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‘Exiled Heathens’ is in focus for this 6th blog in the ‘Citizen Deuce’ series. Clearly, the heathens lived at the heath and were not as religiously influenced as the citizens in the city. Still, it is not blasphemous to investigate such religious origins although some vain theocrats might feel that it is heresy. On the contrary, such taboo-braking uncoveries are valuable, especially during this shift of Ages. Consequently, the New Testament expires and will be replaced by a newer Testament and another Christ. However, the previous shift, from the Arian Age to the Phishes, was disastrous due to the inter-imperial Game of Temples (GoT). That ‘Crime of the Millennia’ has been an annual theme in the 8 years of weekly blogging. (See blogs like UU20160401.) This blog is a continuum of those. Anecdotally, the songs are selected to associate to this month’s issue of ‘Citizen Deuce’.

Norden do still celebrate traditional ‘Jul’ (Yule) to praise the return of both the Sun and the Son. In fact, Jul is more orthodox than the old Arian testament, since the celebration for the new born Christ is originally of Egyptian pantheism and not Arabian monotheism. Christianity, as the Europeans know it, was the merging of 3 polytheisms; the European Etruscan, the Arabian polytheism and Egyptian astronomy. The theocratic rivalries climaxed by the empires’ geographical interceptions in the north-east Africa. The elites could never agree on who should be the king of king and the god of gods. The GoT (Game of Temples) and the KoC (King of Castle Games) has not yet ended during this Age of 2000 years. (See more about that issues in blogs like UU20150403.) On the contrary, the Great Schism split the trinity church into East and West in 1054.

The prolog to the present Phishes testament tells a story about an immigrant family in a most critical inter-imperial situation (Luke 2:3-6). The new Cesar, Octavius, alias Augustus, was an adopted son with very different agenda than his stepfather Julius. The local king Herod issued an order to execute any unwanted heirs to his throne, as well as Augustus’. The Arabian theocrats wanted Egypt back after Alexander’s conquest 3 centuries earlier. The pregnant Mary was forced to register to the empire and had to come out of hiding. What happened next is unclear though, since the reaming texts are few, excluded and censored.

However, the cause to this ultimate Game peaked 47 years earlier, when the alliance between Egypt/Africa and Roma/Europe was genetically merged with Caesarion. He was the firstborn son of the self-proclaimed goddess Cleopatra. Julius Cesar was also declared a god by the senate of Rome. Neither of them, nor Cleopatra’s second roman husband, Antonius, survive this rivalry of Thrones, States and Temples – the ultimate Game of the millennia.

Anyhow, the most recognized tale of this Age is the official christian version ‘the flight into Egypt’ (Gospel of Matthew 2:13–23). It states that: “Soon after the visit by the Magi, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream telling him to flee to Egypt with Mary and the infant Jesus, since King Herod would seek the child to kill him.” The angel was probably Michael and not Gabriel, due to the writer’s preferences. Anyways, this immigration version is likely since a pregnancy at that time and place was fatal. Moreover, the Moses’ tribes had a strong community in Egypt as the Old Arian Testament tells. However, the theocratic wars, with the ten plagues towards Egypt, did not favor their reputation. Most tribesmen would probably end up as Arian slaves to build yet another pyramid to mirror the Orion’s Belt.

The official Islamic version of the Phishes Testament states that the infant was to be the next to last prophet and a messenger of God (Allah, not Yahweh). He was sent to guide the Children of Israel with a new revelation. The Quran also describes Jesus as the Messiah, born of a virgin, performing miracles, accompanied by disciples, being raised to Heaven and rejected by the Children of Israel. However, the Quran denies that Jesus was crucified and rejects any divinity as God incarnate and the Son of God.

Intriguingly, the Arabian Quran also mention the birth of Mary, alias Mariam, and her service in the Jerusalem temple. She was under the care of the prophet and priest Zechariah, - the father of John the Baptist, that became the executed forerunner to Jesus. Islamic theology tells that the virgin birth was announced to Mary by the angel Gabriel. Later, the elders question her about the child. Though, given a vow of silence to Gabriel, Mary points to the infant. The elder believe they hear that the infant proclaims that he is God's servant, given the Book, is made a prophet, is blessed enjoined on Worship and Alms, dutiful to Mary, is not tyrannous or cruel – and that peace is on him the day he was born, the day he shall die, and the day he shall be raised alive. In other words, Muslims believes that Jesus was locally raised in a pre-Islamic temple to take the title of the new Christ and to be crowned as the King of Kings in Egypt.

Some other tales also deviates about Jesus' early childhood. Most of them are found in non-official Christian sources like the Gospel of the disciple Thomas, which is banned as heretical. The text tells how the young Jesus used strong spells – that could even take and give life. The gospel of Judas is also banned as heretical. It claims that Judas is the only disciple that Jesus told the true meaning of his words, whilst the 11 other disciples spread their confusions. Another Arabian version is from the historian al-Athir who tells that Jesus was born in Egypt and not Bethlehem. Consequently, like-minded islamists rather recognize the christian New Testament than the Muslim Quran. Such a controversy is not blasphemous to Islam though, since it does not contradict the denial of Jesus divinity as a God incarnate and being the Son of God.

