SDG2030/QoH – Ice Age End

This ice age is about to end. The global temperature has been rising for centuries and will continue for centuries to come. This natural development is simply a scientific fact – and has profound consequences. One alarming result is that that the sea levels will rise 6 meters more, since they were 6 meter higher before this ice age. Another result is stronger weather activities due to the released solar energies. Now, that negative effects require planning for sustainability, contingencies and actions to minimize the certain disasters. Yet, the Ice Age End provides great potentials too - that also need dedications to be utilized. Still, handling these natural disruptions is about choosing ‘survival of the fittest’ over dooming disinformation of despair. Hence, this blog provides some constructive suggestions related to all the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

Some extreme hypotheses about this Ice Age End are the most fearful political Games of this century. Massive sums of money are redirected to undefined goals with uncertain reasons and outcomes. Some are even propagated like some occult theocracy of personal emotions, ignorance and superstitions. Such corruptions, labelled as politics, are also acted out like the psychosocial Games; AIA (Ain't It Awful), LYAHF (Let’s You And Him Fight) and DOOM (Digging Our Own Morgue). Hence, related to the CO2 propaganda, a tactical Game could be uncovered as IWYT (I want You to Panic).

Anyways, all Ice Ages has Ended by natural global warming, - like this Ice Age does too. The reason is not due to Blame Games argued in mammal CO2 emission. Since most thinks that Humanity should focus more on science, there are good reason to let scientists like Svensmark about cloud formations in the stratosphere. That scientific theory says that the global warming is due to cloud formation by solar and stellar radiation.

Furthermore, Ice Ages Start and End are profoundly related to all Earth’s impacts of asteroids and comets. In fact, our Sun and the Earth circle our Galaxy. They pass through a Spiral arm about every 50 million years and pass by a star system about every 100,000 years. A star-system passed through our Oort cloud about 70.000 years ago. That caused the present Ice Age Start. There should not be doubt that objects from other star systems have periodically hit all our planets, - including the Earth. (Such issues are rather related to the blog series called ‘Accidental Genesis 2, blog UU20120901-UU20130125. Also see links hereunder.)

Anyways, surely there are profound global challenges for Humanity to our sustainable goals in 2030. Moreover, the conditions are fundamentally changing too, which makes some of the present plans less relevant for 2030. Surely the certain increasing warmth, sea-levels and storms requires revised plans. However, way worse than all these realities are the hybrid war Games of disinformation. Hence, as flexible as the SDGs are, they still hold, if the tasks are revised for the future rather than the past. The SDG are still about proper Quality of life, earth and society.

Certainly, there are serious consequences of the environmental changes of this Ice Age End. First, when the sea levels rise about 6 meters, there will be populated areas overflooded – if not prevented in time. If not managed like the Dutch Deltas. Truly, it will certainly affect most SDGs to some extent, including; poverty, hunger, health, water, work, cities/communities, industry, production, growth, climate, wildlife and justice. So, let’s be realistic and set the priorities right, due to this Ice Age End.

6 meter sea-level
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