SDG2030/P5GO-2a – BRICS vs UN

This blog focuses on the 2nd P5GO scenario – ‘BRICS vs UN’. Apparently, the PPP war-Game towards the western nation Ukraine is like the concept of the ‘Stazi’ pact of 1939. That conspiracy was based on the Cominterns economic war-declaration towards western nations in 1920. Back then, PROSA columnists triggered crises, riots and coups to weaken the prey nations’ defenses against invasions. Nowadays, that very same concept seems extended to the plutocratic pact BRICS. The Stazi War-Game against Poland in 1939 (UU20141121) matches today’s nova-Stazi War-Game towards Ukraine. Yet further alarming, that LYAHF War-Game of 1939 was merely a trigger for the Comintern’s CCS syndrome towards ‘the West’. Hence, this blog intends to lessen that century’s repetition by focusing on the P5GO anti-thesis against the ‘BRICS vs UN’ Games.

The UN Sustainable Development Goal 10 refer to the World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements as instruments of reducing inequality. The WTO dispute settlement boosted trade and reduced barriers. The WTO of 1995 embraces 164 member states, regulates and facilitates 98% of the international trade. Historically, the WTO is a UN continuum, since it replaced the GATT of 1948. However, the WTO is criticized for some dysfunctionalities. Still, that is no legitimate reason to weaken the WTO with parallel trade apparatuses.

The BRICS is a spin-off idea from Goldman Sachs Asset Management in 2001. It formed after a UNGA debate in 2006. The BRICS became a powerful plutocratic pact of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Since about 2013, the BRICS gained significant economies influence on the member-state’s regional affairs. It covers 27% of the world land, 42% of the world population, 23% of the gross world product, and has 4.5 trillion $ in foreign reserves. Bilateral relations in BRICS are mainly based on non-interference, for mutual benefit, - yet without regards of their UN obligations, the SDGs or human and other nation’s rights. Thus, BRICS’s informal nature causes several economic, territorial, and political disputes among the five governments as well as their trade partners – due to the BRICS’s underpasses.

The theories of this UU blog-series are complex. The fundamental concerns about the ‘BRICS vs UN’ are indicated in blogs like UU20161005. “Finally, on how the idea the Superior-ID developed: The Oprichnina/Praetor (the 500 years old secret police) is like a definition of psycho-social Games. The Actors and the Games are as ulterior and concealed as the very nature of the secret services. It is, however, a problem if the democratic Quality of Life is not respected. It is serious if the organization consider itself as a Superior-Ego - and individuals as inferior. It is catastrophic, if it also inherited the properties of Ivan the Terrible’s murky mentality as a collective obsession.” The theory of Superior-ID is talked through in UU20140110 and the OD (OverConscience Drive) in UU20140822. ”Furthermore, the mentality of historical oligarchs can become some other persons’ dominating Belief (S-E) centuries later - and ultimately the organizations’ pseudo identity. Stalin’s extreme psychopathy, inherited from the Russian secret services of ‘Oprichnina’, was assimilated as the masspsychopathy of unions and parties, - and ultimately inherit as ‘The Masspsychopathy’. This has to end with this 5th Pyramid Game - and surely can be escalated with hyper-democracy. However, quite the reverse, the Comintern’s 100 years’ war towards ‘The West’ is evidently intensifying globally - towards some cascade of climaxes (CCD, Colony Collapse Disorder).” (UU20151106)

The PPP has undermined BRICS with its RAF, Red Mafia and KGB – and its Chinese counterparts as much. The Underworld and Sexual (ID) P5 Game towards Ukraine are trade related Games of the 4th degree (war). The relation and involvements of the BRICS conspiracy is obvious in their cooperation and voting in the UNSC and UCGA. Still, the UN seems to unite and fight towards this anti-UN and ‘anti-western’ powers of plutocracy. Russia is now cast out of both the European and the UN Councils of Human Rights - due to its masspsychopathic and sociopathic War-Game towards the Ukrainians.

The BRICS is the very anti-SDG as well as anti-WTO. Some actions by the BRICS in the UNSC shows its brute plutocratic force against the UN mutual obligations to our Humanity. Until now, Russia and China have abused their veto power in the UNSC like practically a totalitarian license to prey and kill. Such grave dysfunctionalities in the UNSC should be overpassed by 2/3 in the UNGA votes. Moreover, there should be no insolent veto-power in the UNSC – just like in the UNGA. In that case, the invasion of Ukraine is the extremist predatory demonstration of the plutocratic BRICS to underpass the UN SDG for 2030.

Wikipedia: United Nations Security Council veto power https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_Security_Council_veto_power#Controversy
UNGA resolution demands end to Russian offensive in Ukraine https://news.un.org/en/story/2022/03/1113152
The UN High Court deliver order in the case of Ukraine vs. Russia https://media.un.org/en/asset/k1f/k1fd2v7w2x
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Extra UU – Babylon 5

Babylon 5 is a tv-series of 5 seasons that sets the scene 250 years ahead in an interstellar UN. There are 5 main species and several related kinds. It is like a Science Fabel based on the Isaac Asimov’s Foundation, - and the falls and rises of Rome 1, 2, and 3. The many psychosocial events, the interstellar disputes and technologic innovations do indeed release and alter views of our own terrestrial challenges of the past and the future.
The Babylon 5 saga has been inspirational for this blog series’ model, called 5D scenarios.
The TV series is about to be remastered for web-streaming.
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