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‘Bourgeois Deuce’ vs the Comintern-2020 is the focus for this UU blog. 2020 is the 100th anniversary for that global pact towards all western citizens (bourgeois/borger) and nations. Millions were inhumanly violated in a cleansing disguised as workers’ social reforms. Still, the suppressions and genocides are basically syndromes of mass-psychosis, mass-neurosis and mass-schizophrenia. That underworld occultism, camouflaged as atheism, is yet to fully uncover. Still, most nations did unite and declared the very anti-thesis to the Comintern, called the Universal Human Rights - yet, too little too late. The anti-human occultism had already infiltrated and manipulated most national constitutions. That autocratic bondage still escalates, because there is no built-in emergency break in such a Pyramid Game.

This dual citizen is determined to see end of the miserable existence of such dysfunctionality – simply by exposing the Cominterns 21 conditions of inhumanity. This blog focuses on howto end the Comintern toxicities at its 100 years anniversary – for humanity’s sake. Yet, it has been hard for a hundred years and still is, due to the extreme deniability. Its parallel press, police and courts make organized crimes in the public sector as untouchable as Stalin’s mafia. However, such citizens anti-Comintern is fully supported by the UN efforts to save the nations from such dysfunctionality. In particular, most united nations have now of the Sustainable Development Goal # 16 ‘Peace, Justice and strong Institutions’ (SDG16).

Wikipedia sums up: “Comintern, also called the 3rd International, advocated world communism. It resolved to struggle by all available means, including armed force, for the overthrow of the international bourgeoisie (citizen/borger) and the creation of an international Soviet republic as a transition stage to the complete abolition of the state. The Comintern had been preceded by the 1916 dissolution of the 2nd International (in WW1). Its members included the Soviet Union, Tuvan People's Republic (of Turkey) and the People's Republic of Mongolia. The Comintern was dissolved by Stalin in 1943 to avoid provoking his wartime allies, the United States and the United Kingdom.” Clearly, the abolition of the Russian Throne and State leaves only one national super-power – namely the Temple. ROC was anti-western and related to Mongolia, which makes the Siberian/Mongolian black shamanism exposing itself, personalized as Rasputin Sr. (See UU20191101)

However, before the US-SU-UK alliance of WW2, the figures Stalin and Hitler formed the ‘none aggression agreement’ called Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact’ in 1939-1941. (UU 20141121). Consequently, Hitler’s cult of national-socialists became radicalized to ‘Stalinism’. Consequently, all Prussian ‘nashi’ entered bondage to Stalin’s Comintern and its 21 conditional war declaration towards the nations and citizens of ‘the West’. Now, China is bond to the same Game. As a psychosocial Game, this is truly a multilateral LYAHF Game (Let’s You And Him Fight) at 4th degree – with the main Gimmick “honesty is for (human) suckers”.

Like the quality of humanity has been a basic blog theme in 8 years, - its anti-thesis, the Comintern, has been a major issue all along. Still, those blogs are too comprehensive to summarize here. Yet, some previous citations touch upon key elements to the required quality of the constitutional LEJD powers (Legal, Executive, Juridical and Democratic). Some are called PROSA, P5GO Game, 3D politics and 5D scenarios. The following citations should support the following suggestions – and the presentation of the brand-new Game called USUK.

The Pyramid Games are described in the initial blog UU20160513. “Pyramid Games are based on the illegal ‘Pyramid scheme’, ‘Eight-ball’ and ‘Gifting circles’. Eight people are lured by one to ‘invest’ in illusions of repayments in a distant future, - not realizing that the Game is built to collapse and rather cause their ruin. The ethics to such Game masters are ‘honesty is for suckers. The 5 Pyramid Games in this UU theme are related to the 5 Internationals (where the Comintern is the fake 3rd International). Those ‘suckers’ are lured to contribute to domestic CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) that weakens their prey nation enough to enable the main gains of CdE (Coup d’ Etat).”

Note, examples of this century’s RAF directly submitted to the PPP are Wagner Group and Night Wolves.

The solution and the remedy to the dysfunctionalities, like the Comintern, is described in UU20160701 like this:

Note that para-courts like workers courts are ‘parallel organisational apparatuses’ made to re-direct Comintern crimes from the ‘rule by law’ penalty court to some mafia-style judicial unlawfulness. Most cold-war public servants became ‘untouchables’ and are rarely punished like the citizens (bourgeois/borger) are.

