SDG2030 - IR4 (Industrial Reform 4.0)

This decade of changes is also a grand SDG program. It involves the 4th industrial revolution, - also called the Industry 4.0 - or preferably the 4th industrial evolution. The 3 previous evolutions did elevate humanity by both quality and quantity, - as well as our civilizations. Still, the technological side of the innovation-leap is not the main gain, but rather the following human evolution. However, there were too many traumas too. That was unfair, unnecessary and unjust – mainly due to poor decisions, planning and execution. This must be far better this time – which certainly can be done - by handling the evolution as a global program of good will. All is already available, right before us, waiting to be realised.

The Western democracies of the United Nations have acknowledged the urgent need to realise the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 2030). Thus, realising that most western citizens are urban, - do force the focus on urban innovations to solve the basic human needs and rights. Basic requirements are proper innovation of urban facilities as industry, institutions, infrastructure, transport, production, energy, information, computing, communication etc. (See blogs like UU20170721.)

 The UN SDG for 2030 is a global program of multiple sub-programs, projects and tasks, - like all the Olympic Game projects are of a single program and several sub-projects. Generally said, projects are concrete and organized efforts to solve a problem, a need, a demand, a requirement. They realise some unique and innovative deliverables, such as; products, services, processes, and scientific conclusions. Main keywords are; plan, processes, people, and power, in addition to; scope definition, resource allocation, time-frames, quality, quantity, cost, benefit, risk-analysis, and issue-solving.

Realistic concepts of SDG programs should be published by the UN, with supporting resources as the Prince2 project concept recommend, - preferably in Partnerships as the SDG17 recommends. Such initiatives will probably escalate synergies beyond the present imaginations.

However, such disrupting solutions will be hindered, delayed and even terminated by commercial, political and personal rivalries - if not promoted and supported globally. Some governments do not favor democratic LifeQuality, some industries do not want start-ups’ competition and customers do need objective consumer guidance.

Unfortunately, for humanity though, there is a global anti-thesis to such a human evolution. The false so-called ‘3rd social revolution’ became a main source for crises, destructions and even world wars in the previous century. The Comintern is certainly the very anti-thesis to the UN’s true SDG 2030 program. The ‘Cults of Comintern’ (CoC) are still in bondage to those inhuman dictates and re-activated by mass-psychosis and -neurosis. Now the plutocratic BRICS conspiration operates as like some false 5th International. All the united nations should be aware (See blogs like UU20200306)

Such issues will be talked through in this decade of blogging – including the development of models of 3D politics, LEJD powers (Legal, Executive, Juridical & Democratic), 5D scenarios, 3^3 psychosocial diagnosis, LifeQuality definition, and complex Game analysis like the P5GO (the 5th Pyramid Game over). There is a summary of the theories in blogs like UU20160513.


Big Mess – Fruity Loop Cover This video of DEVO’s Big Mess is a demonstration on how to use several advanced free-ware for music-video production. The mp4 recording made with the free-ware OBS Studio, which could be further advanced by additional facilities. The music was assembled from a free MIDI file version cover version of the song, in free-ware version of Fruity Loops (music studio). This video could be further modified with MS the free Videoeditor. Moreover, It could be streamed out to internet via sites like Facebook, Twitch and YouTube. Similar, or much more advanced production and streaming, can be done by anyone, nowadays.

Big Mess – Fruity Loop Cover https://www.facebook.com/vidar.skrindo/videos/vb.1341177123/10223586798801660/