SDG2030/P5GO-4a – Coup d’ UN

This blog focus on the 4th P5GO scenario – ‘Coup d’ UN’. That War-Game might downfall Humanity’s global peace and order, - the foundation of anyone’s LifeQuality (LQ). still, the UN HQ building still stands, yet now threated from within by para-diplomacy. Such a CdUN Game is rather based on true idiocy than xIQ (UU20220403). Thus, just like the PPP warfare towards Ukraine caused neighboring nations to join NATO, - such a poorly planned CdUN War-Game might cause the very opposite result - enforcing the UN LEJD powers towards the Gamers. Still, this blog argues such a hypothesis further in order to reduce the harm to the UN and all its related.

A similar 5D scenario was analyzed 5 years ago concerning the PPT called ‘the un-UN’ (UU20170317). The hypothesis was that the UN HQ tower in NY could fall like the WTO towers, while the PPT’s WTF tower rose. That series of scenarios also demonstrate further use of the UU models, - which will not be repeated here. Still, the intention with these 5D ‘worst case’ scenarios aligns with the intention of books like ‘1984’ – to uncover such Games of BDW ethics - in order to promote sustainability.

Anyways, this PPP scenario hypotheses a fall of the UN due to diplomatic corruptions from within. Such POA (parallel organisational apparatuses) are basically as indicated in the blog UU20220410, ‘BRICS vs UN’. The UN was formed by our Humanity as an anti-thesis to the Cominterns thesis of triggering world wars by degrading citizens (bourgeois) to a nova workers’ cast. Nowadays, such Underworld Gameplayers are related to the Red Mafia, RAF, PROSA, GRU, BRICS etc. (UU20220327). Underworld/Sexual Games are related to life & death – to War & Peace for 4th degree Games. This escalates classic Berne Games like LYAHF, TOL and SWYMD, to 3D Games like HAR, BTO and BOOFY. The BDW ethics of such Underworld Games are based on negative economies theses like; destruction is 10x efficient than creation; Cost/Benefits of YourCost/MyBenefit and; Workers are potential suckers for our Pyramid Games.

The BRICS conspiracy in the UNSC (Security Coucil) is failing. The War-Game towards the UN was based on the Veto-power of China and Russia. That Joker-card was drawn for any objection to Russia’s anti-UN act towards the Ukraine Nation and its citizens. That unwise strategy was based on an assumption that a UNSC veto applies to any other world organisation too. Now, Russia is expelled from the UNHR and the ECHR and the G20 consider to expel. Moreover, Russia is ordered by the UN highest Court to stop and is also condemned by the UNGA. There are even interpretations of the UN legislation that such 2/3 UNGA overrules UNSC Veto. Moreover, even though some UN legislation is not fully ratified to the member states’ national law, - any nation can ask for, and legally get, support to defend itself towards such anti-UN attacks. Thus, the NATO and the EU has reacted to this rightful request with support and restrictions of various kinds. Moreover, the UN Court order initiates investigations of the ongoing war-crimes for the ultimate Court decision toward the BRICS nation Russia. All this should confirm that Russia truly collapses every century, as analyzed in the previous blog UU20220417. Still the hard quest to end this recurring plague to Human sanity by uncovering the real major Gameplayer.

There are some gravely alarming indications on this anti-UN attack. The trigger to WW1 and WW2 was based in the fall of the UN’s two predecessors, - ’The League of Nations’ (WW1) and 'The Congress of Vienna’ (WW2). Now, and ulterior Motive seems to be WW3 by another attempt to trigger a SU-US nuclear warfare on ‘Europe's granary’. Such War-Games like; USUK, CoC & Electra were analyzed in the blog UU20200402.

Conclusively, the UN needs to enforce its SDG-16 on itself immediately. The year 2030 will be too late since the UN is now at the climax of a diplomatic war-fare right now. Even though the Russia’s War-Game towards Humanity is legally lost, - the most ulterior Game-players and Motives are not yet exposed. Anyways, the UN Court and the UNGA needs far more effective powers to alter the Veto dysfunctionality in the UNSC. Ultimately, the UNGA and UN Court should be enabled to democratize the UNSC by removing the UN Veto privilege and such UNSC members that obviously abuses that power for anti-UN Games. Unfortunately, anti-UN members have proven that the UN needs Executive powers that includes penalty to anti-UN acts by national governments. Finally, the permanent seats in the UNSC should not be based on the USUK Game of WW2, but on the present continental powers. These seats should rather represent Asia, European Union, America, African Union and a Union of Arabian nations.

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History repeats – or at least – the Pyramid Games are attempted to. The trigger to WW1 and WW2 was based in the fall of the UN’s two predecessors, - ’The League of Nations’ (WW1) and 'The Congress of Vienna’ (WW2). Here are documented some relevant 5D scenario of the past.
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