SDG2030 - Infrastructures

Advanced Infrastructures promote advanced civilizations. The public institutions are responsible for any kind of public infrastructural development, availability and maintenance. Moreover, the term infrastructure is here extended by including the new technologies, society and humanity’s advances. Although ridiculed a century ago, our present Information technological infrastructure is fundamental for any advanced civilization. Hence the upcoming virtual infrastructure will be as vital in a few decades. However, being ‘blinded by technology’ is alarming, since our LifeQuality concerns the development of the society for humans and the humanity. After all, the neural and social networks are kind of infrastructures too. The focus in this blog is somewhat general, though, - but will be rather hypothetical in some following blogs.

The global Sustainable Development Goal 09 is; “to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation”. The Institutions (SDG17) are responsible to build, maintain and innovate these infrastructures. However, the SDG goals and targets must rather be considered as hints and indications than workable qualitative requirements to our needs. Moreover, a main confusion is that the CO2 target not even included in SDG13 ‘Environment’, but merely mentioned once in SDG09. Thus, this blog is an effort to further elaborate on the main institutional obligations.

Issues of Infrastructures were generally talked through in the blogs like ‘Public Market Failures’ (UU20210605 and UU20170630). A main point is that: “Products and services can be categorized into ‘necessary’ and/or ‘tradeable’ – or not. Some require markets for exchange, whilst other cannot be priced and traded at all. Thus, there are both markets’ ‘commercial failures’ and ‘public failures’ - categorized as commercial or public– i.e., practically or legally.” Furthermore, the development of Public ‘hyper-services’ should be a main challenge for the public institutions in order to innovate the infrastructure services in the concepts of XaaS, meaning ‘Anything as a Service’, - especially the Markets (Platforms) and the infrastructure aaS. (UU2017.juni.30)

All of these infrastructures will be substantially advanced in this decade of the 4th Industrial and Social Reform (IR4 & SR4). Just imagine consequences of the new electric energy infrastructures that will decentralize and democratize the oligarchic oil elites’ infrastructures. The digital infrastructures are already changing services, consumptions and distributions – yet merely just began the innovations. Virtual market-places for public, as well as commercial, services, will elevate access, knowledge and deliveries of public self-services of public properties. (PPaaS, see blogs like UU20210303) Infrastructures for virtualizations of citizens in meta-verses will open the world, the market-places and interactions for anyone, anywhere, anyhow - at anytime. Just imagine meeting your fellow ancient soulmate over dinner in Mesopotamia, at work in Metropolises or leisure on the terraformed Moon.

Consequently, the quality of infrastructures is entirely dependent on the quality of the public services – hence the public servants’ cybernetic lawfulness. However, there are interdependencies of the public and commercial markets due to both kind of markets’ failures. Therefore, joint partnerships (SDG17) must be promoted by the SDG16 Institutions for success of SDG09 infrastructure in order to reach all the SDGs in 2030. Furthermore, the public enterprises have to be controlled by strict rule by law to minimize the corrupting oligarchies, state-aid abuses and market predatory (SDG16). The penalty laws are in fact as strict for the public enterprises as the commercial.

Still, we have no way to understand the changes we are making to ourselves – just like in the start of the 3 previous reforms. However, some hypothesis will be initiated in the following in blogs, - based on the idea that humanity is born and developing, - just like an infant. Our global neural-network is working somehow, just like the central neural system for an infant at the age of 3.

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