SDG2030 - Workers' cast

The ‘International Workers' Day’ should rather honor the liberation from that workers’ cast of thralldoms - into true democratic citizenship. Historically, the ruins from the Comintern’s world-wars towards humanity did force the civilized united nations to legislate the Human Rights. The nations forbid any cast-system of thralls, enslaved Slavs and workers. Still, in this decade of pandemic warfare, some parallel apparatuses of some Cults of Comintern (CoC) preys on civilians - like during the purging plagues of 1919. Confidently, such abuses will be ended in this decade by proper global ratifications of the Human Rights, the Nations’ Rights and the global Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. This blog will endorse such ends by uncovering some occult mass-psychosis of such workers’ casts.

This annual issue, concerning the workers’ liberation, have been blogged for 10 years. The original perception stands - as expressed in blogs like UU20200501. That fake 3rd International, propagated by the Comintern of 1920, is the very anti-thesis against humanity, - as expressed in its 21 conditions. That is an ongoing war-game of bureau vs bourgeois, - i.e., the Russian institutions vs French-related citizens. Thus, the blogging formed several thesis, models and conclusions - like PROSA (Pro-Russian Oligarchs, Separatists and Autonoms), the P5GO (5th Pyramid Game Over), and the 4D psychosocial model for organisations.

History might very well be repeated, like some mass-psychotic script, - mistaken for prophecy, faith memes, - or simply sociopathic orders in Underworld Games of the 4th degree. There are serious indications that such scripts are refurbished for this century. Those Comintern’s conditions are determined to enslave the peasants, soldiers, press-workers - and women as sex-workers for non-capital payments. Those wars left some grave traumas, like; the Eurasian Gulags organised for mass-purging, assimilations and genocides, the corruption of legal justice, the parallel apparatuses of public disservices, the unlawful public oligarchies, their inhuman trade unions and some high-treasonous political parties as dictated by the Comintern.

Sustainable LifeQuality do require the sane United Nations to handle the insane Cults of Comintern. However, the origin of CoC is not from the 3D superpowers of the Thrones or States, - but of the Temples. The illusions of a homogenous Eurasian continent split the Temple-Throne alliance and formed the occult Temple-State conspiracy, based on the claim that the Tsarina was a Catholic spy. That schizophrenia is as dilutive as The Great Schism of 1054 that divided the Trinity Church in two. However, the Eastern faction became rather a spiritual infestation of the Mongolian/Siberian shamanism of ROC. Thus, the legacy of Rasputin, the Comintern, made the occult State-Church. The climax of the millennium crusade is known as the East vs West Cold-War – workers vs ‘bourgeois’ citizens.

Wikipedia says about the occult atheism and their workers: “Black shamanism is practiced in Mongolia and Siberia. Black Shamans are usually perceived as working with evil spirits and White Shamans work with spirits of the upper world. The highest group in the pantheon consisted of 99 Tengri, 55 whites and 44 terrifying blacks. The whites were of the nobles of the clan and the blacks of the commoners. A third category consisted of ‘the evil spirits of the slaves and non-human goblins.” (UU20200402)

Some occult red waves of genocides have been credited the demonized hosts like Atilla, Genghis and Stalin. (No wonder where the script to ‘Lord of the Rings’ came from - and the dystopian utopia ‘Brave New World’, where the epsilon cast is indifferent to the Stalinist working class.) Anyways, the propagated mass-psychosis of the working class is related to the rise of Siberian black shamanism, - like a legacy and retribution for Rasputin sr.

This uncovery of the murky origin of the worker cast has to be exposed in full – in order to minimize such inhumanity. Still, there might be legitimated reasons for retribution that will not disappear unless justified. Anyhow this syndrome, the positive path is in the true 4th International – the United Nation’s HR, NR and SDG.
Have a prosperous workers’ liberation day.


A Hard day's Night (Piano Version) https://www.youtube.com/embed/QACi14FrK-E

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Comintern, Gulag, Trinity schism, Siberian shamanism
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