SDG2030/P5GO-7e – The Day After – Arctic

‘The Day After – Arctic’ is the third scenario concerning the threats of nuclear disasters in this decade of war-Games. In fact, our Humanity have been living the ‘tDA Arctic’ for 60 years. Russia did detonate nuclear bombs in the Arctic that is comparable to what is described as ‘nuclear holocaust’ followed by ‘nuclear summer’. However, the nuclear warfare toward the Arctic was covered-up when realizing the disastrous effects on nature, wildlife, societies, ozone, radiations, melting and warming. However, the cover-ups are now uncovered on the internet. Quite shocking though, is the Kremlin threat to use nukes in the Arctic again – as if the civilized United Nations will submit Kremlin’s claims to invade more Arctic regions. Hence, this blog is dedicated some attempts to use the anti-thesis P5GO (the 5th Pyramid Game Over) towards such War-Games of DOOM (Digging Our Own Morgue).

The Artic issues are thoroughly talked through in the blog UU20170421. Hence this blog is an updated summary that focus on the Kremlin threat execute a ‘nuclear holocaust’ in the Arctic once again. The rest of the arctic nations are very concerned about sovereignty, defense, resource development, national boarders, shipping routes, and environmental protection. The Arctic Council consists of US, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Denmark (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands). The diplomatic rivalries and military positioning escalated when former president Medvedev, called for the establishment of improved military forces in the Arctic to "ensure military security and strengthening the existing border guards.” Now, the majority has disabled the Council by withdrawal due to Russia’s invationinvasion of Ukraine. Russia’s BRICS conspirator, China, is also most aggressive in the Arctic, despite no geo-political legality or legitimacy at all.

Russia’s ‘nuclear holocaust’ in Arctic is all-embracing. It was massively silenced in the 60’s, Pravda style, - yet now uncovered to all on internet. Kremlin detonated 224 nuclear bombs of 265 megaton TNT. There was a blast-force at 20,000 times the Hiroshima bomb and 100 times all the blast-force in World War 2. That was like a total nuclear war with accordingly radioactive pollution like a ‘nuclear summer’. The Tsar Bomba alone had blast-force 10 times all the WW2. No wonder why the Arctic has big hole in the ozone layer, has the highest increase in warming and why the Arctic ice melts so rapidly. The radioactive waste is spread with the winds and by the Atlantic and Pacific currents - in addition to the Artic land and ice areas. All remaining life, like fish, bears, whales and seals were highly exposed by the radioactivity. Attempts to uncover these circumstances was strongly opposed by the Secret Services, though, like the Russian Nikitin trail proves. The insanity led to the UN doctrine ‘MAD’ (Mutually Assured Destruction).

Did none of the Soviets underwater nukes affect the volcanic Gakkel Ridge or Lomonosov Ridge? Such is hard to prove and will most certainly be political denied anyway, - like all the other cold-war-crimes. However, underwater nuking in the Arctic is like nuking the ‘Ring of Fire’ - the volcanic belt in the Pacific. Nuking an underwater volcano would probably trigger volcanic eruptions – causing additional heat to the Arctic ice from beneath. This might explain why the Arctic region is warming more than the global average.

As concluded in the previous blog, ‘tDA – Chernobyl’, - this century’s Putinism has become a most serious threat to the Humanity’s Sustainability Development Goals for 2030 – just like Stalinism was the most serious threat to Humanity in the previous century. No wonder why Gorbachev insisted on ‘perestroika & glasnost’ (restructuring & transparency) and that the PPP opposes all the SDGs (especially SDG-16, ‘peace, justice and strong institutions’. In fact, Kremlin has practically stated itself as the main enemy toward Humanity.

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The Tsar Bomba was a hydrogen aerial bomb, and the most powerful nuclear weapon ever created and tested. Tsar Bomba was developed in the Soviet Union (USSR) by a group of nuclear physicists under the leadership of Igor Kurchatov,an academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union.
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