SDG2030/P5GO-7d – The Day After – Chernobyl

‘The Day After – Chernobyl’ is the third scenario concerning the threats of nuclear disasters in this decade of war-Games. In fact, Humanity have been living the ‘tDA Chernobyl’ of 1986 for decades. Still, as in most war-Games, the historical Chernobyl incident included ulterior Moves to cover-up and disinform about the real Gamers, Motives, Gains and Victims. Although some present documentaries have not uncovered all the coverups, it was certainly a Russian reactor with dysfunctionalities that caused and escalated the disaster - and prevented proper emergency actions. The consequences were as gravely to Ukraine and Belarus as if a nuclear bomb was deliberately detonated on them. Now, the Kremlin threatens daily to abuse nuclear powers in its hybrid warfare in Ukraine. Hence, this blog is dedicated some attempts to use the anti-thesis P5GO (the 5th Pyramid Game Over) towards such War-Games of DOOM (Digging Our Own Morgue).

The Chernobyl disaster was a maximum rated severity nuclear accident in Ukrainian in 1986. The initial emergency response involved more than 500,000 personnel and cost roughly 67 billion €. Russia, that still subjected Ukraine, continued a hazardous safety-test on the nuclear reactor despite numerous alarms and warnings. The dysfunctional technology, procedures and management were unable to prevent the disaster at that ‘built to fail’ facility. To top it all, firemen were ordered to pour masses of water on the radioactive core, which anyone with some sanity intact knows will vaporize and carry radioactive atoms in the wind’s direction. Hence, the radioactive fallout in Europe was not reduced, but increased and widespread.

Belarus got 70% of the radioactive fallout. That fact is as covered as the consequences to Ukraine when under Russian control. Consequently, the Belarusians did not get the highly needed international help and support. About 110.000 Belarusians were evacuated

However, the disaster in Belarus was assumingly twice as severe than the Ukrainian - and emergencies were far less due to its dysfunctional dictatorship. The dictator withdrew Belarus from the UNGA for 5 years by claiming they managed well themselves. However, that is much like the story of how the Belarusian application for full membership in the ECHR (European Council/Court of Human Rights) was blocked and annulled in 1993. Russia rushed to be a member of ECHR in 1996 and the PPL Lukashenko was selected as president (for life). In 1999 the PPP (Putin) was selected by Kremlin. Now, the ECHR had to expel Russia when they invaded Ukraine. Now, Belarus is like a KGB satellite-state dominated by the KGB agent PPP. This dual ‘nova Stazi’ regime threatens the world daily about initiating more nuclear disaster in the very same region – and have proved their inhuman ability to do so.

There are 4 active and 5 unactive nuclear power plants in Ukraine. The plants in Chernobyl and Zaporizhzhia are now attacked by the Russian military. The hazardous actions and threats have caused the UN chief to urge Russia to withdraw from the Zaporozhzhia nuclear power plant, demilitarize all the plants and engage the UN for security tasks. Quite opposite this sanity, the Kremlin threatens to escalate its war towards Ukraine to nuclear War-Games. Still, such threats are per definition ‘nuclear terrorism’. Hence, those actions do simply substantiate that the previous nuclear disaster towards Ukraine and Belarus in 1986 was nuclear terrorism, - in a war game of 4th degree towards the liberating citizens of both Ukraine and Belarus.

This century’s Putinism has become a most serious threat to the Humanity’s Sustainability Development Goals for 2030 – just like Stalinism was the most serious threat to Humanity Declaration of Human Rights in the previous century – as well as the very reason that the United Nations was created in the first place. No wonder why Gorbachev insisted on ‘perestroika & glasnost’ (restructuring & transparency) and that the PPP opposes all the SDGs (especially SDG-16, Institutions/Justice). In fact, Kremlin has in practice stated itself as the main enemy toward Humanity. Still, only Kremlin itself can cure itself from such occult black Tengrism.

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