SDG2030/P5GO-3c- The Great Siberian War (GSW)

Russia’s GNW Game is about to shift considerably while the whole Norden region unites within the EU, NATO and UN. In fact, the united Norden has greater economic and military powers than Russia. Surely Kremlin cannot ignore this major powershift and will adapt – more or less wisely. Besides, Kremlin has weakened itself critically in its ‘Rus vs Rus vs Rus’ War Game towards its own foundation. That Game of Russian self-destruction is simply too tempting for the Asians rivals to ignore. Hence, this 5D scenario hypothesize that Beijing rather Move north than south to regain land, resources and honor. Then, in some self-righteous dispute, the claim for Siberia will probably cause the great Russia/China war for Siberia. Thus, this blog explores for the likelihood of such a 5D scenario in this century.

This hypothetic synthesis of such a GSW (Great Siberian War) is based on the historical theses; ‘the Great Schism’ of East vs West of Ural (UU20220515); the constitution of the 3rd Rome (a tsar/khan pact), the World Wars towards the West; and the recent BRICS War Game towards the UN constitution (UU20220410). This 5D scenario is that the millennium schism will settle in this centennial purge toward the West by the red-golden horde. The geopolitical stalemate might settle that the East is East and the West is West. However, most alarming is the traumatizing scripts of long-lost retributions that promote various pseudo prophesies (UU20190628). Such ultimate Games of 5th degree are most certainly at Play and the psychosocial anti-theses should be of highest priorities in the UN – both the parliamentary UNSC and UNGA.

Some events indicates that the Red-Golden Horde rather will expand in Siberian land than the Pacific Sea: 1) The red-golden horde was never naval, which its fatal attempts documents, like the attacks on Japan. The Asian empires focus on the East of the Eurasian continent, despite some calendarized HAR Games (Hit&Run) towards the West seem. Such 4th deg HAR Games are fundamentally GoT in the sense that the ancient Hun archetype appeared as reincarnated in the Hungarian PPH in 1939. Anyways, although Japan was lured to attack Pearl Harbor in China/Russian favor in 1941, - the historical documents show that the red-golden hordes of China will rather choose domestic higher grounds than some centennial waves of the Pacific Sea. Also, taking into account the US retribution on Japan, - the values of then continental riches contra naval riches, - makes such risk-, cost/benefit- and RoI- analyses most obvious.

BRICS has already altered the Gimmicks (ethics) of its war-Games towards the UN constitution. The plutocratic Gimmicks of BRICS cannot be stopped before traumatizing the World, - merely be judged by global civil courts much too late. Anyways, the altered Ego of PPP did trigger a futile war-Game of Rus vs Rus vs Rus. The outcome has critically weakened Russia by military, economy, geography, moral, ethics and ultimately - stability. Kremlin has disabled Russia in order to prepare for the upcoming invasion of Beijing in Siberia. The riches in Siberia are many, yet the gas resources in north-east of Ural are crucial. Kremlin has not even realized that it is Move-by-Move handing over the gas-resources to the East – and losing the enormous incomes from the West.

The 99 Pact of Kremlin/Beijing will be broken like the ’39 Stazi Pact of Kremlin/Berlin. The ’39 Pact was made to legitimize the Gimmicks of the WW2 war-Game towards the West. The Stazi pack was broken by Stalin when the Nazi had been engaged in warfare with most European nations – just like some nova Napoleon – a Hister wannabe. Another Pact was made in Crimea, the Yalta Pack of the US, SU, UK, - hence the Game called USUK. Cults of Comintern were engaged in CoC Games of PROSA (UU20200402). Anyways, Kremlin should realize that Russia is becoming the Sucker in this centennial Eurasian war. Either way, the Kremlin needs to realize that it has become to weak to manage both East and West of the Arctics. Consequently, - after 1000 years of anti-trinity War-Games, - the final outcome could be to reunite the West of Ural.

Howto minimize the traumas of this psychosocial War-game of Siberia, then? First of all, do not let this Games of 4th degree escalate to the 5th, by letting GoT Game-players overrule. Second, the UNGA must be enabled to overrule egocentric abuses of veto-power in the UNSC. Third, Kremlin needs to start healing from its Denials to its internal crises-handling, - since the GoT script it is following will most certainly end in a 5th degree fall of ‘the 3rd Rome’. Anyways, such a self-inflicted Game self-destruction of ‘the 3rd Reich’ do not have to be of 5th degree, even though some quasi-prophetic scripts say so. The Dagmar syndrome in Kremlin should be degraded to the 3rd degree for a constitutional reform - and further degrade then back to its original 1st degree of TLM Game in the proxy-Kremlin in Petersburg.

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