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USUK is a Game defined in the PPT blog-series. It is based on the iconic Yalta photograph of 1945. Now with this PPP series, there is a second version called USUK 2. The USUK (US-SU-UK) concerns Games of 4th degree, which means War. The thesis became rather fundamental and complex, though. The Game CoC (Cults of Comintern) was also defined to fill in some gaps. Actually, the Game USUK 2 was mentioned as a hypothetic outcome in the intro-blog UU20220320. Now, that the foundation to the East vs West rivalries seems revealed (UU20220515), the USUK 2 is extended with the Game TOO (Tengri Orthodoxy Occultism). This blog will uncover and investigate issues and hypothesis of such a combined trilogy of War-Games called USUK, CoC & TOO.

The USUK CoC Games, related to the PPT (puppet president trump), were defined in the blog UU20200201 and the 3 subsequent ones. Generally, Games consist of ulterior Motives to Gain undeserved advantages, by playing with Gimmicks and Moves (see blogs like uu20140912). The Game USUK was based on the US-SU-UK pact from Yalta/Crimea in 1945. That iconized picture of Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill revealed their ulterior conspiracy - and Stalin’s Game of CaD (Cloak&Dagger) towards his Stazi pact of ’39 with Hitler. That historical USUK Game thesis was renewed to suite the PPT Games as described in blogs UU20170106-UU20170310. The relation between the PPT and the PROSA (Pro-Russian Oligarchs, Separatists and Anarchists) (UU20150612) was further extended to the Games of CoC (Cults of Comintern) (UU20210501) and that heritage of Cominterns war-declaration towards the West in 1920. That 100 years War-Game is now climaxing in the centennial collapse of Roma3.This century’s concept is denoted ‘Red Mafia’.

This new version the USUK CoC Games is based on the photoshop version of the picture from Yalta/Crimea, where the faces of Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill are replaced with Trump, Putin and Johnson. Even if such an ulterior pact of that fatale trio is true or not - yet– it is doomed since the PPT and PPJ are no longer in power – just like the PPP soon will be. However, most certain is that the 99 Pact between the PPP and PPX was sealed during the Olympics in Beijing in 2022. Hence, just like the ’39 Stazi pact between Stalin and Hitler was broken with the Stazi CaD Game - in order to initiate the USUC Game – that 99 pact will be broken too in order to initiate the USUC, CoC & TOO Games.

The new Game TOO (Tengri Orthodoxy Occultism) relates to GoT (Games of Temples). Such issues are introduced in blogs like UU20220529 on Tengrism in the Kremlin and the cause to the ‘East vs West’ schism of 1054. A new thesis is that the 300 years GNW (Great Nordic War) Game will end in its 3rd centennial cycle since the Nordic nations have become re-united in the UN, NATO and EU. Consequently, the Kremlin, have to look east for expansion, just like Beijing needs to expand north. Their plutocratic kleptocracies cannot resolved peacefully as obligated to the UN SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) - and will most probably trigger a GSW (Great Siberian War) Game, - hence the USUK, CoC & TOO Games

Psychosocially, the 5D timeline indicates a centennial repetition that will involves the 99 Pact of 2022. However, the cycles are not the same even though similar elements are involved. The ulterior script should rather be considered as 2D zodiac calendars than a 1D timeline. The pacts are not superior the script. Anyways, It is hard to predict who will stab first and last, though. Still, a likely outcome, after the GSW, will be that the schized Kremlin needs to accept that it cannot be both east and west – for the sake of its own sanity. If so, in time, Kremlin will figure out that it is - and always have been - in the West – not the East. Ultimately, the Kremlin might end its millennium War-Game towards itself and find a way back to the Trinity.

USUK: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yalta_Conference
USUK2: https://images.dailykos.com/images/322997/large/Boris-Johnson-Donald-Trump-and-Vladimir-Putin.jpg?1478445453
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75% of the Chinese are defined as atheist – because their religion of Tengrism was defined as atheistic by the Kremlin. Therefor, the very fundament for the East vs West conflicts are made into Games by share ignorance. This video enlightens such lethal dysfunctionalities of GoT (Games of Temple). Also see the blog UU20200402 some more of the WW T.

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