SDG2030 - Para-Courts

High qualitative Judicial Institutions are crucial for all the Sustainable Development Goals, - as for any fundamental human right. The three constitutional powers (LEJ) are interdependent, thus corruption of one do corrupt them all. Proper institutional quality assurance requires thorough diagnosis, maintenance and repairs – and even reforms sometimes. Quite alarming though, is that the western judicial systems have been systematically corrupted by the Comintern’s warfare towards ‘the west’ since 1920. Consequently, the present institutional bureaucracies have become dysfunctionalized beyond repair. Therefore, the Judicial institutions require a total reform, - by upgrading to this century of cyber technology. Thus, this blog’s thesis aligns with this decade of Sustainable Development Goals and the 4th Industrial Reform.

How-to judge right from wrong, then? Such a fundamental question is highly relevant to the SDG 16 ‘Institutions’– as well as the themes of this 10 year of blogging. In constitutional sense, the Judicial power is one of the three dimensions in the 3D ethical value-system. Those 3 axises are; good/bad, constructive/destructive and right/wrong. Thus, the outcomes are of absolute judicial values, like: right or wrong, innocent or guilty and freedom or penalty, - just like the digital states in cyber algorithms. Consequently, the Judicial apparatuses are the most suitable candidates for digitalization into cyber-technology. (Ref. blogs like UU20140912, UU20150612 and UU20170407).

Even though the Judicial institutions do judge according to the Legal power’s lawmaking, - the Executive powers’ bureaucracies are now too corrupted by the Comintern’s ‘parallel judicial apparatuses’. Criminal cases, detected by the Executive power, are misdirected to para-courts that were merely made for disputes of workers, soldiers, press, psychiatrists, clergies etc. In effect, the coldwar bureaucracies are now in a state of ‘re-built to fail’ - in order to execute the Comintern’s high treasonous Coup d’ Etat (CdE). Most alarming, with such parallel courts of criminals, the procedures of the Executive powers are overruled by Underworld Games players – ‘the untouchables’. Such Games of CoC and PROSA are talked through in blogs like UU20200501 and UU20160722.

That tabu, concerning the criminal parallel Judicial institutions, is permanently denied, - which do confirm the symptom of seriously dysfunctional organizations. Such facts are very well documented, yet systematically censored by the Comintern’s para-press. Still, in brief, its 21 conditions of 1920 dictate its unfree worker to make parallel apparatuses within the prey nations’ institutions in order to support the Comintern’s political parties’ CdE. Historically, that conspiracy was constituted by the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact of 1939 - and executed by Stalin & Hitler. Yet, their original objection seems to be to undo the 100-year-old Prussian empire - like the UN forerunner ‘Concert of Europe’. That sociopathic duo was manically executing the anti-western warfare of bad/destructive/wrong. Thus, the present anti-western legacy is named BRICS, which will be talked through in future blogs.

Anyways, the European nations were dysfunctionalized by corrupted Judicial powers and para-courts. Now, some corrupted constitutional standards are set by those underworld para-courts. (Ref. blogs like UU20141121.) Yet, most visibly, Poland struggles to counter-reform their infiltrated Judicial institutions from corrupted judges, lawyers and workers - that are remote-controlled by the KGB-regime in their neighbor state, Belarus. In solidarity, and for our own sake, the rest of the West should ignore such pre-justice of the Comintern’s para-press and should also initiate ‘judge the judge’ - as required by our true ‘Rule by Law’.

How-to judge a judge, then? This is a most pressing question, since there is no way that any parliamentary constitution can function well with some corrupted Judicial institutions. However, the Western penalty laws are very clear and strict towards unlawful judicial servants. Yet nearly none are sentenced by those underworld para-courts of disputes. Still, the governments of the democratic parliaments can order the Executive power to execute some quality assured ‘rule by law’ to the pre-judicial institutions. Moreover, and most important, the post-coldwar legislations have to be qualitative ratified into national law, - as the rule of law requires (UU20190906). Such innovations of the Judicial institutions can rather be in the concept of PPaaS – more specific, JaaS ‘Justice as a Service’ (See the previous blog UU20210303.)

Most important though – there must always be a final human judgment by truly qualified human judges.


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