SDG2030/P5GO-2b – BRICS Psychoses

Delusions are fundamental to any dysfunctional dictatorship. Any Human know that well, as being victims of propaganda, fake news, doubletalk, half-truths, and countless kinds of lies. Any such Superiority needs their means of masspsychoses to alter the truth to ‘pravda’ – and some cold-war radio transmitter of noise (Duga of Kyiv). As shown in the previous blog, - the Human Rights Watch states clearly that China is the main executer of mass-psychotic warfare towards humans and the Humanity. The PPX (Xi) empire abuses mass-psychotic dilutions to clone the dilution to its worker cast, conspirators, rivals - and ultimately the United Nations. Masspsychoses are like biological virus, - hence mental viruses. This blog continues UU20220410 ‘BRICS vs UN’, thus focused on mass-psychotic healing.

Clinically, such mass-psychotic autocracies are dictated by dysfunctional scripts provided by their rivals for self-harming war-Games. The main Move is to make the rival despotic and then alter the Puppet President (PP_) from ‘pro us’ to ‘anti us’. The related psychosocial models were talked through in blogs like UU20160513 - and issues of such mass-psychotic denials in blog UU20190628:

The PPP got an alter Ego during the Olympics in Beijing 2022 - and signed the illegit ‘99 Pact’. Historically, such total mass-psychosis of insane propaganda were channeled through the PPH, PPS & PPM, - mass-produced psychoses like; ‘facts are lies’, ‘war is (merely) operations’, 'war makes peace - eventually’ and ‘massacre is liberation – of us’. In such, the ulterior war-declaration towards Ukraine provides Beijing with decisive information on how the West and the UN react to the innumerous hybrid war-crimes on the Western nations. Such intel is decisive for Beijing for its future war-crimes towards Taiwan, Tibet and Korea - as well as several BRICS related associations.

However, the Beijing Pyramid scheme is Built to Fail due to its inherited anti-SDG schemes. One symptom is Beijing’s lockdown of Shanghai. There was no epidemic reason for total lockdown of its rivaling mega-city for so long. The argument of zero-tolerance towards viruses was simply a propagated mass-psychosis to cover up its anti-HR operations, - just like the previously siege of Hong Kong. Yet, the symptoms of Kremlin masspsychoses are more transparent though, due to the closer UN and Western relations. The badly played Games of masspsychosis in the UNSC is perceived as gravely alarming to the Global civil order. Russia loses every ethical battle in the UNSC, due to its altered self-perception. Beijing, the 3rd party in this LYAHF Game, fails both the 99 Pact and the UNSC obligations. The Kremlin sees too clear that their PPP is altered and deceived by the PPX. Beijing do not back up on the tremendous losses Kremlin have suffered.

How to break the PPP/PPX deadlock of the 99 Pack, then? The solution is as previously mentioned. The UNGA needs formal acceptance that their qualified decisions (2/3) shall overrule any ego-centric abuse of Veto in the UNSC. However, such a P5GO (5th Pyramid Game Over) will be a critical Game-changer.

Consequently, the 99 Pact of PPP/PPX might revoke the 1000 years old differences and disagreement of the Trinity vs Tengri Games. That 99 Pact is Built to Fail and will be broken – just like the PPH/PPS Pact of 1939. The PPX will take the role of the PPS and initiate a Cloak & Dagger Game (C&D) towards the former allied PPP, - like Stalin vs Hitler in the Yalta Pact and the Game USUK (UU20200201). Their battlefield might preferable be in Siberia.

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