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’Citizen LifeQuality’ is the focus in this first blog of this happy new year. It pursues the previous conclusion that the next testament needs advances. Intriguingly, any such texts are made by humans only, yet claimed to be of divine origin. Anyhow, such ‘first philosophies’ are limited to humans’ current perception, knowledge and imagination – and reflect that level of quality. Therefore, this focus is on the most important word for any human – LifeQuality (LQ). Prosperingly, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 are indeed such needed advances to the universal Human Rights (HR). These songs are selected to associate to entering ‘Citizen Deuce’ - as a dual citizen of 2020.01.01.

The quality of humanity has been a basic theme in the 8 years of these weekly blogging. Ever since the plebs of Roma1 to the bourgeois of Roma3, there is a dramatic development of LQ. Most is stated in milestones like the New Testament, the Magna Carta and the United Nations’ declarations. However, those blogs are too comprehensive to summarize here. Yet, some previous citations support the following conclusions.

The first 8 Sustainable Development Goals are directly related to the individual Human Rights. The SDG 9-17 are an upgrade and related to organisations, industry, cities and constitutions too. Maybe most important, there are sustainable goals for sane governance. Thus - the theories of Quality of the LEJ powers has thereby become highly relevant with the 17 SDG for 2030. However, the attempt to promote a GHRL (Global Human Right Law) for 2020 was sadly unsuccessful. Still, that determination should be upgrade to a GSDL 2030 (Global Sustainable Development Law).

Alarmingly, the united nations’ wholistic efforts to promote the basic human needs and rights have been tipped off balance with extreme single-minded actions towards racism, blasphemy and sexism. The result was less LQ to most humans. Just as alarming is the jeopardizing of the SDG system. The overexposure of SDG13 (climate action) is about to jeopardize all the other SDGs and their 169 targets - by single-sided overexposure of a single target – the CO2 level.

Still, 2030 is not a final goal, but rather a milestone for the further advances. In brief, the next Testament, whenever that will be produced and published - must aim to be a 2000 years guidance for the Gaia-forming of Terra - for humanity’s sake. This will be talked through in the coming UU blogs.

Finally, one intriguing thought, - looking at the illustration of SDG17, one could wonder what the 18th SDG could be. From this point of view, - it is Humanity itself.

Links & Music


Happy - Pharrell Williams jazz cover ft. Gunhild Carling on 10 instruments ‘Happy’ is written, produced, and performed by the singer Pharrell Williams. The song became a hit as #1 in 24 countries. It got many awards and recognitions as well. No wonder, happiness was transferred from human to human and had an extraordinary collective appeal. Gunhild Carling is a Swedish jazz musician and a multi-instrumentalist. She became famous for playing three trumpets at the same time, - as presented in UU20180330. She also plays trombone, bagpipes, recorder and harp, and will often showcase all of her skills in one single song – like in this jazz cover of ' Happy'.
Happy - Pharrell Williams (ft. Gunhild Carling on 10 instruments) + lyrics + original

ExtraUU1 – Coldplay - Life in Technicolor - The 30 Articles of Human Rights

Coldplay is a British alternative rock group from 1998. Brian Eno helped with the production. The group has 7 Grammy Awards of 25 nominations, 7 Brit Awards, 5 MTV Video Music Awards and a UK bestselling album in 2011. Coldplay has been an active supporter to several social and political issues like ‘Oxfam's Make Trade Fair campaign’, Amnesty International, Band Aid and Live 8.

The video is a brilliant presentation of the Universal Human Rights. However, the original video is very entertaining – a puppet show that exceeds any expectations. Also see UU20130215.
Coldplay "Life in Technicolor" - The 30 Articles of Human Rights + Lyrics + original

ExtraUU2– Beranek - Loving the Alien (Bowie cover) + lyrics + original

Becoming a Nordic dual citizen in 2020.01.01 is certainly a milestone in life. I even might be one of the very first formally legal aliens with dual Danish/Norwegian citizenship. But it is only paper. It took 18 years to get this far – from being a stranger in a strange land. One should not expect too much of humanization by the collective of anti-democratic statesmen - I reckon.

Thus, this cover version of Bowies ‘Loving the Alien’ by Beranek means a lot while entering Citizen Deuce. Not that the lyrics suits such a new kind of citizen much, - but it does indeed for this UU theme and the following blogs. Surely, it makes one think of what to Believe, how are all the alien citizens these days - and what in god’s name is true and false.

David Bowie has been inspirational to a lot in these UU blogs. Reflections of his unexpected passing was uttered in UU20160408. “How are David Robert Jones these days? That might sound like an odd question knowing that David Bowie passed away by Cancer at 69. Yet, Ziggy Stardust passed in 1975, leaving David Bowie more alive than in a long time. The Ziggy character was definitely an alter ego created for public appearances. The inspirations might have been due to his dissimilar eyes, bisexuality and schizophrenic half-brother. However, all the extreme activities to become a Jinn, turned out to be life threatening for his real ego. One of them had to ‘die’. Likewise, living as Bowie was hard too. Symbolically, in the video ‘Lazarus’, Jones crawled back in the closet.”

The Norwegian artist Beranek and his band were presented with 2 mini concerts in UU20150925. That presentation is translated as a whole for this occasion: “Espen Beranek Holm made a hit with a ‘boom & punchline’ in 1981. That was after a period as a folksinger in ‘Studio Klive’ with Martin Nygaard. New inspirations came from artists like The Residents, Kraftwerk, Yes, King Crimson and Genesis. The classic guitar was replaced with synthesizers, drum machines and electric guitars. Beranek’s debut album was ‘Sound of Danger’ in 1981. The follow-up ‘X-Ray’ (1983) made a national performer’s prize. Later releases were Trigger’ (1984), ‘Daylight In The Dark’ (1986), ‘The Red File’ (1988). The carrier ended with the album ‘Tacoma Bridge’ (1994). 20 years later, there was a comeback with the album ‘One Day’ (2013). There were several concerts with full band in the 80’s – and touring to Stockholm, Hamburg, Amsterdam, London and New York. As mentioned in UU20130906, there was no public success like the talent and the works deserved. A reason could be inner diversions and stress, - as for so many other groups. It could also be that the grave cold-war themes in the earlier phases could not quite replace the ‘Grease’ inspired charm. Anyways, the ‘best of’ album called ‘Vintage Tapes’ do present a fine collection of the art.”

Beranek - Loving The Alien