SDG2030 - AI vs ai

Issues of Artificial Intelligence (AI) should not be too alarming, - when mastered by human ethics. The artificial idiocy, though, is already a serious hazard to the citizens, civilizations and humankind. Thus, the ‘ai’ should indeed be a main issue for the 16th Sustainable Development Goal (Institutions), thus the whole UN SDG 2030 Program. Therefore, the focus of this blog is on the intelligence of public institutions in order to prevent critical artificial idiocy.

Briefly: Intelligence is said to be the capacity for logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, emotional knowledge, reasoning, planning, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving. Yet, the standard measure for adults, IQ (intelligence quotient), is not comparable to minors, disabled or elderly. Intelligence is also observed in animals, plants and machines. These are not comparable to human IQ either. Still, no one scores high on every kind of IQ, but rather a single kind. Thus, a person might score very high on logic, social or self-awareness, but low score on others, - like a ‘nerd’ might be socially very unintelligent. Hence, Artificial Intelligence of machines might rather be like autism, - which also applies for organisational machines like bureaucracies as well as technocracies.

The term ‘idiocy’ refers to an IQ score below 30/100, - which basically means solving 1/3 of ones needs. It is questionable, though, if that is rather due to instinct, intuition, instructions and mimics. Still, tools are not intelligent, but can be used in more or less intelligent ways – although some do advertise their products as ‘smart’ and ‘intelligent’. Likewise, no book, program or constitution are intelligent in themselves, but do have qualities to be utilized intelligent – or idiotic. Thus, institutions can be operated in ‘AI’ or ‘ai’ ways – just like any other tools.

Results of ‘idiocy’ can occur despite normal intelligence, though. Unwanted outcomes might be due to; bondage, force, violations, blackmail, threats, disinformation, masspsychosis, denials, ulterior agendas, collective dysfunctionalities, unforeseeable complexities, ‘butterfly effects’, Hasse's algorithm, imperfect orders, faulty coding, ‘data bugs’ etc. All of such ‘ai’ could and should be diagnosed, repaired and proper maintenance. The previous blog UU20210704, focus on why Cyber is a most important in this 4th industrial reform. In brief, though, this ancient concept provides quality correction by feedback about deviations and faults deviations and faults for intelligent quality ensurance.

Unfortunately, too little is done to late in masses of institutional issues. Public IT scandals have become a norm. Consequent continuation of such ‘artificial idiocy’ has become a trademark for public services. Still, unintelligent digitalization of the 3rd industrial reform is dominant to the public institutions. Civil servants seem unable to free the intuitions from such ‘ai’, yet are freed themselves from legal consequences. (See blogs like UU20210501)

Hence ‘artificial idiocy’ (ai) is not the main reason for the institutional dysfunctionality, though, - but rather ‘cyber parasites’. Most intuitions were seriously war-damaged throughout the previous century, - due to the war-declaration of 1920 towards the western nations and citizens. However, is then a war-damaged institutional cyber-system artificial idiocy? Certainly not – just like any infiltrated, manipulated and assimilated nation is forced into self-harming, like a Mariotte State degrading any free citizens to its working caste – like the so-called ‘useful idiots’.

The alarming aspect is still as concluded in the blog UU20210402. “A warning concerning the escalating institutional para-technocracy, though. The post-coldwar ratified laws are as messy and dysfunctional as the PC Operative System OS2, which, when dilutional denials could no longer rule, - were finally abandoned by its own creators. However, that technocracy is deployed into most western institutional computers. Then, that plutocracy sold the technology, customers and employees to BRICS. Consequently, that very anti-thesis to the West was granted access to western most institutions – like some remote-controlled parallel apparatuses. Conclusively, the highest priority should be security innovations in the concepts of NATO cyber and resilience security - as well as the SDG.“

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