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’Cyber’ is a vital concept for the Sustainable Development Goals, - especially in this decade of the 4th Industrial reform. ‘Cybertechnique’ describes the science of civil governments, which makes the Information Technology (IT) essential for this re-evolution of the public institutions (SDG16). These mass-productions of public service are as determined to such total industrial reforms, like farming, mass-productions and digitalization were in the 3 previous ones. The outcomes will as well benefit the citizens’ LifeQuality – if managed wisely. Thus, the focus of this blog is on such de-bureaucracy of the public institutions - in order to liberate the civilizations, the para-organisations of coldwar corruptions.

‘Cyber’ is an ancient political term that means ‘governance’ - concerning qualitative steering, navigation and governing. Nowadays, the term is used with suffixes like; cyberspace, cyberlaw, cybercrime, cyberwarfare, cyberterrorism, cybersex, and cyberbullying. (See blogs like UU20170721.) Such daily use of the term ‘cyber’ has re-vitalized it and is daily on the agenda. ‘Cybertechnique’ is simply about providing feedback for qualitative correction and improvements of the production. Cybertechnique is therefore also applicable for most kinds of science, like; architecture, design, biology, computing, engineering, earth system sciences, laws, management, mathematics, psychology, philosophy, sociology, art and sport. The cybertechniques was a major reason for the qualitative development of IT in the past reforms with concepts like ‘handshake’, ‘control-bits’, monitoring and automatic error-handling. Such concepts are definitely applicable and vital for cyber quality assurance too.

All Constitutions are cybernetic system – although of various stated quality and various state of quality. There are 3 constitutional LEJ powers, where the Legislative power states the qualities and allocate resources, the Executive power make the products and services and the Judicial power gets the feedback to judge whether any qualitative deviations require corrections. Theoretically, the ideal constitutional cybernetics are free from any corruption of any kind. It is simply like a machine. However, the corruption from the cold-war is alarming – yet denied with falsified alarms by the parallel apparatuses. This is a main concern in the UU blogs like the citated in the following paragraphs:

”All things considered, most systems of LEJD quality appears severely dysfunctional, when considering (…) LifeQuality (…). That is thoroughly denied by some constitutional powers, which proves the state of dysfunctionality. Yet, there is a simple preventative and constructive (method) for significant improvements. This can be done by virtualized cyber bureaucracy. Start by correcting the executive powers’ redirecting of organized crime from the common legal systems and direct them to the proper civil penalty legal systems. This will reduce the organized crimes in the public sectors dramatically.” (UU20190801) Note: In cybertechnique terms, the feedback system for corrective quality ensurance is shortcut by parallel organisation apparatus – as dictated in the Comintern 21 conditions to its radicalized collaborators.

“An IR4-way to view a solution for proper Quality of LEJD, lies in the previously comparison of the Legislative power with a computers’ Operative Systems (UU20170512). The analogue goes for computer bugs, computer viruses and computer parasites as well. Therefore, an efficient and realistic quality assurance for the Judicial powers will be to reconstruct and innovate the whole Judicial powers by means of virtual IT and automation. Besides, a success in healing the ( ) Legislative power is particular important for the rest of the ( ) nations, since (the nation) is a dominant Juridical power for all of them. Still, the infectious bureaucratic system is pandemic and has been so throughout the cold-war. Such projects must involve all of the Quality of LEJD. The IR4 & SR4 (4th Industrial & Social Revolution) are the waves that can be utilized progressively for this and provide the power to surf it through. In conclusion, (…) events to come is not that unpredictable anymore, - when using relevant models for analysis.” Consequently, in order to promote the SDG 16, the United Nations should provide proper designs and cyber applications for IR4 Judicial powers to all UN member states for free, - at least for all UN legislations, - but also consolidations with national legislations.” (See blogs like UU20200501, UU20170623 and UU20170728)

Consequently, the utmost task to ensure all the UN SDGs quality is obviously to eliminate all the constitutional anti-cyber apparatuses. 'The international association of red trade unions’ are such ‘built to fail’ ‘parallel organisational apparatuses’ – as dictated in the Cominterns 10th condition to its worker cast. That dictate is no ideology, but a 100 years wargame of sociopathic piracy – in order to bondage all civilizations and democratic citizens. (See blogs like blogs like UU20191004.)

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