SDG2030/QoH – Workers’ SDG-8 day

The ‘International Workers' Day’ is an annual issue in these UU blogs. They can be found in the blog listing page. The main issue last year concerned the thousands of years thralldom for workers - that was renewed a century ago by the Russian empire’s Comintern – and renamed from workers’ cast to workers’ class. Still, the same god-damn thing, though. Anyways, that self-proclaimed 3rd Rome collapses centennially, like in 2020 as in 1920, - when the Comintern projected its own dysfunctionalities on the Russian bourgeois citizens and degraded them to petty workers (UU20210501). Now, the world’s civilized nations have managed to unite in the UN and do promote the Human Rights, the Nations’ Rights and the Global Sustainable Goals for 2030. Thus, this blog aims to reason why our Humanity should emphasis on healing from that occult mass-psychotic Tengri dogma - that ‘demons rule workers’.

The SDG-8 should rightfully be the main focus on this ‘International Workers' Day’. It is basically about all the UN nations’ obligations to the Sustainable Development Goal - SDG8 ‘Decent work and economic growth’. The SDG-8 is a precondition to; the SDG-1, No poverty; SDG-2, No hunger; SDG-3, Good health; SDG-4, Quality education and SDG-5, Gender equality. These SDGs are the continuum of the Universal legality of the Human Rights. (GHRL UU20170721) The SDG-8 is also required for all the other Sustainable Development Goals. Still, to reach that, all the united nations, and especially the UN itself, require a well-functional SDG-16 ‘Peace, justice and strong institutions’.

However, the SDG-8 is hardly mentioned, but rather hindered on this ‘International Workers' Day’. The main reason is talked through yearly in this decade of blogs. The main BDW anti-thesis is illegally legitimated by the Russian Comintern’s 21 conditions of 1920 via their oligarchic ‘red worker unions’. In fact, that dogma declares its international war against the civilized ‘yellow labor unions’, the citizens (bourgeois) and all ‘western’ nations. Its extreme anti-human concept for mass-assimilation was deployed as Gulag worker camps all over Eurasia. Similar dictates of global war-crimes towards Humanity seem to be centennially renewed - like in 2022 with Kremlin’s theocratic warfare towards Ukraine. Such a ‘Nova Comintern’ in the Kremlin is based on former secret police services from Ivan the terrible. That Underworld War-Game is executed of myriads of ‘nova’ underworld PROSA Gamers of red mafia, red army faction, KGB, red unions, red press, red police, red socks (red stockings) and other hordes of other ulterior ‘suckers’’ organisations. (UU20220327)

The Red Mafia is the main Game Player in the anti-UN warfare towards the civil workers, though. The Red Mafia matches all the descriptions for Underworld Games of mobster crimes. As a youngster, the PPP was recruited by the Leningrad underworld, assimilated and infiltrated as secret service agent (KGB). He was deployed as the PPP during the 1999 Coup d’ Kremlin. The Kremlin spirit of Ivan the Terrible is resurrected for this muppetry - just like the Georgian godfather before, Ioseb, alias Stalin/Steel. Now the PPP is assimilated to that Kremlin heritage and do indeed resume that god-damn ruling. Still, the PPP’s decisive radicalization was triggered during the Olympic Games of 2022 in Beijing. Sequently, the PPP Party made a political request to the PPP to ‘liberate’ two Ukrainian regions from Ukrainian –like the Ukrainian region Crimea was illegally annexed in 2014 – strongly enforced by 5th columnists of the Red Mafia’s Red Unions.

Conclusively, the success of SDG-16 ‘Peace, justice and strong institutions’ is a prerequisite to the SDG-8 ‘Descent work and economic growth’. The 100 years of thralldom by the Red Unions domination will continue to corrupt until its parallel Court apparatuses are disabled. All the UN nations’ courts have to overrule public prosecutor according to their civil Rule by Law. All the red unions’ criminal cases have to be directed to the true Penalty Courts – instead of some parallel courts - like Labor Courts of the mobster Stalin’s Comintern.

UN Sustainable Development Goals https://sdgs.un.org/goals
Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth: https://sdgs.un.org/goals/goal8
Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions: https://sdgs.un.org/goals/goal16
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