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XaaS for XmaS is the focus in this Christmas blog. Surely most citizens know what Xmas is. XaaS though, ‘anything as a service’, is new a thesis saying that most products can be provided as services. That concept makes quantum leaps to the quality and availability of public services to its society and citizens. Now, it is certainly about time that public servants provide the collective product and services to its rightful owners – the citizens. Moreover, the XaaS concept is fundamental to SDG17 ‘sustainable and just institutions’. Hence, this blog might be considered a 2020 Xmas gift to humanity - to elevate the Sustainable Goals for 2030.


XaaS (Anything as a Service) is a thesis talked through in blogs like UU20170630. The term is derived from the ongoing virtualization of IT products – the transformation of hardware to software. Both HW and SW are products, though, - tangible and intangeble. These are further transformed to services and self-services. The benefits of internet indexing of net-cards and storages were soon realized as huge. Next, some massive fabrics of data-centers were transformed to such virtual concepts for; Infrastructure, Platform, Software and Security (as a Service). Now the concept is further extended to XaaS like; Data, Database, Storage, Recovery, Content, Desktop, Energy, IT, IoT, ICT, Logging, Mobile, Monitoring, Network, Payments, Games, Robots, 3D printing, Searching and Security. This syndrome of transforming any ‘Product as a Service’ seems limitless – and it certainly elevates the quality and availability of products and services.


Public XaaS can certainly escalate the quality and availability of most public products and services. (Ref. the ISO 8402 Quality definition). Parts of some public services are already virtualized for the internet, such as education, health and taxation. However, commercial providers seem far more enthusiastic to make such XaaS deliveries to the citizens - although the public servants are obliged to do so by penalty law. Nevertheless, such coldwar mental barriers are no longer real, - but merely obstacles in power-games between public workers and the ‘bourgeois’ citizens, - which in the end makes the institutions, societies and democracies further dysfunctional. Still, the potential from public XaaS innovations are huge - since the public bureaucracies already have transformed to Information Technocracies. Consequently, most public services can be provided just like the commercial XaaS for transport, shopping, booking, payments, etc.

At large, some main categories of such public hyper-services can be for; Energy aaS, Transport aaS, Movement aaS, Insurance aaS, Citizenship aaS, Broadcast aaS, Information aaS, Housing aaS, Food aaS, Art aaS, Finance aaS, Communication aaS, Education aaS, Housing aaS, Healthcare aaS, Welfare aaS, Subsidies aaS, Emergency aaS, Security aaS, Police aaS, Defense aaS, Jurisdiction aaS, Governance aaS, Waste management aaS, Water supply aaS etc. The list is as long as the list of obligated public services.

Certainly, there are investments costs to innovate the public services to XaaS. However, experiences from commercial enterprises proves that the Return of Investments (RoI) is about 3 years. The investments pay back significantly in cost-benefit, efficiencies and quality.  Knowing that most of the other SDGs are dependent on the SDG16 ‘Institutions’, the innovations cannot be halted any longer. Further delays of SDG16 will corrupt the basic citizens’ rights of SDG 1-5, concerning; poverty, hunger, health, education and equality – as well as the societies’ need for SDG 9-12, concerning; industry, infrastructure cities, communities and production. To succeed, the public sector needs to cooperate with the commercial enterprises, as obligated in SDG17, - or else, the inherent dysfunctionalities of Institutions will worsen gravely.

Finally, - nations, societies and institutions are all about humans – the citizens. The public XaaS will elevate their LifeQuality and thereby, in return, escalate the other SDGs. Such issues are called hyper-democracy in these blog series. Thus, another fundamental topic is called ‘basic income’. That will be talked through in the next UU blog.
Merry XaaS.


Can't Buy Me Love - Beatles piano instrumental



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