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The institutional systems that provide ‘social state aid’ are probably the most corrupted of all. The legal obligations for the national institutions are very clear, though. The universal legality of these citizens’ rights has been undeniable ever since the majority of United Nations signed the Universal Human Rights (HR) – over half a century ago. Still, today, the coldwar organized crimes within public institutions are still exploited by ‘parallel organisational apparatuses’. Now, such anti-citizen crimes are thoroughly adapted, deployed and globalized. Yet, the institutional coldwar traumas are thoroughly denied and thereby cause dysfunctionalities in most nations. Therefore, this blog continues the talkthroughs of the previous ones and will pin-point some of such taboos and solutions for the ‘social state aid’ in ‘the West’.

The union of European nations, of ‘the cradle of democracy’, is a forerunner to the ‘rule by law’ for their citizens. For example, the European legally obligated ‘state aid of social character’ (TEU article 107.2.a) is also like the so-called ‘Universal Basic Income’ (UBI). Consequently, it is unlawful for public servants to redirect any citizens’ money to any organisation – public or private. The citizens must have their aid on their private account, directly or indirectly. That state aids include any payment for public services like; health, transport, education, housing, caring, pensions, unemployment benefits, wage subsidies, housing assistance, day care, child support services etc. (UU20210102.)

The Sustainable Development Goal # 8 is to “Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.” The part ‘employment and work’ is directly related to the first 5 LifeQuality SDGs and the Universal Human Rights. Decent work is also basic to support the societies and families. Therefore, anyone will be terrified of losing job, wages and anything that is vital to support their family, home and future. Most citizens do therefore give in to such mafia threats to save their wives, children homes and social security. Such fear of ruin is thoroughly abused by certain worker’ organisations that indeed degrade some free western citizens to such workers’ cast. No wonder - that such Comintern related organisations are globally known as ‘the mob’ that mob western citizens.

By the way, the ancient Eurasian caste systems might now be categorized as; royals, clergies, officials and unfree workers. Still, the legality of SDG and HR has freed any human along with national obligations to some basic LifeQualities - including penalty laws, supporting thralls, slaves and workers. (UU20191004)

In order to end the illegal coldwar Games of social state aid - It is necessary to immediately effectuate the ‘rule by law’ in the public sector to its full extent. That massive illegal corruption by public officials has been constant for decades. The criminality of those officials is accumulating in millions daily and now sums in GDPs. (UU20160722)


As previously concluded: “Consequently, in order to succeed with the SDG16 (and SDG08) targets mentioned, - there are some urgent actions to do. All the present employees in public sector have to read the information about their obligations as civil servants according to national penalty law. Then all personnel have to sign a security clearance, to confirming that dedication. This can easily be arranging by internal e-mail systems. Moreover, a whistle blower system and amnesty for all the victims of CdE Games (Coup d’ Etat). Finally, no criminal public servant should be trusted their position and powers anymore.” (UU20201002)


However, the court systems are not yet capable to properly effectuate their ‘rule by law’ for the thousands of criminalized civil servants. However, the SDG16 resources can be innovated with solutions of the 4th industrial - and social - reforms – like; immediate suspension, ‘Universal Basic Income (UBI) and foot-chain with GPS – like any Covid quarantined citizen.

The next UU blog will focus on a new term - PPaaS (Public Properties as a Service).



Penny Lane - Beatles piano instrumental


UN Sustainable Development Goals, European Treaty and Comintern 21 conditions

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