SDG2030 - true & false

‘true or false’ is the simplest logical statement – yet the very basis for our overwhelmingly advanced systems. However, an altered statement can have fatal consequences for anything like; profiling, votes, alarms, cybernetics, automation, big data, artificial intelligence, as well as governing, ruling and judging. Still ‘false negative’ or ‘false positive’ statements can be corrected by proper cyber-systems with feed-back control. Any civil human will certainly favor such. Nevertheless, the ethics are quite the opposite in any kind of warfare. The coldwar was particularly aimed towards ‘western’ bureaucracies during the 3rd industrial reform of digitalization. Thus, there are crucial unrepairable ‘false’ systems in the constitutional institutions. Fortunately, though, these Institutions are one of the united nations’ obligated Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, - namely the SDG16. This blog follows up the previous blogs concerning ‘AI vs ai’ and ‘BigData psychoses.

Digital logic is based on the Boolean algebra, where an item can have one of two states like; 1/0, positive/negative, true/false, yes/no, on/off etc. Boolean is different from the elementary algebra (+, -, *, /) since the main operations are conjunction (and), disjunction (or) and negation (not). Such states (bits) and operations (cpu) are now numbered in billions/sec even for the smallest devices like pc, phones and any other IoT. Surely any digital system is based on technology of cyber quality correction by feedback that fixes false negative or positive bits.

Still, errors are frequent - also those that are undetected until too late. Most such errors, or ‘bugs’, of a single bit’s state are insignificant and automatically corrected. Yet some bits are important, like + or – for budgets, yes or no for voting, guilty or not in judging, etc. Simple psychosocial transaction analysis (TA) does certainly uncover such ‘bugs’ in seemingly comprehensive political decisions, - like ‘yes, but no’. Furthermore, some bits are crucial, like false alarms that are called ‘false negative’ or ‘false positive’. Such hypothetical consequences of ‘programmed to lie’ thus artificial insanity, is expressed in scientific fables like HAL 9000 (left-shifted letters). The fable ‘I robot’ introduce the human ethical law of robotics (AI).

However, such accidental ‘bugs’ are no longer the main concern, but rather the deliberated data-hacking, -viruses and -parasites. There is no safety in a perfect computer-system, when its computer operators are manipulated. Alarmingly though, public institutions are too reluctant to upgrade their systems to the present security requirements and options. Yet, operators are granted collective administrative authority that enables undetected and anonym access to read, copy and alter any data of anything and anyone. No wonder that the Institutional BigData and AI might become big psychosis and artificial idiocy. Anyhow such sociopathic parallel organisations have become, there is still merely one single bit to alter to cause waste damages to the civilizations.

Some hypothetical examples of such fatal bit of true/false could be; the Brexit election, ratification of the global human rights, do/don’t SDG-2030, the Rotterdam bombing, the Turkish palace-guards’ coup-alarm, the shots in Sarajevo and Texas, most CdE Games, some SARS-Covid lockdowns, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, the Pigs Bay invasion, the Chernobyl disaster, extreme climate politics, the Apollo 13 launch, GNP budgets, the Enola Gay drop, ILOVEYOU (not), as well as most disastrous institutional projects.

All in all, the quality of data is as important at micro- as well as macro levels, - simply because the BigData is based on bits and AI is based on data. Therefore, the IT models and methods can be converted to constitutional systems as well. Thus the 4 constitutional LEJD powers of civilized nations (the Legal, Executive, Juridical & Democratic powers) are as jeopardized like the tiniest IoT device.

A 100-year-old ‘news’ is that the anti-constitutional ‘Cults of Comintern’ (CoC) has prepared its virus parallel organisational apparatuses (POA) since WW1. Still, the good news is that our constitutional systems can apply digitalized models to re-gain proper quality of constitutions. (See blogs like UU20200501.)

UN Sustainable Development Goals https://sdgs.un.org/goals
Boolean algebra: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boolean_algebra

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