From an Egyptian perspective, Crist is a is not a person, but a title, - like the titles king, emperor and ayatollah. Wikipedia says: “Christ means ‘anointed one’ or ‘messiah’ in Greek and Hebrew. The title is adopted from the tradition of anointing the Egyptian pharaoh during coronation or marriage. The word ‘krst’ is found in coffins of Egyptian mummies as a blessing and anointing from Horus and Osiris. In the Old Testament, anointing was reserved to the Kings of Israel. The word Christos is thought as loaned.” Furthermore, the Macedonian general Ptolemy inherited the title Christ of Egypt from Alexander the great that conquered Persia the occupied Egypt. Queen Cleopatra’s heir, Ptolemy XV Caesarion, was therefor to be the first Christ of the new Phishes Age and Era.

Still, all the Testaments are based on the Osiris myth, like describe in blogs like UU20160401. “The biblical expression ‘The Whore of Babylon’, seems to be dedicated Cleopatra by some republicans, Arabians, Egyptians and Jews. It might have been Julius’ Antonius’ and Cleopatra’s plan all along to invade Roma in a CdE Game (Coup d’ Etat). The execution of Julius in the Roman senate was a necessary part to fulfill the Osiris Ritual. However, who would gain the most besides Cleopatra? Marcus Antonius, - Cleopatra’s lover and co-ruler to be? Nevertheless, since such an Osiris Ritual of the new Age, a Coup d’ Throne, means a new royal family. It also means mass genocide of all the previous related families and servants, in a Game of BTO (Breed Them Out) of 4th degree. This is evident in both GT and NT where mass-assassination of first-borns was executed in the Moses tribe, the pharaoh’s empire, the Jews after the birth of Jesus, - and Cleopatras family tree. Finally, today’s papacy conquered the most by merging Etruscan and Egyptian theocracies into today’s Catholicism. The Pope was originally called Pontifex Maximus.”

The astrological myth of Christmas is explained in blogs like UU20190628. “How the Seth could anyone go wrong in their search for the Egyptian king of kings – an Age ago?’ This question might seem strange, - simply because the guidance is so massively messed up that it is now perceived as normal – not to recognize the brightest star in the night sky. It is simply become ‘hidden in plain sight’, the most luminated fixed star that anyone can see from anywhere. It is not a comet, not a supernova, not Jupiter or any mysterious phenomena. It is simply the brightest star – Sirius.” Furthermore, “The Orion’s Belt, i.e. the Three Kings, still follow the (…) brightest star, Sirius. The interception line with the Southern Cross, points to where the Sun turns to a new Zodiac Era/Age. The event occurs every 2160 years at an average. Moreover, the constellation Orion is located between the Zodiac constellations, the Twin and the Taurus, which represents the last of the true Egyptian Ages.”

Anyhow these clock-worked Games KoC, CdE and GoT of confusion - based on the cruelty of the Arian Testament, the insanity of John’s ‘Book of Revelation’ and the inaccuracies of the Quran. Still - life, ideas and the world go on and develops anyways. Knowing very well that Jesus was a heathen, a pagan and a refugee to the elites at that time – it seems quite reasonable to rather focus on ethics – like of GUR (Good, Useful, Right) than contradicting myths. (Ref. blogs like UU20180302.) The annual celebration of Jul goes on forever, while some Egyptian astronomist try to figure out when the shift to a new Age and Era should be – since it did not turn out to be 2012 after all.

Meanwhile, finding the peace of Jul, - one could reflect on how the next Testament should be – and not be.

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U2 is an Irish rock band started with post-punk music. Now, their lyrics are often spiritual, personal and sociopolitical. U2 is famed for their ambitious and extravagant live performances, - like calling up world leaders live and confronting controversial issues.
The song ‘I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For’ is from their album ‘The Joshua Tree’. It exhibits influences from gospel music and describes spiritual longing. The producers Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois added the choir-like backing vocals. The song is considered one of the greatest tracks in music history, like being their second #1 single on the US Billboard, the #6 on the UK Singles Chart and number 93 of its list of ‘The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time’.
The association here to this song is all humans’ search for better understanding and relations.
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2 (Gospel Soul Cover) ft. Rogelio Douglas, Jr.
U2 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Official Video) + Lyrics

ExtraUU1 – Depeche Mode - Precious

The song ‘Precious’ by Depeche Mode was released in album ‘Playing the Angel’. It peaked at #1 in 18 countries. This is the first album since 1984 and feature lyrics written by Gahan. ‘Suffer Well’ was the first ever post-Clarke Depeche Mode single not written by Gore.

The association here is the abuse of minors in theocratic rivalries - that should never be allowed to be repeated.
Dragica - Precious (Depeche Mode cover) + Lyrics + original

ExtraUU2 - Erasure – Come up and see me

This song is a favorite. ’Make me Smile’ is originally from Steve Harley and the Cockney Rebels’. The band Erasure is a spinoff from Depeche Mode formed by their original synth guru Vince Clarke.
The lyrics is a personal reflection from Steve during some crises, like; “how can you tell so many lies, there’s nothing left, it’s just a test - a game for us to play, it’s from yourself you have to hide, my belief in mother earth, I know what faith is and what it’s worth, don’t say maybe you’ll try.” However, he was convinced to make a joyful tune to the lyrics. It worked very well and became a hit instead of some ignored sulking.
The Erasure cover-version is true to the lyrics. However, the video changes the impressions to ironic views on the Xmas and Jul. The gnomes are tradition to Jul. The St Nicolas lookalike propagating ‘coke adds life’, is rather a plutocratic oddity, though, - like the artists in Swiss costumes performing sexual ID Games.

The association here is to not taking all Beliefs and Gimmick more serious than sound ethics – at least for the next Testament.
Erasure - Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me) + lyrics + original https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbkmWb5bH-8