SDG2030/P5GO-7f – The Day After – BRICS

‘The Day After – BRICS’ is the 5th scenario concerning the threats of nuclear disasters in this decade of war-Games. This hypothesis is based on the TV-series ‘Jericho’, yet in the ‘nova SU’ rather than the US. This scenario is that several major cities are nuked simultaneously. The reason for the plot stays covered since the series was stopped in season 2. Hence, this blog investigates similar Motives, Dysfunctioning and Outcomes of such a nuclear chain-reaction – not merely in Russia, but all the BRICS. The Motivation for this blog is to utilize the anti-thesis P5GO (the 5th Pyramid Game Over) against such War-Games of DOOM (Digging Our Own Morgue).

‘Jericho’ is an American post-apocalyptic TV-series about the aftermath of a nuclear attack on 23 major cities. The story centers on the residents of the fictional city Jericho in Kansas. Jericho was shown in more than 30 countries, but canceled in the climax midst in season 2. However, that hypothesis is as relevant for the ‘nova SU’ as the US. Actually, that War Game of 5th degree is far more relevant in the PPP autocracy now that the PPT is removed. Anyways, in ulterior Games, no puppet president actually executes its own Will, - but is simply Remote Controlled (RC) by corrupting powers – just like the PPP, PPT and PPB (Putin, Trump, Boris). The identification of ulterior Global War-Gamers is nearly impossible due to their Underworld nature. However, the metaphor ‘Red Mafia’ is used in order to uncover such DOOM Gamers.

The ‘Red Mafia’ is talked through in many blogs like UU2220501 and UU20220410. Some documentations clearly indicate the activities in any kinds of illegal weapons trade with the annual turnover of 200 billion $, - including nuclear materials. (See link to the pdf doc. at mckinneylaw.) A main source of materials is from the post-SU dismantling of nuclear armory, - that got out of control during the post-Gorbachev period. The Red Mafia illegalities have escalated in this Putinism period. Now, with the PPP as a Red Mafia Godfather, as the head of the secret’s services and Executive powers, - the bounds to the civilized united nations are becoming as non-existing and even hostile. Still, the centennial path of Kremlin’s self-destruction is indeed climaxing in the brewing of the uncivil ‘Red Mafia’ war amongst their own major mobsters. Neither seems to favor the war at Ukraine, the national despotism, nor the Pravda masspsychosis. The Kremlin last desperate Moves for the Blame Games might ‘accidently’ trigger some of the stolen nukes by the ‘Red Mafia’.

The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South-Africa) is the plutocratic pack that opposes the civilized united nations treaties of national peace, trade human rights and sustainable development. However, the BRICS is dominated by the Russian/China pact of 99 articles. Still, the millennium of their fierce warfare is covered with rituals. Yet, there is no reason not to assume that Red Mafia also embraces the extreme Chinese mafia too, - ultimately the worldwide BRICS. For example, the PPP para-military Wagner Group is allied with Syrian and Iranian military too, which might include nuclear materials.

Still, China wants some retribution for Siberia from Russia, which never will be given freely. Hence, the determined path is like the ‘39 pact’ of Stalin/Hitler, which merely became a version of LYAHF Game of 4th degree. Who, in that Game or outside, can truly believe that there are any sound intentions in such a Game of CAD (Cloak And Dagger). Psychosocially, that continual war Game is purely about Drive (Id/Sex) of the Pyramid scheme anti-climax, - where anyone involved lose in the long run. This issue is talked through in the blog UU20220626 ‘The Great Siberian War (GSW)’.

Evidently, the PPP got his Ego altered at the two latest visits to Beijing and the PPX. The first time was followed by the illegal invasion of Ukraine. This time 300,000 Russians will be drafted to the war of self-destruction by force – Gulag style. The Russian civilians run from the autocratic dictatorship and openly riots in desperation, - whilst the Red Mafia mobsters are assimilated in its full-scale internal warfare. The PPP/PPX Game of ‘DOOM’ is certainly climaxing, - yet uncertain how. Some Red Mafia factions might realize that the Pyramid Scheme is a ‘Lose-Lose-Lose’ Game and will rather seek revenge than Gain – just like the ex-PPM (Medvedev’s) insane fury towards Ukrainian humans – like some ‘black Tengri’ spirit ala the occults priests Mirtofan of ROC (Russian Orthodox Church). Eventually, the Russians might realize that they never were or will be Asians of the East – but are truly Western.

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Extra UU – Jericho

Jericho is an American post-apocalyptic TV series about the aftermath of a nuclear attack on 23 major cities in the contiguous United States. it centers on the residents of the fictional city of Jericho, Kansas. It was shown in more than 30 countries, but canceled in the climax midst in season 2.

Jericho se1 trailer and last episode "Dogfight" scene.
Documentary Buying Nuclear Weapons on the Black Market | The Business of Crime https://youtu.be/cmjq0MioVcs