SDG2030/P5GO-6a – The reuniting Norden

A re-united Norden is barely as populated as the megacity Tokyo, yet more economic and military powerful than Russia. In fact, even more so, after the post-empire’s self-destructive assaults on its neighbor nation. The pressing challenge for Norden, though, is to end the GNW (the Great Nordic War) of the Russian empire. That 300-year hybrid War-Game has dysfunctionalized the Nordic Council of Ministers from within. The Comintern’s POA (parallel organisational apparatus) of 5th columnists needs to be disabled, quarantined and replaced. Yet most fortunate, the present Norden has already some well-functional replacements for a common Nordic development for Sustainability, Resilient and Unity. The obligated legal ground is founded on the Treaties of the UN, NATO and the EEA (EU/EFTA). Thus, this blog follows up on UU20220619 ‘The Great Nordic War’ and is dedicated to such prosperous challenges.

The reuniting Norden has a consensus on mutual benefits, like; the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations; the NATO article 3 that obligate development of ‘resilience and civil preparedness’ towards any hybrid warfare; and the Treaties of EU and EEA (European Economic Area) between the EU and EFTA nations. Moreover, all the Nordic nations are committed to the ECHR (European Charter of Human Rights). In brief all the reuniting Nordic nations have a very strong common legal ground and obligations to the civil and prosperous goals – to develop a fully reunited, resilient and sustainable region before the year 2030.

Related issues are talked through, analyzed and advised in most of the UU blogs. Some core blogs are; UU20171103 and UU20150320. Also see the links hereunder to the EU, EFTA, ECHR, UN and NATO. Some main points to these obligations are pin-pointed as:

However, most important and most unfortunate, as mentioned in blog UU20170818, the Nordic Council and its Council of Ministers should have been the driving power for the Nordic nations, - but it is definitely not – quite the opposite. The Councils block vital Nordic obligated cooperation, hence the Nordic nations appear paralyzed for national, as well international, actions to develop proper resilience, sustainability, and prosperity. (See blogs like UU20151030 and UU20160701)

The grave conclusion is that the cold war towards the Nordic Councils is the main reason why the Nordic nations have suffered from organisational AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) and CCD (colonial collapse disorder) during the Cold War. In fact, the hybrid war-Game of organized dysfunctionalities are well documented by all the absence of Nordic sustainability, resilience and defense during this last decade of crises, - like; immigration, inflation, energy, pandemic - and all the consequences. The reason is quite simple, - the Nordic Council of Ministers is a POA (parallel organisational apparatus) as described and ordered by the Comintern of 1920. Most fortunate, though, the healing process starts now, when the aggressive hybrid War-Game of Kremlin toward Norden can no longer be kept as ‘secret services’. Consequently, the POA and its PROSA (Pro Russian Oligarchs, Separatists and Anarchists) has to be handled like the pandemic it is – be quarantined, disabled and replaced.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals https://sdgs.un.org/goals
The first P5GO blog http://bloguu.azurewebsites.net/uu_2016/UU20160513.html
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Extra UU – Great Northern War (GNW)

The GNW has been indirectly issued in several UU blogs. The latest 5D scenario of the future is that the Russian (empire) might have to face their true enemy in the East, - now that Norden reunite within the EU/EFTA, ECHR, NATO and UN. (UU20220619) However, more curious was the attempt to form a 5D scenario of the past, when Russia declared itself an empire, withdraw their pirates of the Caribbean and triggered the GNW. The blog-theme ‘Tordenskiolds pirates’ can be found from blog UU20160108 to UU20160311, where a 5D scenario of the past concerns the GNW (UU20160108). Documentary – The Great Northern War (How did Russia Become an Empire?)