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This new year’s blog sets the focus on the illegal re-distribution of money - from the public Institutions (SDG 16) that was intended to the citizens. The citizens’ basic human rights are continued in SDG 1-5 - concerning; poverty, hunger, health, education and equality. Such distribution of state aid is legally bound by the international treaties and national laws. European nations, of ‘the cradle of democracy’, thrives to harmonize the national ‘social pillars’ in accordance to the UN SDG-2030 obligations. Such holistic concepts are called ‘Universal Basic Income’ (UBI). This blog will focus on what, why and how that obvious innovation of social state aid must immediately replace the present corrupted execution.


Basic Income are talked through in previous blogs like UU20170526: “Political philosophies, like the right to a basic income to satisfy the basic needs, are as old as civilization itself. Most apparent, during crises of war and force majeure, humans organize free supplies for food (meal-ticket), housing (hospice), other rations, collective transport, etc. However, previous management systems were too primitive for such complex situations. They were remote and central driven via oligarchic and standardized logistics. Those management systems were seriously dysfunctional and caused corruptions, crimes and crises. Similar cold-war systems ( … ) are still dominating most civil state-aid systems concerning food, housing, transport, schooling, health-care, pension etc. Most fortunately, those inherited dysfunctionalities can be fixed with means of the ‘Industry 4.0’.


Furthermore: “There are 3 traditional claims against Basic Income are: 1) ‘That it is too expensive.’ Yet the social costs of poverty are higher. 2) ‘People will not work if not forced to.’ On the contrary, most people want to self-realize, be social and contribute. 3) ‘It is politically too complicated.’ True, this is most certainly serious a challenge, since UBI has actually been a legal Human Rights obligation for all United Nations for 50 years - and in the EU for 20 years due to competition rules of State Aid. (See UU 20141017 about LQ, UN, EU, HR).” However, the main real motive against the obliged legal Basic Income stems from organized crimes toward humanity as in forced workers unions. This will be the main issue in the next UU blog.


Harmonizing of social pillars might be the most contraversive political issue of this decade. Yet, any nation has their own social pillar - and always will have. The European nations strive to harmonize UBI according to UN and EU treaties and laws. However, the Quality of the Social Security Systems have become dysfunctional by cold war crimes. In order to fix those corrupted systems, the whole Executive Parliamentary power have to act in accordance to the valid legislations for state aid. Their IT systems have to be reconstructed by means of IR4 and Cloud services. See the previous blog explaining XaaS.


The European legally obligated ‘state aid of social character’ can easily be realized without technical obstacles. The obstacles are rather due to political corruptions. The TEU article 107 dictates that State Aid, having a social character, must be given to the consumers and not suppliers or producers. ‘Basic Income’ is such State Aid, having a social character. It concerns most payments for public services of health, transport, education, housing, caring, etc. All these aids shall be paid directly to the citizen, like payments as pensions, unemployment benefits, wage subsidies, housing assistance, day care, child support services etc. Consequently, it is illegal when public servants give the citizens’ aid directly to public or private suppliers and producers.” (See blogs like UU20170609.)


Globally, more people live in urban region than rural. Yet, in western civilizations, more than 75% of the citizens are urban. These people cannot support themselves with traditional self-sustain means like hunting and farming anymore. Quite the reverse, they are rather restricted by urban limitations, regulations and crises. Therefore, the state aids of social character have to be evenly distributed to cover the basic needs of LQ (LifeQuality). Or else, there will be devasting riots of desperations by hordes of trapped citizens.

Most can be fixed due to innovations of virtualizations and XaaS, - as mentioned in the previous blog UU20201203. However, this might also be the most corrupted area of the public institutions (SDG16). Therefore, the parliamentary Constitution must take back the legal and executive power from organized criminal originations that corrupts the executive powers by illegal re-distributions. The most important task at hand is therefore to regain the balance of the constitutional (LEJD) powers – in particular - stop the criminal factions within the Executive powers, that overrun the legal power by re-delegate public organized crimes from the criminal court to their para-court systems. The next blog will follow this issue up by focusing on SDG08 ‘descent work’ and the coldwar corrupted workers’ organisations.


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