SDG2030/P5GO-0 - Intro

This interruption of the SDG blogging is due to extraordinary P5GO events that now threaten Humanity. Thus, the next blogs will be frequented from monthly to weekly due to the escalations of the psychosocial Games. These blogs are attempts to hypothesize some anti-theses in order to alter some ‘worst case’ 5D outcomes. These blogs are basically the continuance of the main theme P5GO (the 5th Pyramid Game Over) and the discovered Games like USUK, COC, etc. The P5GO models will be used to minimize the ongoing path to irreversibly traumas for Humanity, civilizations and ecosystems.

The ongoing psychosocial 5D Game towards Humanity is already of the 4th degree - with attempts to escalate to the 5th. Still, in order to hypothesize some anti-thesis, the writings from 400 weekly blogs will be re-used, - including the models of 3D politics, the LEJD powers (Legal, Executive, Juridical & Democratic), the 5D scenarios (of past and present), the 3^3 psychosocial diagnosis, the LifeQuality and Humanity definitions, as well as the complex Game analysis like the P5GO. (See summary in blogs like UU20160513.)

The 5th Pyramid Game syndrome is complex. It was made during the PPT & PPP pact (Puppet President Trump & Putin). Fortunately, the refurbished pact failed. It did not become a second Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact’ of 1939 (UU20141121). Still, the PPP Ego is altered to something similar. Hence, some hypothetic outcomes might be:

  1. RAF vs NATO
  2. BRICS vs UN
  3. 3rd Rome Fall
  4. 4th degree UN fall
  5. 5th degree apocalypse

Some hypotheses for outcomes might be:

  1. Russia back to glasnost
  2. UN unites for Humanity
  3. USUK COC 2
  4. Regret, Forgive and Forget
  5. New Plutocratic Order (BRICS)

The PPP is already seated, empowered and radicalized, - like another ‘Hister wannabe’. Comparingly, the virus-war of WW1 in 1919 was considered a failure – even by the Comintern of 1920, thus 20 years of restructuring the war-Games before continue with WW part 2. Anyways, some 5D anti-theses might be:

  1. Doctors’ orders, where Kremlin itself eliminate and replace its insane Head
  2. Coup d’ Kremlin by the Red Army due to PPP violation of the Chain of Command
  3. Political annulment the PPP violation of military chain of command
  4. UNSC overrule veto and enable UN Rule by Law
  5. China/BRICS withdraws when realizing that the PPP path goes straight to Pluto

As noted, this blog series about the PPP Games is a continuance of the P5GO anti-thesis of PPT Games. (See blogs from UU20160513 to UU20171201). Yet, these drafted hypothetic outcomes and anti-theses will be adapted as the PPP reveals more ulterior Moves of the war-Games.

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Extra UU – Foundation (Asimov novel and series)

Apple is making a TV-series that is loosely based on Asimov’s legendary work ‘Foundation’. Isaac himself migrated from Russia prior to WW1. Basically, the story is based on the fall of Roma1, where psychohistorians acts on how to alter fatal chain of events in order to minimize the Human traumas of inhuman Game-players. In comparison, such scenarios are called 5D events in the UU blog series.
Foundation — Official Trailer