SDG2030/P5GO-1b- The Great Nordic War (GNW)

‘The Great Nordic War’ was triggered by Russia in 1700. It is not yet ended, but merely become a hybrid war. However, the unification of the Nordic nations in the UN, EU and NATO will probably end that Russian empire’s war-Game towards Norden. There is a consensus on the mutual Nordic goals, as in the Sustainable Development Goals to the civil United Nations for the year 2030. Still, such an obviously obligation is complex. The Kremlin GNW Game is merely a regional part of the war Games towards the West, - the Great Schism of the East vs West, the Napoleon Wars and the 20th century World Wars. Hence, this blog sets focus on some issues that might be keys to end that GNW, - triggered by Peter the Great of Petersburg.

Norden (the Nordic countries) is described more detailed in the links hereunder. In brief, Norden consists basically of regions of the northwest Atlantic, hence NATO and EU relations. The fundamental nations are Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland, including the regions Greenland, Faroes islands, Aaland, Jan Mayen, and the related sea area. Norway serves as protectorates of Svalbard (Arctic), Peter I island and Queen Maud’s land (Antarctic), whilst some regions of Asia, Africa and America are now history. Still, the united Norden beats Russia economic as well as military. Although, there should be kept in mind that the Rurikid dynasty stems from Norden and founded Kiev, Minks, Novgorod and the Kremlin in Moscow – and ultimately, the present Russia.

Norden is a confederal union founded 500 years ago as a defensive strategy to Roma3. This is a main issue talked through in blogs like UU20160311 and UU20140530. Anyways, related to the centennial Russian collapses (UU20220417), the century milestones are roughly: 16th, the Nordic Kalmar union is formed as defense towards the self-proclaimed 3rd Roma (Moscow/Kremlin). 17th, the union is split because of Sweden’s obligations to defend its Baltic allied towards Ivan the terrible. 18th, the emperor Pjortr (alias Peter) names Petersburg as the Russian capital, trigger ‘the Great Nordic War’ and claims Russia has become an empire. 19th, Russia allies with Napoleon that triggers war on Europe and later redirected to burn down Moscow/Kremlin. 20th, the ‘European’ World Wars are triggered and executed by Stalin/Hitler due to the 3rd Reich Pact of ’39. 21th, the Nordic council reorganizes and dismisses all the Russian POA (parallel organisations apparatuses). Now, due to the PPP threats from nova Russia, - Norden strengthen its inner alliances via the treaties with the UN, EU and NATO.

The Dagmar syndrome of 1913 is still the most dysfunctional heritage towards Norden’s Sustainable Development Goals. That ‘butterfly effect’ of CCD (colonial collapse disorder) is talked through in blogs like UU20141219 and UU20180323. In brief, the Superior-Ego/-ID theories of organizations can even be lifted to Global levels during centuries. The most outstanding example is the CdE Game in the Winter Palace, - the Dagmar Syndrome. It started as a simple TLM/TOL Game (Two Little Maidens) between the rivalling tsarinas from Germany and Denmark that worsened like a snowball can cause an avalanche, - like a match can cause a forest fire and like the shot in Sarajevo. Anyways, such hybrid War-Games are still haunting Norden like some proxy-Kremlin Hamlet ghost. Still, the fact is that the Nordic Council of Ministers are so dysfunctionalized that it cannot even advice on the current massive inter-Nordic crises of migration, pandemic, energy, inflation, etc. These Nordic CCDs can probably be healed, though, by basic psychosocial 3D analysis and 5D psychohistory as explained in these P5GO blog-series.

Still, the present threat towards Norden and the rest of the West, is the ulteriority of Kremlin’s War-Games. Just like Kremlin made the Hitler/Stalin Pact of 39, the new PPP/PPX pact of 99 paragraphs includes ulterior War-Declarations. The next ulterior Moves is rather predictable, though, when knowing that the Kremlin did a ‘Cloak & Dagger’ Move against the ’39 Pact with its new conspirators of the Yalta Pact. Assumingly, the loosely BRICS conspiration will be broken and trigger plutocratic war-Games between the conspirators. Furthermore, at a critical point of time, the 99 Pack will be broken like the 39 Pact did, which will cause the China/Russia War-Games in Siberia. Eventually, the beaten Russia might let Siberia go and find back to its place in the West of Ural. Hopefully, a final realisation is that the War-Game BOOFY hits back in the centennial cycle of CCD. This issue will be followed up in the next UU blogs.

Norden and emperors
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UN Sustainable Development Goals https://sdgs.un.org/goals
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Your Dress - John Foxx

This song was used in blog UU20130517 to the modified Dane tale ‘The Empress new Dress

Extra UU – Norden and Russian foundation

The Rurikid dynasty was founded in 862 by Rurik, a viking prince. The Rus' people originated in what is currently coastal eastern Sweden. Their name has the same origin as Roslagen in Sweden. The name Rus' is derived from an Old Norse term for "the men who row" (rods-) as the rivers of Eastern Europe. The name Rus' would then have the same origin as the Finnish and Estonian names for Sweden: Ruotsi and Rootsi.

Rurikid Dynasty Family Tree | Rurik the Viking to Ivan the Terrible https://youtu.be/nByvWEGz8WA