QoH - One Humanity

We are Humanity, - like a single human being. This statement founds the hypotheses to this new blog-series. It is based on the simple realisation of how far our development have come, - individually, nationally and globally. We are currently in a new ‘level up’. However, this escalated phase for Humanity is foremost a real challenge of how-to make us well-functional, like the ancient philosophies of humanity.

Some previous dysfunctionalities are due to Believes that a single human, or collective, is indirectly omniscient, - that claims to fully understand what we are and will become. Such fatal Believes of ideologies, policies and theologies are self-destructive to our Humanity. Therefore, the main quest to this blog is to argue why no-one should Believe they are superior or inferior. Thus, the focus is to relate the SDGs and QoH to some basics of the psychosocial models from previous UU blogs.

For starters, the United Humanity was formalized in 1966 by the United Nations’ ICCPR and ICESC declarations. The Human/Humanity became real by this obligation to ratify all united national laws, - contrary to all institutional violations and unlawfulness. Like the Magna Carta implies, these human rights are legally inherited properties for any human being, - just like our organs are. Legally, public organisations’ violations of anyone’s inherited human right are as criminal as to anyone’s property or personality. These obligations and rights are now stated in the first SDGs, whilst the second part concerns our globe’s necessaries and the last SDGs concerns our national civilizations. (See blogs like UU20140905)

Still, the definition QoH (Quality of Humanity) do not directly relate the UN HR, like the definition of QoL (LifeQuality/LQ). Still, the QoH do relate indirectly, since our Humanity embraces all the individual human lives. Thus, the UN is a main organisational embodiment of the Humanity. Therefore, the humanity is unified as one organism by our common ego-states; ‘Drive’, ‘Will’ and ‘Belief’. The ten years of blogging includes such reflections, which will be talked through till 2030. Still - concluded that Superiority and Inferiority are two psychosocial extremes that requires remedies to lessen the diluted dysfunctionalities. The following summaries shows some basics of the integrated psychosocial models called 3D, 3x3 and 3^3.

Clinically, a healthy positive attitude towards oneself and others is; OK-OK (I’m, OK – you’re OK). Totalitarian isms degrade their counterpart into not-OK (KO). Such mutual downwards spiral leads to the KO-KO mentality. Such never-ending Games of Superior Egos have been deadlocking for 1000s of years - and have escalated like a Pyramid Games. Institutions could resolve their dysfunctionalities - if willing and able to mentally shift from Denials to Realizations - that Believes do include some untruths.

The 4th and 5th level Games of Superior-Egos are unimaginable to most sane humans. However, history evidences such collective self-destruction of Humanity over and over again. A main hypothesis is that such Games of Superiority are only possible to plan and execute by mass-assimilation to a collective ‘KO-KO’ state of minds. A preventive counter-action is therefore to collectively expose the sociopathic mass-psychotic schizophrenia that escalates to mass-neurotic hysteria. (See blogs like UU20190628 and UU20190628.)

The synthesis of the Supremacy dimension is based on Freud’s classical psychological ‘ego-state’ of Superior-Ego, - i.e., Belief overruling Will and Drive. It was sub-categorized into S-I (Superior-ID), S-E (Superior-Ego) and S-D (Superior-Devine). It does not include theological or philosophical question of existence of long-gone ancestors, gods or other divinities, - but do include such believes or denials. However, the Belief dimension cannot be as tangible as Will or Drive. Additionally, the value-system of Good/Use/Right (GUR) and Throne/State/Temple (Th/St/Te) are still valid and re-vitalized in this sense.

More theoretically specific, - the new 3^3 social sub-categories to the ego-state ‘Belief’ are called: UNO (Universal Natural Order) and is a UB (UnderConcience Belief) and a sub-category of Drive that relates to S-I (Superior-ID). WoW (Well of Wisdom) is a CB (Conscience Belief) subcategory that relates to CW (Conscience Will). SET (Supreme Extra Terrestrial) is an OB (OverConcience Belief) and a sub-category of Belief that relates to S-D (Superior-Devine). (See blogs like UU20150403 and UU20151030.)

Still, most important though, is the globally obligated respect for the Quality of Humanity and any Life (QoH and QoL). That require the obvious acknowledgement that no-one is identical, but all are unique in qualities, properties and conscience. For example, there are tens of different kinds of intelligence, which varies for anyone. Yet most IQs are rather underrated, due to simpleminded Belief of personal superiority. Such issues will be addressed in the following blogs - in order to provide some better understanding of what our Humanity really might become.

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