By this, a new Game called ‘USUK’ was revealed. It is a 4th level global Game, based on its origin, the WW2. Its meme is the historical picture at the Yalta Conference - ‘the Big Three’, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin – celebrating the split of their prize – Europe. It uncovers the US, SU, UK pact that continued the Stalin-Hitler pact and strengthens the Cominterns infiltration and manipulations by public organisational apparatuses. During the cold war, Mongolia invaded Beijing the second time and continued that submissive scheme. Conclusively, the cults of Comintern 1920 is as operational as deniable in 2020 – it’s just reorganized and camouflaged.

The psychosocial Games are described in UU blogs like UU20160701 and UU20140912. The USUK Game relates to its anti-thesis called P5GO (the 5th Pyramid Game Over). “The Pyramid Game (is), similar to other 3rd degree Underworld Games, - with potentials of 4th and even 5th degree. Pyramid is a whole Game category that is common to other categories like KoC (King of the Castle), GdE (Games d’ Etat) and GoT (Games of Temples).” “Pyramid Games have probably existed in multiple disguises, ever since the golden age of the real pyramids. Anyways, Pyramid Games have caused national riots like 1997 Albania and 2008 Colombia in addition to economic ruins for citizens, banks, global trade, and political organizations. (Ref Wikipedia) In this theme, focus will be set on anti-parliamentarian Pyramids intended to cause CCD in order to execute CdE (Coup d’ Etat).” (UU20160513) Nowadays, monetary Pyramid schemes are executed as trade wars between BRICS, US, China and EU. At the present, a major pray nation is the UK. The dysfunctional Parliament and Throne have an existence of ‘Dementopia’ that cannot ever relate to this century's realities. The only way for the constitution to get realistic, is that the ‘dementopists’ retire. Then the real society can adapt to its reality.

Basically, the USUK is a simple Underworld version of the LYAHF Game. Yet, it is overblown to a global Pyramid Game at the brink of detonation, since all fuses, emergency buttons and alarms are systematically disabled by design. However, the USUK Game is far more complex than LYAHF. The ulteriority is that the SU is hidden in plain sight, within both the US and the UK. Apparently, the US-SU-UK alliance of ‘the West’ (of Ural) might be considered as one big united ‘sucker’ in such Game of masspsychosis. The Game initiators might not even experience their humanity as superior anymore – but remote controlled by some spiritual dilution. Most arming is that the US PPT and UK PPB are corrupted to de-part from Europe. The PROSAs of the nova-SU are provenly extremely active in making the political situation as in WW2 – for another round of the 4th degree USUK Game. The reason is that the Pyramid scheme has come to its bursting point. It is payback day with drained treasuries.

The degraded citizens in bondage entered the Pyramid Game with the promise of some future pension instead of real payment. However, no such exponential Pyramid scheme can ever pay back. Moreover, most western citizens were not radicalized or executed - as schemed. The illusion of that exclusive reward depended on another Game, namely RPPP (Rob Pete to Pay Paul). However, the surplus is long gone with the founding oligarchs of the labor unions. Now the need for tax income has exceeded any realistic threshold – and still is escalating as any other Pyramid scheme. The present cults of Comintern don’t quite realise that their godfathers of protection are long gone – as is their union pensions. Still, the solution is not to cause CdE towards their nation, but towards their oligarchic Unions.

Finally, the Comintern-2020 is determined gradually end till 2030. The reason is that most united nations are determined to fulfill their obligations to the UN Sustainable Develop Goals – including SDG16, i.e. ‘Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels,” Unless diluted by mass-psychoses of the Comintern Press, most citizens (bourgeois/borger) promotes true rule by law and the parallel Comintern courts are about to be disabled. The massive crimes of the public sector might very well be directed to the true penalty court and judged by penalty law – in very large numbers.

Game Over.

Links Á Music


Toxic - Vintage 1930s Torch Song Britney Spears Cover ft. Melinda Doolittle The song Toxic by Britney Spears was the most expensive music video ever made. The video is full of memes, messages and symbols about some Toxic Games of 3rd degree. This UU selection relates to this blog and the Toxic Comintern Games. The parallel is intriguing at several issues and degrees. The video starts with an airplane that flies with some dark birds. Britney appears as a worker and ‘accidentally’ spills a drink on a passenger, kisses him and steals his black pass. Then Britney appears in a futuristic Paris, riding a Ducati 999, do a Marilyn Monroe meme and wears diamond body-suit. The ‘mission impossible’ is to enter the Toxic Industries and steals a vial of green poison. All this to deliver her lover a Toxic kiss. Finally, the circle of events is completed with Britney back on the black bird plane.

