SDG2030/P5GO-7a – The Day After – Introduction

‘The Day After ‘ is the introduction blog to a series of scenarios for such ultimate outcomes. They are based on the movie with the same name, - yet modified to other places that are threatened with nuclear assaults. The analyses of such worst-case scenarios are meant to prevent them from ever happening, - just like the scenario ‘1984’ did. Anyways, these points of view will be based on the models formed in these 10 years of blogging. They all are encompassed in the umbrella of psychosocial Game synthesis – the P5GO (the 5th Pyramid Game Over).

In theory, the models for the psychosocial Games were originally made for family-therapy by Eric Berne. Those theses are here extended to also cover; the largest organisations, like nations; to Games of the 4th degree, like hybrid Wars; and the uncovering some new Games, like BOOFY (Beat your Own and Others will Fear You), DDD (Damned if I Do – damned if I Don’t) and DOOM (Digging Our Own Morgue).

Still, an ultimately and founding though is that our ‘Humanity’ is at a living being at its infant stage, - struggling to find its nature, senses and purpose - in its enterprises, like the sustainable development goals for the year 2030 (SDG). Hence, such meta-analysis, that includes the Superior-Superior concept and philosophies for the real 4D, - are out of bound in this blog-series.

Anyways, there are several causes to these major shifts in Games. The Gimmicks, the Games, the Gamers and the Gains - are now radically altered. Hence, this decade is a milestone and a cross-path for Humanity’s development. Even though Humanity’s previous re-evolutions could, and should, have been handled far better, - we all did advance in the aftermaths.

Some founding causes to those P5GO Games are; the eve of the 4th industrial and social reform that will change how humans are; the centennial collapse of the Russian empire; the climax of the Trinity millennium schism; the bi-millennium shift of Age/Era; the constitution of Humanity by the United Nations; the accessibility of the new worlds of sea, ice and space; and the myriads of retributions for previous bad Games due to false 5D history writings. Such issues are talked through in this blog series called SDG2030/P5GO-xx.

The overall goal, tough, is to promote the sustainable development of Humanity. This focus is set on the constructive Work, not the destructive Games – hence the P5GO (5th Pyramid Game Over). Some basic blogs are UU20160513, UU20220320 and UU20170106.

War Game planning do usually go rather wrong. A main reason is ulteriority of Games. Unforeseen counter-attacks, political reactions and disinformation do alter the events, which is as catastrophic for the attackers as well as the attacked. In brief, - any political leader can start a war. Yet the challenge for our Humanity is to minimize and end the Games before it is too late. Mentally unsound leaders might turn insane and in desperation use nukes.

Anyways, here are some general views of the Gamers, Motives and Gains, so far: Beijing sees itself as the dominator of the Asian region and legitimates any use and abuse of power to achieve total domination over land, sea, people – despite its obligation to UN Treaties. Russia is already in its centennial War-Game towards ‘the West’ – which is failing gravely and is determined to escalate to a yet unseen chain-reaction and climax. The UN struggles to maintain its legalized world-order, and seems too immature and dysfunctional to overrule the anti-UN attacks in the UNSC. The NATO nations; wants resilience by expansion in the West, including lands of the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Balkan and the Arctic. The Kremlin threats cause the EU is re-unite and strengthen its organisations. The USA might find itself in a two-front warfare in both East and West – just like in the WW2. However, the 'nova' USUK Game failed since the PPP (Puppet President Putin) did not manage to keep the PPT (Trump) and PPB (Boris) in power – hence the War Game USUK TOO is escalated. Meanwhile, the AU (African Union) struggles like the UN to unite whilst under the re-colonialization War-Games of the plutocratic BRICS pact. Similar challenges are for the UAE (United Arabic Emirates) and a possible future continental UA (United Asia) and (See blogs like UU20170317)

Conclusively, the hypothesis of the P5GO (5th Pyramid Game Over) seems more likely than ever. There is no turning back to 2013, like there was not in 1913, 1813 etc. The centennial collapse of Roma3 (Kremlin) is determined since its power Games are built on global Pyramid schemes – which are ‘built to fail’ for the all-inclusive ‘Suckers’. At some point, - it would be sane though, to realize that the collapse affects the Gamers too in the end. Still, the aim to this new blog series ‘The Day After ‘ is to prevent some of the worst case scenarios of Games of the 5th Degree – ‘nukes’.


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Extra UU – The Day After

The Day After is an American post-apocalyptic television film from 1983. The film postulates a fictional war between US and the SU countries that escalates into a full-scale nuclear War Game. The film was broadcast on the SU state TV in 1987 during the negotiations on Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Still, nowadays, it seems necessary to remind certain War Gamers that the movie a warning – and not an encouragement.