SDG2030/P5GO-6a – Trinity Schism of 1054
The 1000 years the War-Game between the ‘East vs West’ is theocratic. Yet, the public history does hardly mention this fundamental origin – not even now in its 4th degree (War) and alerts of the 5th degree (Apocalypse). However, such theocratic Games are not truly religious as in the ‘fundamental philosophies of existence’. Such Gamers simply abuses of some theistic memes, dogmas and rituals to deceive certain ‘useful idiots’. Such Games of Temples (GoT) are simply Gamers’ psychosocial manipulations for unjust Gains. Thus, this UU blog and some following, aim to uncover some causes, dysfunctionalities and remedies to these frequent Russian proxy Wars.

Theoretically, true religion is not included in the theses of P5GO (5th Pyramid Game Over) - or the 3D psychosocial models. Devine issues are considered as undiscovered realities and relate to hypotheses of the 4th Dimension. It is beyond the individual ego-states of Belief, - like unknown objective ideas are beyond the subjective perceptions. Prior UU blogs present some attempts to philosophize about such with the 4D categories called: WoW (Well of Wisdom), SET (Supreme Extra Terrestrial) and UNO (Universal Natural Order). (See blogs like UU20160916 and UU20180302.)

Nonetheless, theocratic psychosocial Games are still defined as ulterior, conning and mostly destructive, -just like the present Eurasian War-Game towards Ukraine. In fact, the patriarch Kirill of East and the Pope of West are now re-engaged with those millennium rivaleri of exchanging insults. In this century, the trigger was the liberation of the Ukrainian church from the Russian by the Patriarchy of Constantinople in 2018. This contradicts the Moscow declaration of itself as the 3rd Rome instead of Kiev in the 16th century. That statement also said that there will be no 4th Rome, because that requires the anti-Christ to make it fall. (UU20220417)

Moreover, ‘The Great Schism’ of 1054 is the original Game against the Trinity theology. The Eastern Russian Orthodox Church and the Western Catholic Church disagreed on the Trinity hierarchy. The ROC patriarchy could not tolerate the catholic statement that; the holy Spirit was of both the Father and the Son; his body was symbolized by unleavened bread; and there is a patriarchal leader like the Pontifex Maximus, the Pope.

However, the original trigger to this millennium theocratic War-Game was probably an assumed miracle. A star in the constellation Orion went super-nova - seemingly a new star appeared in the year 1054. Orion’s head seemed to blown up by the horn of the constellation Taurus, - the zodiac Era/Age of Egypt before the Old Testament’s Arian sign. Today, the remains are called the Crab nebula, which might occultly be related to the Cancer constellation, symbolled by the number 69. This will be the main issue in the next UU blog.

Nevertheless, this GoT version of TLM (Two Little Maidens) did extend to the Game LYAHF (Let’s You And Him Fight). That third ulterior Gamer was of the spiritual Tengri theocracy of Asia. Thus, the East/West momentum shifted from Hagia Sophia of the Christian Rome (Roma2) towards the Ural Mountain range. Those 99 Tengri spirits are Believed to be superior to any Human, including the Western Pope, the Eastern Kirill, - as well as the holy Father and Son Christ. Theologically, that could be as occult as an anti-Christ.

A preliminary conclusion, is that the PPP in the theocratic Kremlin seems highly influenced by Eastern theism, - which opposes the theology of the Christian center and the West. Lately, the PPP mental health has been questioned due to the irreconcilable mania to exaggerate that war-Game of ‘Rus vs Rus vs Rus’. This centennial purging Game started in the spring-time, - like some 1st degree LYAHF Game of the psycho-state Drive. Actually, the two Covid Games started in the spring-time too. All-in-all, the PPP seemed highly radicalized after the Beijing Olympics of 2022 – timely altering the Ego-state like some Rasputin Jr. This issue will be further explored in the following UU blogs.

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Extra UU The Great Schism of the Trinity church in 1054

“The East–West Schism (also known as the Great Schism or Schism of 1054) was the break of communion which occurred in the 11th century between the Western and Eastern churches. Immediately following the schism, it is estimated that Eastern Christianity comprised a slim majority of Christians worldwide, with the majority of remaining Christians being Western. The schism was the culmination of theological and political differences which had developed during the preceding centuries between Eastern and Western Christianity.” Wikipedia
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