SDG2030/P5GO-1d – Big Red vs NATO

A Big Blue faction became Big Red in 2014 – exactly 100 years after the trigger of the world wars. That radicalization of western ICT (Information and Communication Technology) became a major threat to the West – as to any civilized united nation. Such critical issues were thoroughly analyzed when the Kremlin invaded Georgia and threatened to invade Ukraine. Although highly relevant to Kremlin’s present invasion of Ukraine, - the main task in this blog is to re-focus on some present issues of that radicalized Big Blue faction and its hybrid cyber-war towards nations of UN, NATO and EU – from within.

The highly alarming issues of such proxy hybrid warfare within IBM and Microsoft was analyzed and published from the breakout of 2013. Most is summarized in the blog UU20170512 ‘Frexit and Big Red’, where a main source was the documentary ‘Putin, Russia and the West’ (UU20220327 + UU20141107, 14, 21 and 28). The following provide some elaborated adaptions of some of those points.

IBM was created to serve the elites and the working cast, - not the democratic citizens. Hence the IBM dogma, “the world needs just 5 computers”. Its name reveals its true organisational Ego. It is International Business Machines – no more and no less. At its infant state, the predecessor, CTR, had a close relation to Russia and Tsar Nicolas II until his sudden death at Crimea/Yalta. The unexperienced and last tsar, Nicholas II, was on a determined Game of CdE (Coup d’ Etat). A video in this week’s extra UU also reveals IBM’s cooperation with the Stazi genocides in the world wars. During the cold war, Watson jr. was allowed by Watson sr. to develop the IBM Personal Computer (PC) with Intel CPU and Microsoft OS, whilst IBM bought the most relevant patents worldwide. However, the IBM PC was indeed ‘built to fail’ due to IBM’s ulterior motives, generation rivalerier and Sr’s Belief over Jr’s Will and Drive. However, Intel and Microsoft had extreme success with the PC, - whilst IBM Games of ignorant arrogancy paved the path to its self-inflicted -ruin.

The POA (Parallel Organisational Apparatus) ‘Big Red’ should have been the most alarming 5D scenario for all the NATO-nations in 2013. However, such ‘secret services’ are ulterior indeed, - just as in the definition of psychosocial Games. Yet - just like scheduled, the legalized take-over was formalized exactly 100 years after the WW1 triggers – the Balkan wars in 1913. Just like a Game of CAD (Cloak & Dagger), IBM sold their control over Intel technology and Microsoft platform to Beijing/Lenovo, - in addition to their software, personnel and customers. The NATO nations IT mainframes’ infrastructure and services was handed over to anti-NATO dominance. No wonder why the cyber-wars have escalated with such 5th columnist POA within the core of western public computers. The defense is simply completely out of control with poorly civil defense.

As an exiled professional, there are some experiences from that eve of that Dane psychosocial cyber-war Games, - which is summarized and published in blogs like UU20170512. Reflectively, there is in fact some major difference of IBM, IBM and IBM, - just like for Microsoft, Microsoft and Microsoft. However, Microsoft Dane is extraordinary, - just like IBM Dane. In brief, the cyber warfare is, as was, intense in this USUK twilight zone. There are massive cybercrimes in the public services that include customers like the police, the tax authorities and the public health sector, thus indirectly all the Dane citizens. Even the clear and repeatedly warning from the Swedish police was ignored and silenced for a year. Hence, the Pirate Bay could continue operating within the Dane public servers hosted by CSC. There were massive transactions to Asia of data related to NATO and EU. Later, prior to the pandemic, all Dane’s personal data was sent from the Dane SSI (the State’s Serum Institute) in an unencrypted disk to a Chinese agency related to the MSS (Ministry of State Security). (UU20160902)

How-to heal western Cyber Defense towards Big Red Games of war, though? In brief, the keywords are UN Sustainability and NATO Resilience (article 3). Knowing all too well that the ongoing global cyber-wars between NATO, Russia and China have gone much too far, - the security needs immediate massive upgrade – and the ban any anti-NATO suppliers, workers, products and services. Such security projects need holistic security models, implementations and protection. Related warnings are talked through in blogs like UU20131206-1220, UU20140307-0404 and initially in UU20130719.

However, most important to the healing processes of the nations’ cyber technology is the same as repeated for most Sustainable Goals – heal the dysfunctionalized Institutions and Courts (SDG16). Officials in the public sector in NATO nations are highly obliged by laws for securing services, maintenance, purchasing etc. In fact, they are strictly regulated by penalty law against exposing public affairs, society and citizens for security risks. Therefore, the officials of NATO nations have to re-evaluate professionally this new ‘Big Red’ era. (See blogs like UU20201002).

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Extra UU – Big Red vs Humanity

The Cyber ICT has become the most powerful resource for our Humanity. IT can be used to promote the SDG - and abused for anti-SDG as well. The IBM Big Blue pact with Stazi certainly made the Gulag genocides happen. Similar abuses of Beijing Big Red are certainly the largest threat to all the united nations’ sustainable development goals for the year 2030. However, psychosocial Game analyses seem to indicate that the gravest dysfunctionalities of ‘ai’ (artificial idiocy) are rather related to the ego-states of Drive than Belief – as in ‘Mongol see – Mongol do’. Still, the maturing UN is probably the most capable to heal such issues.
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