SDG2030/P5GO-3b – PPP Grand Parade

Tomorrow is the annual grand parade where Russians demonstrate their military forces to both friends and foes. Traditionally, the parade is dedicated the fall of the Nazi regime. However, this year’s parade is unusual though, since the PPP has labelled their Ukrainian ‘brothers in arm’ as Nazis. That includes all the freedom fighter, women and children, any civilian – even the Jewish president. However, Humanity’s global insight via the internet have altered that propaganda and invasion decisive. The parade will not consist of the return of 10,000s dead soldiers, the wrecked 1,000s of tanks, 100s of planes and 10s of boats. Instead, the parade will display the next victims in line to that self-destructive insanity. In brief, this week’s blog is dedicated a rather alternative point of view to uncover the traditional Russian Underworld Game BOOFY.

Theoretically, the psychosocial Game BOOFY was described in blogs like UU20150306: “BOOFY is based on a Russian proverb saying, ‘Beat your Own and Others will Fear You’. That psycho-state is based on Parents’ punishing their Children and causing traumas. That abuses cause projections of not-OK transaction to others. Adults’ experience of unexplained fear can stem from UW (UnderConcient Will), which is related to UD and UB (UnderConcience Drive and Belief). Emotionally, some outbursts of accumulated negativity are as necessary as flushing the toilet. It should not be directed towards other people, though, - but to some mental sanitary systems. Unfortunately, (the phobia) Hate is abused as means in Games of Terror.” Now it is the culture of PROSA and the Red Mafia. Also see other blogs concerning; oligarchic para-police and -military (UU20150306). Related classic Games are; SWYMD, NIGYSOB, LYAHF and LPAFJ; and UU Games like ISR, Jante/TUD, TLM/TOL, RRRP and ODAB.

The 5D psycho-historical hypothesis of pasts are summarized in UU20200402 “The S-E/S-I (Superior-Ego/ID) theories of organizations can even be lifted to Global levels during centuries. A most outstanding example is the CdE Game in the Winter Palace in 1913, - the ‘Dagmar Syndrome’ (the failed CdE Game that led to the Russian revolution and 100 years of global warfare). It started as a simple TLM/TOL Game (Two Little Maidens) between the rivalling tsarinas from Germany and Denmark. This is an ultimate example that cloaking of ulterior Games can lead to unlimited cascades of misdeeds and mischiefs, - like a snowball can cause an avalanche, - like a match can cause a forest fire and like the shot in Sarajevo.”. (UU20141219 and UU20180323)

The self-proclaimed 3rd Rome collapses every century, like from some theocratic calendar. Now there is the war of ‘Rus vs Rus vs Rus’ again. This imperial dysfunctionality, this executive ‘built to fail’, should not be expanded to global wars again. Hopefully, the UN prevents that. How to help, then? The answer might be like all the theories of the therapy of the smallest dysfunctional organisations – the families. The culture of the Winter Palace is assimilated into the Kremlin by the PPP. As for godfathers, mobsters and mafia families, the United Nations need to treat the dysfunctional empire as a dysfunctional family. Do not pick up the Gamers fight of violence, but rather disarm, reason and support to the remaining sane.

The PPP was seated as president in 1999 when the predecessor simply had to de-Throne himself. However, as a KGB agent, the loyal forces were by the secret police and not the military. Still, any president needs loyal forces in order to keep the position. Thus, there have been parallel rivalries of the KGB vs FSB and RA vs RAF. Most active in the Ukraine invasion have been the traditional KGB of Belarus, not the FSB, - as well as the RAF related Wagner Groups and some foreign armies. Now there is unrest in the Red Army since they suffer far more than planned. It seems that there is an ulterior parallel war-Game towards the RA and the FSB. It could even look like the War towards Ukraine is like the concept of the Danish purging war in 1863 - to eliminate the former royal family’s loyal army. (See this week’s Extra UU.)

Conclusively, the Grand military parade on 9th of May 2022 might be the Red Army’s opportunity to remove their real rival – the PPP.

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Dancing like a gun – John Foxx

Extra UU – The Danish Purging war of 1963

The Danish Thrown shifted from the Prussian family of Oldenburg to Glücksburg in 1963. The king was dying and had no succeeding heir to the Throne. The new Danish king was not of any royal family, but the queen Louise was. In that transition, the Throne’s sovereign power was transferred to the State’s executive bureaucrats.
Naming the king ‘father-in-law of Europe, is not quite right, since there were no royal Y chromosomes left in the royal blood. ‘The ‘mother-in-law of Europe’ would be closer to some truth. Anyways, Dagmar, the last functioning tsarina of Russia was of this family and became the ‘mother-in-law of Russia and the Winter Palace’. (See blogs like UU20141219 and UU20180323)

The second Schleswig war is traumatic for the Danish historians. However, with some simple psychosocial Game analysis, - it is rather easy to see that the pathetic senseless invasion of Germany probably was about to get rid of the ‘kings’ men’ - that were loyal to the previous King and skeptical to the new regime.

Documentary - The Battle of Dybbøl 1864 [EN SUB]
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Schleswig_War