SDG2030/P5GO-5c –Tengri Kremlin

The millennium-war between ‘East vs West’ is theocratic, - Eurasian Tengri vs Trinity. The ROC’s method to un-paganize ‘the East’ was to redefine Tengri theology as atheistic - thus diluting itself that the religious reality does not exist. That excommunication enabled the Tengri theocracy to secretly execute GoT (Games of Temples). Consequently, the history shows extreme purging by red-golden hordes of Mongolian/Tatarian patriarchs like Genghis, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Kim, - like their archetype Attila the Hun. Now, the Eastern Tengri theocracy is once again prepared for a centennial GoT towards ‘the West’. Alarmingly, the PPP seems having altered Ego into yet another Hister wannabe – that might again exploit some prophesies as apocalyptic scripts for Games of self-purging. This blog is meant to uncover such Game of Temples’ Motives, Moves and Manipulations.

This synthesis of Tengri P5GO (5th Pyramid Game Over) is based on previous blogged Historical 5D events, like: The all-Russian Kremlin stems from Belarus/Ukraine/Novgorod of the 9th century, even though Moscow claimed to be the 3rd Rome in the 16th century. The tsardom’s legitimation is based on the claimed victory of the three Mongol/Tatar Khanate of Kazan, Astrakhan, Siberia – and the claim that they stopped the Eastern terror on the West. Still history indicates that the golden-red hordes simply passed through Moscow for their centennial purge of Western Christians. Fundamentally, the Trinity church was split due to an unexplainable new ‘leading’ star (supernova) in 1054, which left the Trinity in dysfunctional confusion. Tengri theocrats used that confusion to infiltrate with Mongolian/Tatarian shamanism of its 99 deities. Last century, the Siberian black shaman, Rasputin sr. was played in GoT in Kremlin to terminate the Romanov ‘Westernized tsardom’, as well as the German, Austrian/Hungarian and Vatican empires.

Anyhow the historical ‘pravda’, - some fundamental historical events need re-evaluations for quality-ensurance. That is simply a necessity to heal the Kremlin psychosocial crises of dysfunctionality. This thesis suggests testing out the psychosocial models for organisational 3x3D analysis, the GUR ethics, the 5D event evaluations and Games analysis. (See blogs like UU20180302)

Some relevant hypothesis is that there is some Tengri dominance in the Kremlin psychosocial state. Kremlin has become ‘built to fail’ in order to execute ‘western’ genocidal self-purging. Its manic-depressive, bipolarity oscillates gradually and climaxes as planned. The centennial timeline seems to be reset in the year 99, followed by some ulterior milestones, like in 9, 13, 18, 27, 39, 44, 55, 63 and 81. The CCD (colonial collapse disorder) is due to some organisational AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) that weakens the Kremlin host to be overrun by golden-red purging hordes of Tengri mass-psychosis. The cornered mass-neurotic defenses project its dilutions of doom by its own Trinity apocalyptic scrips, - like some occult retaliation versions of John’s Revelation, thus; a demonized second coming; the 4 horsemen of doom (disease, division, famine and slaughter); a genocide of all the living Humans. Such diluted theocratic psychosis suggests that the Tengri spirits are finally freed from their human body by death. It is like some GoT version of the genocidal war-Game; ‘It all Started with the Retaliation’ (ISR), ‘Bread Them Out’ (BTO) and ‘One's Death Another's Bread’ (ODAB). The mass-blessing of warriors in the PPP’s Black Cathedral, made of Nazi Steel, is merely one symptom to that insanity. It might end in a self-righteous abuse of some ‘Tsar Bomba’. (See blog like UU20200402.)

The PPP had its Ego-state altered gravely during the Olympics in Beijing 2022. The indisputable evidence is the ulterior motivated war-declaration of ‘Rus vs Rus vs Rus’. The PPP and PPX (Xi) signed a 99-paragraph joint statement that mutually support each other’s plutocratic Games towards civilizations, - just like the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of 1939 that founded the Stalin/Hitler-alliance and the joint attack on Poland.

How can Kremlin be healed? That might be the question of this century. Nonetheless, the dysfunctionality is inherited in its 9 institutions of 4 Churches (Temples) and 5 Palaces (Thrones). Those are like organisational Superior ego-state, the S-Ego and the S-Id. The 3x3D theory claims that such institutions could be balanced into ego-states like Drive (RF, AF, WL), Will (KoC, GdE, GoT) and Belief (UNO, WoW, SET). (See blogs like UU20150227, UU20150306 and UU20150313) This issue will be followed up in later blogs.

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Extra UU – Future Tengrism

There are very different versions of Tengrism, like the fundamental rivalry of the 55 White deities against the 44 Black of terror. Also, there is the rivaleri of the Red vs the Yellow. The yellow Tengrism is more known as Buddhism and the Dalai Lama. The Black of the Beijing State have been purging the Yellow in Tibet for decades.
Anyways, Dr. Michio Kaku seems to be mostly related to the Yellow Tengrism – and thereby able to evolved positive philosophies for our future.

Interview: The Future of Time Travel, Aliens & The Universe - Dr. Michio Kaku https://youtu.be/DXtpibqvFfE

Here are also links to documentaries of some red-black Tengri hordes of genocidal patriarchs. Genghis Khan - Rise Of Mongol Empire - BBC Documentary - by roothmens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAFnxV2GYRU
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