The association is the Toxic pyramid Games of Comintern 2020, including black shamanism, cyber-crimes and inhuman doom. Issue of black shamanism is talked through in the ‘Halloween’ blog UU20191101.

Toxic - Vintage 1930s Torch Song Britney Spears Cover ft. Melinda Doolittle + lyrics + original
Britney Spears - Toxic (Official Music Video) from Atilla on Vimeo.

Extra UU1
Manic Street Preachers - If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next

"If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next" is a very strong song by the Manic Street Preachers. The title is taken from an anti-fascist poster from the Spanish civil war, where fascists and Stalinists killed each other as well as Spanish citizens (bourgeois/borger). The Comintern soldieries’ quote "If I can shoot rabbits / then I can shoot fascists" illustrates that both sides are just as insane in this citizens’ collective self-destruction. The title suits any kind of politics, religions and people. Alarmingly, that civil war was a proxy war to test out 4th degree Game tactics prior to WW2 – not triggered by true civil unrest.

One tested tactic was to infiltrate the prey nation with so-called 5th columnists. They built Comintern parallel organisational apparatuses inside the offended prior to the attack. That parasite method proved so effective that most united nations during the cold war were infiltrated and manipulated in similar ways. Most important, the para-courts, like labor-courts, makes organized crimes by public servants like un-touchable. The song starts and ends with the anthems of Stalin’s Comintern’ (the fake 3rd) International. The bondage workers are British and the overlords are Chinese. Related theocratic issues are talked through in blogs like UU20190628.

Manic Street Preachers - If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next + Lyrics

Extra UU2 – Ramstein – Ich Will

This music video ‘Ich Will’ (I want) was presented in UU20140613 like this: “Once again, Ramstein is selected because their controversial videos and songs are especially illustrational for the UU theme of the time. This short movie presents a group that can be associated with the 100 Red Army Factions (RAF). Here, one of the hostages are a part of the gang. The association is the fatale bank robbery in Sweden where the prime minister Olof Palme tried to negotiate. The case gave name to the so-called ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ with the hypothesis that hostages can shift loyalty during a crisis and thereby get reduced punishment compared to the actual participation.”

Yet, to this blog, the association is the organisational insanity of the Comintern’s parallel organisational apparatuses, like para-military, para-police and para-courts. Germany was particularly exposed due to the infiltration by the schizophrenic alter-egos ‘Hitler’ and ‘Stalin’. The blood-feud to Prussia included infernal bombing of western christian citizens, including the city Ramstein. Such brutal fakir shows have become the trademark to the band. Still, cities like Ramstein was the realization of the 21 conditions of the Comintern, like some shamanist’s blood-feud. All in all, 100 million Christians of the west were killed during that Russian ‘fatherland war’.

Ramstein – Ich Will + Lyrics

Extra UU3 – Devo – Gates of Steel

Audio - Devo - Gates of Steel
Click to play the song : Devo - Gates of Steel

The band DEVO and the song ‘Gates of Steel’ was selected in UU20131011 to issues about SU Stalinism. However, the band was originally formed as a practical joke by some art-students. The name DEVO is short for De-evolution and indicates that human development has reversed – for some parts. They did not imagine being a band, before they got support from David Bowie, Warner Brothers and Brian Eno. The main message in the song ‘Gates of Steel’ is that humans are humans and constructions are constructions, - even though the real life ‘Devo’ called himself Stalin or ‘man of steel’, making a false meme to the physical Genghis Khan’s original labor – a black smith.

This time, the focus is set of the renewed US-SU-UK alliance based on the Comintern-1920. That is the succession of the Stalin-Hitler alliance, the forerunner to the Cold War in most united nations, the legitimation for Asian genocides and the basis to the present Comintern-2020. The lyrics has some somewhat weird religious undertones, though, which suites the occult ulterior of that Caucasian mafia-boss.

Devo - Gates of Steel + Lyrics + Live at Hollywood Bowl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TH4BFtKF3sA