SDG2030/P5GO-3a – Roma3 Rise & Falls

This blog focus on the 3rd P5GO scenario – ‘Roma3 Rise & Falls’. Apparently, the self-proclaimed 3rd Rome collapses every century. This hypothesis is that the empire’s foundation is as unstable as a bi-polar person. Such Kremlinology is previously analyzed with less documentation. Now, the periodic CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) provides far more insight due to the internet. Briefly, this hypothesis is that this periodic CdE Game (Coup d’ Etat) is not due to legitimate devine, legal or ethical foundation, - but rather due to dysfunctionalities of the Superior-Ego/Superior-ID state. It is just like some reoccurring manic-depressive instabilities of a bi-polar person. Hence, this blog argues this hypothesis further in order to lessen the harm to the empire itself and all its related.

Historically, Moscow was merely a ‘grand duchy’ when the 2nd Rome (Roma2) collapsed about 1500. The crises in Moscow were mostly due to frequent raids by Mongols and Huns. Kiev was the Russian capital at that time, - yet Moscow became the successor to the Christian Rome (Roma2). In this hypothesis, some historical milestones are that; Ivan III (the Great) allegedly subdued a Mongolian city and relieved the duchy from their tax and terror. Ivan gained a genetic heritage by marrying a princess of Roma2. Moscow also acquired its coat of arms, the two-faced Eagle. Occasionally, he was titled Tsar/Caesar to designate some legacy from Rome. Theocratically, in 1510 a monk named Philotheus stated, “So know, pious king, that all the Christian kingdoms came to an end and came together in a single kingdom of yours, two Romes have fallen, the third stands, and there will be no fourth. No one shall replace your Christian Tsardom according to the great Theologian (cf. Revelation 17:10).” To this hypothesis, that statement is a 5D event, - true or false. (See blogs like UU20140502 and UU20141031.)

Nevertheless, the foundation of that theocratic Coup d’ Temple (CdTe) is rather unstable, in which cause the Roma3 to collapse every century - about the year 13 – like due to some theological calendar. Subsequent 5D events are; (1513) Moscow CdTe of Roma2 instead of the Russian capital Kiev; (1613) ‘The Time of Trouble’ end with the Romanov Coup d’ Throne (CdTh); (1713) the Petersburg Coup d’ State (CdSt) from Moscow; (1813) Moscow burned by Napoleon; (1913) Rasputin’s CdTh ends the Romanov reign (WW1) and; (2013) Putin’s failed CdTe towards Kiev. However, in order to analyze the assimilation from the Winter Palace culture into Kremlinology, - we really have to talk about Damar now. (See the PPT P5GO-2 in UU20160527.)

Theoretically, the 3 Capitals of Russia are like the 3 super-states of Humanity; Throne (Petersburg), State (Moscow) and Temple (Kiev). Moreover, these 3 superior ‘ego-states’ are analogous for individual humans, organisation, nations, empires and even the singular Humanity. In order to make a unified 3D model, these states are generally called Drive, Will and Belief. The terminology corresponds to the Freud/Jung/Berne Id/Child, Ego/Adult and Superior/Parent. By that, most models for personal psycho-analysis do also apply to organisations of any size. Thus, just like a personal instability is diagnosed as imbalance between its egostate, this diagnose applies to empires too, - like Roma3. Consequently, the civilized Humanity, by the UN, should be very aware and prepare for such an empirical tri-polar CCD. Such ‘times of troubles’ need extraordinary means, actions and support – not just for the client, but for anyone and anything related.

Fortunately, dysfunctional organizations’ feature, symptoms, diagnostics, therapies, handling, remedies etc. are developed and practiced thoroughly and well. Still, these are mainly practiced just for the smallest organizations of all, - the core families. Yet, such a transliterate to national level is done in the blog UU20170407 – and even tested on a case of Belarus – the most traumatized relative to Russia. Still, most humans are sane and relate to organizations – hence knowing very well what is Good/Useful/Right (GUR ethics) or not (BDW) - what should be done about that - and not.

Conclusive, concerning the UN SDG2030, this grave crisis threatens even our global organization the United Nations. Therefore, the UN should prioritize a combined SDG16 ‘Institutions’ and SDG3 ‘Health’. Alarmingly, the Security Council (UNSC) empires practice extreme unhealthy SE/SI veto-abuse toward Humanity. Therefore, the General Assembly (UNGA) 2/3 majority decisions should be enabled to overrule any UNSC veto – in order to overrule individual insanity with common sense.
Finally, the present PPP warfare towards Humanity might cause the formation of proper UN LEJD powers (Legal, Executive, Judicial and Democratic).

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Systems of Romance - John Foxx

Extra UU - History of Roma3

Humanity’s internet provides huge amount of documentary to analyce this century’s collapse of Roma3. However, the internet also provides solid documentation of the previous tri-polar collapses of Roma3. Here are some video documentations for further insight to those 5D events.
Russia: 1000 Years Of History - History Documentary
A History of Russia - Tsars and Revolutions – Documentary
The Romanovs. The Real History of the Russian Dynasty. Episodes 1-4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46DEVQ8UacA
BBC Empire of the Tsars Romanov Russia 1of3 Reinventing Russia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73eaNrTX3CA