SDG2030/P5GO-5a – Kremlinology

The millennium-war between ‘East vs West’ is Eurasian, - not merely European. The war is not even geographical, but rather mental. It is fought as a theocratic war-Game for supremacy due to the unforeseen ‘miracle’ in 1054. Still, this seemingly never-ending rivaleri is determined and is about to terminate by astronomical calendars. The end of this Phishes Age/Era about now, - not like some apocalypse, but like some calendar new-year’s eve. The challenge for our Humanity, though, is to arbitrate and moderate any kind of such psychosocial Games. This blog is therefore dedicated the uncovery of some ulterior causes and motives to the insane Eurasian War-Game of Divide And Conquer (DAC).

The hypothesis so far is that the Kremlin, ‘the fortress inside a city’ (Moscow) is heavily influenced by Tengri theocracy. The Tengri theology is considered atheistic and therefor ulterior to ROC. Hence, there is some historical background that have to be addressed. Yet, official history-telling is the sole privilege for the victorious, - even if false, half-true or denied. Such masspsychosis are the fundamental cause to dysfunctional conditions. Hence it is necessary to re-evaluate historical 5D events of the past - regardless of any guardians of masspsychosis. The following is therefore points that might be true and might change perception of the ongoing ‘Rus vs Rus vs Rus’ suicidal Game.

The Kremlin complex is as mysterious as the Vatican, hence the related psychosocial terms Vaticanology and Kremlinology. Still, these organisations are made by humans in image of our Humanity’s properties. Therefore, Kremlinology is like organisational psycho-analysis, that can include the models for psychosocial Game theories, organisational dysfunctionality analysis, 3D ethics etc. Still, the very basic requirements for proper diagnosis treatment are; honesty; sanity; and the whole truth. Unfortunately, ulterior Gamers are based on the very opposite. Hence, it is necessary to question some dogmas, taboos and myths. Here are some 5D historical considerations.

Conclusively, the Kremlin is probably the most interesting organisation for psychosocial analysis. The Kremlin has certainly the most potentials for healing. In fact, the level of dysfunctional delusions has proven to be most harmful for itself, its empire, the neighboring nation, the world peace and the Humanity. The Kremlin is continually manic-depressive, thus, psychotic and mass-neurotic. Even though its 4 rivaling temples and 5 palaces is complex in itself, - surely such dysfunctional organisations are highly influenced by external Gamers. Anyways, the first step is simply to calm down and getting realistic – by being truthful.

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