20200903 – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - The Lights Are Going Out


This follow-up blog sets the focus on innovation of the institutions. The present manual bureaucracies are certainly the most likely to innovate in this 4th industrial reform. For public services, like any other product and services, - a 10x innovative potential is needed to get a technological mass-upgrade. That level is exceeded by far due to the cold warfare and delayed evolutions. Still, humanity will thrive anyways, - and will reform our dysfunctionalised institutions anyhow, - despite those barriers of technical, social and delusional dysfunctionalities. Most motivating is that all the united nations now have agreed to make their institutions’ sustainable before 2030.


The priorities for the SDG targets should be on; (16.3) Promote the rule of law; (16.4) combat all forms of organized crime; (16.5) reduce corruption and bribery in all their forms; (16.a) prevent violence and combat terrorism and crime; and (16.b) enforce non-discriminatory laws and policies for sustainable development.

Still, these ideals are not so functional in practice, even in developed nations. A main reason to the contradicting mass-psychoses is mainly because of the still-operative coldwar press. (See blogs like UU20200306.) Such organised mass-denials are most dysfunctioning, - even to seemingly well-functional institutions. Dilutional denials from the 100 years warfare toward all Western constitution are certainly the gravest kind of self-harming. Psycho-social analysis of such constitutions will be the issues for many blogs to come. Yet, for now, the attention is on the stated fact that the Cominterns 100 years warfare toward the Western constitutions have traumatized some bureaucracies beyond any cure or remedy.

The overall solution to this ominous malfunction is simply to replace the manual bureaucracies and innovate with cyber technocracies. It should make sense to any citizen since the word ‘cyber’ means control, govern and manage. That is exactly what their public services needs in order to Execute the Legal obligation in a proper Judicial order. Such a proper Executive power is decisive for the proper Rule by Law in any kind of civilization. Still, the Comintern’s war -declaration towards all the western nations and citizens did cause organisational AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) and CCD (Colonial Collapse Disorders).

The most likely way to fix the LEJD (the Legal, Executive, Judicial and Democratic powers) is to fully computerize their Constitution. This has proven extremely efficient for other information technology systems during the previous industrial reform. The Laws of civilizations are simply like any other operating system (OS) of information technology (IT). When realizing that the bureaucratic apparatuses simply are like some virtual computers, - it is obvious that the system has numerous faults due to; decay, outage and lack of maintenance. Organisational malfunctions are as obvious, since the IT systems are organisational adapted as well. When being no longer in denial about the warlike Games of IT industries in the public sectors, - it becomes transparent that the very same Games are played in all of the LEJD apparatuses.

Most seriously, though, is that CoC (Cults of Comintern - UU20200306) in the Executive powers consequently redirect the criminal charges on themselves - from the penalty court to other dysfunctional parallel court apparatus. Consequently, the Rule of Law does not really apply to the public servants. Nearly none is sentenced, like being some untouchables, - except for some expendable scapegoats now and then. Such Comintern’s parallel organisational apparatus (POA), within Western institutions, do escalate the criminal rate in the manual bureaucracies. This has corrupted all Western nations for a century. Fortunately, though, all of the united nations are obligated to fix themselves according to their Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

Consequently, in order to succeed with the SDG16 targets mentioned, - there are some urgent actions to do. All the present employees in public sector have to read the information about their obligations as civil servants according to national penalty law. Then all personnel have to sign a security clearance, to confirming that dedication. This can easily be arranging by internal e-mail systems. Moreover, a whistle blower system and amnesty for all the victims of CdE Games (Coup d’ Etat). Finally, no criminal public servant should be trusted their position and powers anymore.



The united nations’ declaration to Sustainable Development Goal 16.


The Cominterns war-declaration on all western civilizations and citizens.



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