SDG2030/P5GO-7b – The Day After - Taiwan

‘The Day After - Taiwan’ is the first scenarie concerning the threats of nuclear assaults in this decade of war-Games. There are several reasons why Taiwan could be nuked in one way or another. Firstly, Taiwan (ROC) is actually the nation that the United Nations originally recognized as China - before the regime of the Coup d’ Beijing (PRC) undermined the UN processes. Secondly, Taiwan produces a majority of high-tech IT chips for the West, which is a superior competitor to the BRICS. Thirdly, Beijing needs freer passage to the Pacific Ocean in order to conquer the Asian wealthy nations like South-Korea, Japan and Singapore. It seems that these realities are so frustrating for the PRC - that the desperate Moves into those War-Game might trigger nuclear assault of some sort – followed by blame Games. Thus, this blog is dedicated some attempts to use the anti-thesis P5GO (the 5th Pyramid Game Over) on such War-Games of DOOM (Digging Our Own Morgue).

The history of China is as ancient and complex as the rest of Asia. It is over 4000 years old while the present dictatorial elite in Beijing (PRC) is merely 70. The regime is alien and has little to do with Chinese or other Asian culture. Its Coup d’ Beijing rooted in a dysfunctional symbiosis of Mongolian/Soviet from the collapse of Stalinism. Their extreme war-Games of BOOFY (Beat your Own and Others will Fear You), were merely a kleptocratic genocide like the Stalinist Gulag. If related to Asian culturally at all – they might be found in some kind of black Tengrism ala Genghis. It seems determined to continue the list of Chinese wars of nonstop destructions of itself and its surroundings. (See link hereunder.)

Most of the real Chinese heritages are now pacified by the PRC regime’s warfare towards China’s myriads of peoples, cultures and values. Yet, some managed to emigrate in time and recover at the Chinese island Taiwan (Formosa). In fact, the majority of all the civilized United Nations did recognize the legal ROC (Republic of China). However, the Beijing elite, PRC (People’s Republic of China) has undermined Taiwan (ROC) in the UN by hard-core Games of diplomacy. Still, it is a fact that Taiwan was illegally excluded as a nation when downvoted in the UNGA. The (contra-) resolution 2758 of 1971 is ambiguous and do not mention Taiwan explicit, though. Thus, the PRC position as a permanent member of the UNSC is as questionable as the PRC representation of being some kind of ‘One China’ – which basically means the final termination of ROC. Still Taiwan (ROC) does truly honor the UN Charters, whist Beijing (PRC) determinably and aggressively violates them with UNSC veto. Hence, the sane UN diplomacy seems to have failed to such immature psychosocial Pyramid Game of S-E/S-I (Superior-Ego/Superior-ID) - and heads towards a climax of 4th or even 5th degree. (See blog UU20220417about S-I/S-E)

There are innumerous ways of executing nuclear attacks. The most obvious ways, like a nation use a registered bomb, is not likely in this scenario, - although there should be no doubt that the main Gamer and Gain is that the PRC wants the ROC assimilated or terminated. The tactics of such a strategy would be in the category ‘nuclear terrorism’, rather than ‘nuclear warfare’. Scenarios could be; using EMP to disable industry, infrastructures and institutions; using neutron bombs for genocide, while saving constructions; polluting society by dirty nukes; in-place minor nukes in cities; assassinating key-personnel by radioactive poison; - or simply threatening of such in diplomatic warfare. Anyways the tactics, - the PRC needs a scapegoat for the aftermaths of blame-Games. But who could be blamed? The question is as intriguing as - who really gave the order to attack Pearl Harbor in 1941? Anyways, the obvious candidate for such a Game of FOOJY (Let's Pull A Fast One on Joey) is the North Korean ‘Black Tengri wannabe’ for such a Game of BGGG (Bad Guy – Good Guy). More about that scenario in the next blog.

The solution of the anti-thesis P5GO (5th Pyramid Game Over) is a basic approach, - simply by uncovering the ulterior Gamers, Gains, Gimmicks, Motives and Moves – for example Mao’s personal vendettas. However, UNGA has the main responsibility to correct Taiwan’s unjust status after its dysfunctional resolution 2758 of 1971. The UNGA and UNSG will be accomplices to the grave aftermaths and consequences if Taiwan is nuked in any way in such a Game of DOOM. Moreover, this could split China into 5 traditional clans again, - like the PRC flag indicates. Anyhow such ‘accidents’ are planned and executed, - all the Gamers needs solid Blame Games for the aftermaths – which will be globally chaotic.

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