics tells how Germany got involved in a war due to some science fiction-like presence (like some captain Kirks in Star Trek). Finally, the war ministers figured out how to regain peace.

Far-fetched is the association to the 99 Tengri. Yet, the swastika and the occult Nazi emperor might have peaked the indirect influence of 1000 years of black shamanism in ROC. German princesses as tsarinas were banned after Catharina the Great. Anyways, inspirational might also have been the number 666, which is a checksum for the 36 pre-Islamic spiritual gods. The opposite is symbolized by 999. Some kind of unity can be symbolized with 69, which is the symbol of the zodiac Cancer constellation – and possibly associated with the Orion supernova and Crab nebula of 1054. Moreover, the symbolism of 27 = 3x9 seems increasingly abused in certain extreme politics. Most extreme, is that symbolic speculations in the horror movie IT by Stephen King. Nena ‎- 99 Luftballons – original + text+ FrogLeap and Rammstein versions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=La4Dcd1aUcE
Leapfrog - 99 Luftballons (black metal cover)
Rammstein - 99 Luftballons (Nena Cover)

Extra UU2 Alice Cooper - The Black Widow Music Video (w. Vincent Price)

Alice is not an old man – not even a young man. She is a confused spirit trapped in that body and plays the Game ‘Want Out’, usually ending in getting the host executed. That candid alter ego might be hard to recognize in appearance, songs and shows. That phenomenon is previously cited in blogs like UU20160429 that refers to the tv-series Vinyl. A translated summary is: The act as a Superior-ID does seldom make hits. The grim nature appears disgusting and cloaked. Vincent Furnier, alias Alice cooper, is a dedicated Christian, though. He made several cabaret acts based on investigation of his inner self and some theatrical acts. Despite the disgusting themes like ‘Sick Things’ (and ‘I love the Dead’), it is kind of honest acts that are comparable to characters like Mephisto, Faust and Dr. Mabuse. Such a skillful actor can play anyone, - even the pure evil ones. A dilemma lies in the phrase, ‘keep your friend close, but your enemies even closer’. Abuse of drugs might alter one’s Ego and delusion of altered personalities. Any artist and spectators should be able to distinct between the real person and the actor’s act. Vincent did not manage that in the beginning, with grave consequences.

The association to this movie is the complex psychosis of black shamanism. The man, Vince Price, is possessed by a black Tengri, like a black widow spider. He welcomes the boy Steven, another alter ego, to the nightmare of ‘little death’. Amongst the many albums produced for AC, the selected would be; ‘Love it to death’, Billion Dollar Babies’, ‘Dada’ and ‘The Last Temptation’.
Alice Cooper - The Black Widow Music Video (w. Vincent Price)
Alice Cooper - I Love the Dead