SDG2030/P5GO-7c – The Day After – Korea

‘The Day After - Korea’ is the second scenario concerning the threats of nuclear calamities in this decade of war-Games. Some might ask, what in the world could go wrong? Yet, in the very north of Korea, there is a super-volcano named Paektu. A thousand years ago, it had the world’s most violent eruption in 5000 years. It is uncertain when it will blow again, - but that could certainly be triggered by nukes. Most humans, which are quite sane, are extra careful about such major risk for a global catastrophe. Such neighboring leaders try to prevent another ‘Hister wannabe’ to play with nukes in that area – that is rather a ‘Hell Hole’ than any ‘Heavenly Sea’. Nevertheless, the Kremlin/Beijing pact has created such an altered Ego, supplied with weapons of doom that enforces its dysfunctionality. Thus, this blog is dedicated some attempts to use the anti-thesis P5GO (the 5th Pyramid Game Over) towards such War-Games of DOOM (Digging Our Own Morgue).

The thesis is that the nation, the organisations and the person were designed in 1948 to be the main actor in a 4th degree war-Game of BGGG (Bad Guy – Good Guy), - just like the Hungarian/Austrian Hister wannabe of 39. (See blogs like UU20200402 and UU20220821.) Alarmingly, there are no emergency stop-button, - and our technology has now developed to enable Games of the 5th degree (apocalypse). Now, the national introvert masspsychotic Belief is that the only solution is to ‘elevate’ from bodily humanity to Tengri spirituality – and to provide the rest of the world a similar solution. However, such dysfunctional state of Superior-Ego/Superior-ID is historically well-known in ideological inbreed of ethics, politics and religions – and always end in Games of DOOM. However, this time our Humanity has also evolved and matured to actually do suicide of our own specie – our Humanity kind.

‘Belief’, is the psychosocial term for Superior-Ego (Parent) of these theses. Generally, as the evolving Humanity, we do believe before we can prove that something is mostly true or false. (See blogs like UU20180302.) However, as immature infant, humans can be manipulated to believe that false is true, - that the Gamers Gimmicks, Gains and Moves are determined True Faith. There have been warfare of drugs and hypnosis for thousands of years. Yet, issues of those hybrid warfare are still tabu, hence abused. Such Games of War are now not merely a threat to some kinds of enemy, - but indeed all-included in ultimately backfiring Games of DOOM.

Though, what is the anti-thesis to such dead-locks of ultimately self-harming? A solution might be found in the basic psychosocial therapy and Game analysis like P5GO. The 3rd extra post to blog UU20200402 describes this S-E/S-I meme as: “Kim Jong-un is the grandson of North Korea's founder (which became a SU agent). The Ten Principles for the Establishment of a Monolithic Ideological System of 2013 serves as the primary legal authority and framework to demand ‘absolute obedience’. The modern mythologies pervade their version of history that as crucial to the cult of personality and political control. It is alleged that Kim Jong-Il was born on Mount Paektu at his father's secret base in 1942 (yet his actual birth was in 1941 in the Soviet Union), and that his birth was heralded by a swallow, caused winter to change to spring, a star to illuminate the sky, and a double rainbow spontaneously appeared. The North Korean cult of personality is a large part of North Korean socialism and totalitarianism. It is considered to be the only imperial cult left on Earth.”

The 99 (paragraph) Pact of Kremlin/Beijing is the only ones that can break the mass-psychotic deadlock of North Korea – simply because they have jointly crated, are supporting and maintaining their meme of that schizophrenic ‘Bab Guy’. They probably still Believe that their responsibly will not be uncovered when the PPK is finally fooled into ‘accidently’ trigger and release their own weapons hidden in North Korea. However, Beijing, if not Kremlin too, might understand that the Stalinist Game of DOOM will not work as it did with the other ‘Hister wannabe’ of WW2. Although Kremlin might still think that Korea, China and Japan get a deserved retribution for the Russian catastrophic naval loss in Korea in 1905, - the sane Asian nations might work out some anti-thesis to prevent such a Game of DOOM of the 5th degree. However, first the United Nations have to resolve their own veto-dysfunctionality in the UNSC by letting itself be overruled by 2/3 majority in the UNGA. All-in-all, east and west Germany managed to re-unite half a century after their ‘Hister-wannabe’ calamities.

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“Mount Paektu (also known as Changbai Mountain) is one of the largest volcanoes on earth and yet, for the longest time, nobody could explain where it came from or why it exists. Here we will discuss why this volcano is so unusual and how the geological mystery surrounding it could eventually be solved.” Video documentary: Why China's Largest Volcano Is So Unusual https://www.youtube.com/embed/3C2HVOB-g5s

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